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Gerad Naahan: Rootai and council member of Umbara

Umbaran SJO

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Gerad Naahan

Gerad Naahan


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NAME: Gerad Naahan
RANK: Commander of the 9th Umbaran field army and Rootai council member
SPECIES: Umbaran
AGE: 55
SEX: Male
WEIGHT: 180 pounds
EYES: white in his sole remaining eye. 
HAIR: White
SKIN: Pale  
STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
(+) Species traits: Gerad possesses the traits and abilities unique to the Umbaran race, with a particular talent for manipulating others to do his bidding. 
(+)Military origin: Like many other aspiring sons of noblemen, Gerad entered the military by enlisting in a top tier military academy that catered to producing officers and commanders for Umbaras military. The Umbaran noble eventually came into command of the 9th Umbaran field army, having risen to the top via proven valour in the battlefield and more secretly via subtle political intrigue. 
(+)Politician: Although Gerad still very much retains command of the 9th field army, his renown and talent for scheming means that in his middle age he has since became a member of the council that rules Umbara; carrying significant political weight and power on the planet. 
(+) Experienced fighter: Having mostly swapped the horror and rigors of the battlefield for a more behind the scenes command role and the comforts of the council, Gerad is very much still capable of fighting his way out of combat situations. 
(-)Sensitivity to flashes of light: Like all other Umbarans in the galaxy he has  a particular weakness for sudden flashes of bright light, with flash bangs proving to practically disable him. 
(-) Cold: Having lived in the ruthless killed or be killed society that permutes the higher echelons of Umbara, he can be outwardly cold and frosty towards others, especially those he considers below him. 
(-) Mandophobe: The Umbaran has a strong hatred for the Mandalorians, viewing them as weak barbarians who seek to impose their hollow views on Umbaran society, with the Mandalorian blockade enforcing his xenophobic viewpoints of the Mandalorians. 
Defer to the picture above
BIOGRAPHY:Gerad was born into this world as the second son of the Naahan clan, one of a select few clans that held title within the Rootai caste which sat atop the very pile of the complicated caste system that dictated Umbaran life.  His father held a high position within Umbaran society as a military leader, serving to later influence his second born Gerad into initially pursuing a military career that bore the promising fruits of success. 
His father courted ambitions of power to further increase his own clans standing and position in the Rootai, the only way he could increase his domain of power and secure a future for his clan was by marrying his second son off to a daughter of another Rootai clan. Gerad found himself thrusted into court politics and the gamblings of his own fathers power grabs, having entered the military academy with a wife at the young age of 19. 
However, his father's schemes caught up to him and the patriarch was found drowned in his own vomit a decade later. It was never revealed who was the culprit, with some pointing to rival Rootai clans or even a younger upstart from one of the lower castes. Though some point to the second son of clan Naahan, who may have also played a hand in his elder brothers mysterious death while out on military exercises. 
Gerad became the ruler of his clan at the rather young age of 29, having already earned countless experience fighting Umbaras outside threats and pirates that foolishly strayed outside the ghost nebula in hopes of a fresh catch. Unlike his fellow caste members and nobility, Gerad refuses to get surgery to replace his missing eye, viewing it as a badge of honour and a symbol of his commitment to Umbaras defence, having lost it to the tip of a pirates vibroknife during a boarding attack on  a Hutt ship. 
((To be expanded upon more later))
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