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Fire and Smoke

- - - - - lightsaber scherezade dewinter

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Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

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  • Manufacturer: Josh Dragonsflame
  • Affiliation: Individual Character: Scherezade deWinter
  • Model: n/a
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique

  • Material:
    • Lightsaber components
    • Silver (decorations)
    • Green crystal


  • Classification: Twin Lightsabers
  • Size Average
  • Weight: Light


  • The beam is emerald green, matching Scherezade deWinter's eyes.
  • Hilt has werewolf ornaments made of silver.
  • Has five power settings, ranging from training to lethal.


  • Infused with pyrokinetic energy.
  • Can cut through a long variety of materials with ease.


  • Lightsaber do not operate underwater.
  • Hilt designed for single-handed grip only.

(abridged from this post)

"I thought a lot on how to build your lightsabers. The source of much of your burden has to do with wolves" Josh would explain as he would point to the silver colourings. "In folklore I've heard, silver was used in swords to ward off and slay wolves and lycanthrope infused people. While the silver on this is purely aesthetic... I thought it might act as a good luck charm, one that might keep you from having to deal with them again" He would admit. Josh had clearly thought long and hard on what was one of the biggest parts of Scherezade's life, and had decided on the subject of wolfsbane to go on for the lightsabers. It defined her. For her weapons to reflect that... He felt it fitting.


"And if they don't ward them off, and you find yourself intending to keep your promise to them... Then perhaps they will bring you good luck on the field of battle."

"The crystal in the blades are infused with a bit of my pyrokinetic energy. Folklore says that wolves hate fire and smoke, and consider them a threat to them" He also added. "Might bring you a little security."


Unintentionally, he had also made it so that if she did decide to use the blades, she would take part of him with her wherever she went. It was his energy, after all, that he'd used to infuse the crystal. The lightsabers, when touched, gave off a bit of heat. While they would not burn her, they were very warm to the touch. 


"Reason I constructed two is that I noticed back on Zeltros that you fight with two blades. I wanted to allow you to be able to mimic your blade style as close as you could" He also added. "The colour crystals aren't red though, I don't have any, I'm sorry... You can replace them after, if you want... But I decided on green. Like your eyes."


Handing them to her, he would get up then. He didn't expect a thank you. Hell, for the most part, he didn't even think she'd like them. But he just... Found himself wanting to. It felt right. It felt right to try to give her a few good memories that were her own.


"You don't have to use them if you don't want to. I just... Felt like doing it" He spoke with a shrug. "I'll be in the cockpit to prepare us for landing, when you're ready. Take your time."


With that, he would give a gentle smile and walked out.

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Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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