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Alternative Construction Material Index

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Olivia Dem'adas

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-A Group

--Echani Graphite







-B Group
--AlchemyForce ImbuedJal SheyRunes

--Force Nexus

--Void Stone

--Hijarna Stone






--Isotope 5


--Stygium Crystal


--Artificial Intelligence



-Force Related Category

--Meltmassif/Nihil Smokestone (Stone: Mind-slave effect)

--Blue Stone / Blue Mountains (Stone/Crystal: Allowed those without Force Sensitivity to use the Force to a limited extent)
--Artusian Crystal (Crystal: When saturated with Living Force, allowed those with "little" Force Sensitivity to use the Force)

--Frangawl Force Powder (Blue Powder made of Living Force sucked from living beings)

--Lignan (Ore: Darkside Saturation, enhanced darkside effects but turned to ash as used)

--Dolina Seed (Seed of a plant from Dagobah: Enhanced the potency of a user's Force Powers, seed's shell is "nearly indestructible")


-Top Tier Exotic Production Category

--Hypergem (Diamondoid: Formed within Neutron Stars, connected to "higher dimensions")

--Ostrine (Mineral: Super Thermal Absorbant, cold to touch, causes frostburn, instant freeze effect)

--Collapsium (When ignighted, produced powerful and destructive implosions)


-Exotic Production Category
--Barab (Ore: Stored and magnified radiation)

--Cabirium (Ore: Extremely hard and possessed electromagnetic properties)

--Kessum (Roonstone: randomly produced electronic signals that bounced off of surrounding objects)


-Top Tier Durability Category

--Norris Root (Reddish Dye naturally blaster/lightsaber resistant)

--Lathanide (Metallic Crystal: Ultra-dense, used in armor plating)


-Exotic Protection Category

--Nutorium (Metal: Can make an alloy capable of blocking sensor equipment)
--Agrinium (Alloy: highly resistant to all forms of radiation)

--Ardanium (Mineral: grew stronger in the presence of radiation)

--Svolten Rhyolite (Can permanently sharpen the edge of a sith sword)


-Common Utility Category

--Magnetite (Ore: Magnetic iron ore?)

--Electrite (Crystal: conductive)

--Haysian Smelt (Gold Ore: very conductive)

--Kiirium (Alloy: Superconductive, good enough for 'ancient' starship armor) (Space Warfare: History, Paragraph 2)

--Electrum (Metal: Ornamental gold analog / Real world gold/silver alloy)

--Phosphor (Glow after exposure to radiation)


-Vibration/Heat Category

--Firegem (Gemstone: Vibrated constantly, creating heat, warm to touch, made hyperdrive reactors explode)
--Rathalayan Firestone (Crystal: Two crystals in proximity would vibrate and produce heat)

--Lume Rock (Rock: Glows and gives off non-scolding heat)

--Wind Crystals (Crystals: extremely thin, yet very strong. Vibrated in slightest breeze, producing a pleasant sound)


-Energy/Fuel Category

--Phospha (ignighted upon impact with a hard surface)

--Nergon-14 (Mineral: "Volatile" "Powerful Explosive")

--Rylith (Crystal: Collects and stores solar energy)

--Agrocite (Ore: Powerful Fuel that "greatly enhanced" beam items)

--Velmorite (Crystal: used to make energy swords)

--Marilite (Gemstone: Energy Source; Lightsabers and Blasters)
--Kif (Ore: "High Energy")


-General Category

--Malab (Mineral: Pretty rock; black, reflective, looked like starfield)

--Kyberite (Mineral: Produced kyber crystals)


--DX-343 (Chemical that caused electronic circuitry to malfunction and hyper-irritated the nasal passage)

--Moon Dust (Powder: deactivates cloaking shields)

--Memling (complex element, stretches into different shapes, when ripped in two, both halves attract to one another)

--Di-Chrome (when electrically charged, absorbs light and blends with its surroundings)

--CryoBan (chemical that absorbed heat, then broke down and released the heat later)






Super-heavy Tier
Tunqstoid: "Incredibly heavy substance used to make blast doors"

Turadium: 'very hard to cut through'. High resistance to Lightsabers. used to make blast doors



Dense+ Tier
Duralium / Lathanide: Ultra-dense, Very good armor plating, used by Emperor Palpatine

Trimantium: Used to make armor plating for starships "Unusually high tensile strength" (grey-green color)

Zal Alloy: Very good material to construct heavy armor with, but very expensive




Steel+ Tier
Durasteel: Gold standard of steels, most common construction material

Alusteel: Lighter version of Durasteel

Vardium Steel: A blue colored steel that's cold to the touch

Doonium: Heavy metal used in starship hull construction by the Galactic Empire (grey-white color)

Havod: Metal Alloy made of Chanlon and Hfredium to (Deep red), too difficult to construct to mass-produce(off-brand Doonium)

Farium: Heavy metal used in starship hull construction (Bronze colored)

Quadranium: "incredibly strong and durable", used to create starship fuel tanks and droid armor.

Duravlex: "High grade Durasteel" "off-white color" "High heat resistance"
Phobium: Dense metal alloy made of Chanlon, used in electronics and lightsabers

Kiirium: Superconductive, used to make 'antiquated' starship plating

Madilon: "High tensile strength while retaining a large amount of elasticity" "can make hyperdrives 10x smaller than normal"

Ferrocarbon: Corrosion-resistant building material. "incredibly strong"




Ultralight Tier
Desh / Terenthium: "Super-light Alloy" / "Cost-effective" 

Plexisteel: "Easily molded when heated, cooled into a light weight, armor strong material that was highly resistant to blasters"

Duralumin: Strong, Lightweight, used to make cooking pans and Lightsabers

Nylasteel: flexible, yet durable material (Nylon / Kevlar?)

Duranium: Much stronger than Transparisteel or Bronzium. Extremely durable, light, and could withstand glancing blows from a lightsaber. Very high melting point. Difficult to shape. (comparable to Durasteel?)
Kathor / Duranium: Used as hull plating "capable of withstanding 75-G's without alluvial dampening affects"




Common Tier

Rhodium: Used to plate weapons and body armor

Flex-bronze: harder than normal bronze, making it useful for more than decoration

Bronzium: It is bronze. "Solid and durable"

Ruusan Copper: Sometimes used to make armor plating

Durachrome: "very resistant"

Acertron: Heavy, flexible, "cryogenically tempered" (flash-frozen?)(can withstand cold?)

Dallorian Alloy: Hard, naturally resistant to heat
Duralloy (Legends): Used to make capital ship grade armor plating, used to make reinforced bunkers, was used in Mandalorian Armor, used to patch starships

Hadrium: Used to make blasters, "lack of malleability and high melting point"
Sedrellium: Produced by organisms, harder than plasteel and resistant to energy weapons

Ceramasteel: Hard metal used to create underwater base. able to withstand deep water pressure, but not able to withstand multiple concussion missiles

Suprasteel: Hard, molecularly bonded metal compound used in starships and military bases



Glass Tier

Glasteel: "as strong as Durasteel"

Crystasteel: "a strong, transparent alloy"

Transparisteel: "much weaker than Durasteel"

Clari-crystalline: Fragile but near-perfect clarity


Electronics Tier
Haysian Smelt: high quality gold, good conductor, used in electronics

Electrum: Conductive / Ornamental / Gold Analog

Electrite: Conductive Crystal

Nutorium: Metal that can be turned into an alloy capable of blocking sensor equipment

Durinium: metal alloy capable of stopping sensor scans




Laminasteel: "produced in long, durable 'strings' that could reinforce starship frames or buildings" (iron rods for structural enhancement)

Norris Root: In powder form, can enhance lightsaber resistance. Is made into a "Reddish Dye", can be used to enhance Armorweave

Crystadurium: Crystal/Metal Alloy that could "withstand high heat and pressure and is also highly blaster resistant" (mix in flecks of this into another alloy)

Protective Liquid Coating: Used to construct Mandalorian armor, increases an objects damage resistance by "protecting emulsions from abrasions and water damage" (AKA, if you use a coating of liquid to enhance a material, add a second coating of this stuff to protect the initial coating)

Reflec: Light warping, sensor stopping Polymer used to coat stealth armor
Beryllius: Silver-finish applied to cookware to make them look expensive




Gadolinium: An element used in the manufacture of superconductors
Neutronium: a heavy metallic element used to create Durasteel. "its ultra-dispersive characteristics allowed for high protection"
Chromium: metallic element used to provide a mirror shine to a metal surface. Useful in blocking radiation and laser attacks, could also block communications





Metallurgic Techniques
Embersteel: Forging process that involves electromagnetic fields and flash-cooling (flash-cooling usually makes metals brittle)
Mol-welding/ Molecular Welding: alters metal plating at the molecular level, producing "welds" of superior strength

Mandalorian Steel: A complex, hand-forging technique that greatly enhances the structural durability of a metal

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Olivia Dem'adas This is sweet. I'd love to see it in the Factory Discussion similar to Cira's Chaos Canon Substance Index.

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Impressive. Most impressive.


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Shadowcrete - http://starwarsrp.ne...rt-shadowcrete/


Madog Steel - http://starwarsrp.ne...13-madog-steel/

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