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Daena-Class Assault Carrier

- - - - - Wrath of Vahl Ember of Vahl TSE

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Joycelyn Zambrano

Joycelyn Zambrano

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  • Classification: Assault Carrier.
  • Length:  5000 meters.
  • Width: 2800 meters.
  • Height: 1200 meters.
  • ArmamentVery Low.
  • Defenses Extreme.
  • Hangar Extreme: 42
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low.
  • Speed Rating: Low.
  • Hyperdrive ClassAverage: 2




  • Super Carrier: As a dedicated carrier ship, this vessel has taken its hangar capacity to the extreme. Its 42 hangars is able to unleash a considerable amount of fighters and ground-assault vehicles.  
  • Flying Fortress: The ship has extensive shields, hull-plating and other defensive systems, giving it considerable defensive capabilities.
  • Advanced Suites: The advanced jamming and sensor suites gives the ship a good overview of- and immersion in the battlefield around it, as well as the ability to hinder enemy vessels.
  • Interdiction: The gravity well generators gives the ship the additional function as an Interdictor, stopping ships from escaping through hyperspace, or pulling them out prematurely.


  • Weak Spots: The classic Imperial design makes for one immediately visible weakness in its defences; namely the cluster of thrusters on the ship's rear. The Blackgate Multicore Shield System also leaves minor weak spots in its hull that may be targeted. 
  • Minimal Firepower: As a dedicated carrier, the ship has sacrificed most of its firepower for hangar space and defensive measures.
  • Sluggish Flyer: With its considerable size and weight, the ship is left as a slow and sluggish flyer. It is easily outmanoeuvred and outpaced by smaller, lighter, and more agile craft.


The vahla have been a spacefaring people for the greater part of their history. Young vahla are born and bred spacers, knowing the inns and outs of any ship they serve on, and they have served with considerable distinction in Imperial fleets and inquisitions of the past. When Joycelyn Zambrano, a Sith Knight of vahla blood, sought to make her mark on the galaxy at large, she turned to the Migrant Fleet of the Vahla for crew and inspiration. Some would serve in her legion, others she recruited to be her guardians in the void.


Joycelyn herself being a ground commander in the Sith-Imperial Legion, not a part of the Armada, she sought to find a way to carry and land great numbers of troops to the ground as effectively as possible, rather than conduct combat from orbit. This was part of the Daena-Class' philosophy: An "impenetrable fortress" in the sky. Its design was drawn from the Harbinger and Ferrata-Class carriers, but scaled up. While it has a distinct focus on ground assault, the Daena-Class is more than capable at serving its function as an Armada carrier.


To boost its capabilities, it was decided that the Nepthys-Class should emulate some of the most successful features of one of the Empire's Super Star Dreadnoughts: The Song of Truth. It was for this reason it was fitted with more powerful sensor and jamming suites, as well as interdiction capabilities. It was also given more extensive defences against electronic warfare and slicing attempts. The idea was for the Daena-Class to be able to hold off attacks and 'lock down' the enemy, then attack with fighter squadrons or rely on the remaining fleet to deal the damage. It is a ship built with the full knowledge that it will never stand alone, and that its strength lies in its ability to support other ships. 


The Daena-Class was also made to carry a large amount of troops and crew on campaign and is therefore amply supplied and made with efficient living quarters and storage space, inspired by the Vahla Migrant Fleet. It is also made to provide room for a number of occasions, such as interrogation, imprisonment, guest reception, or sustained living. No space is wasted and many rooms are easily converted to serve new functions. 

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Ria Misrani

Ria Misrani

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Under Review.

Ria Misrani

Ria Misrani

    It's a New Day

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Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne

Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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