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Meet the Parent

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Theo Vereen

Theo Vereen


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He listened and got the grasp on things as Dr. E told it.


You watch over them


He moved towards the view looking down, "its my duty, and sometimes my pleasure to do so. Even the ones that want to fight with me over it. They don't realize that sometimes I have to walk down a path first before I let them." He laughed, "yes I do. My entire family does, its' like engrained in their genetics. Kinda like you and Maeve you feel it in your souls to help others. It's not a bad thing others may not appreciate the danger your put into to help but we on Alderaan will always understand."


He looked out it was late, dark and the night was growing cool. Might be too late for him to travel back now, "Well it's late lets get you and Maeve settled. I have patrols restarting and I need sleep while I can get it."


He motioned for her to go in front of him back to find Maeve.


Ayda Elisantra