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Crimson Dread

- - - - - Sith Armor

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Adron Malvern

Adron Malvern

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  • Intent: To create a specialized suit of armor for Darth Malphas
  • Image Source: Link {Edited by Srina Talon}
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  • Classification: Light Battle Armor
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances:

- Blasters: Extreme

- Kinetic: Very High

- Lightsabers: Extreme

- Sonic: Low

- EMP/IONAverage

- ElementalAverage



  • The power of speed: This armor has been alchemized through the dark side of The Force to increase the wearer's physical speed. Already a naturally light suit of armor the empowerments placed on the metals allow for minor increases in the wearer's natural speed. Only a master of the Dark Side of the Force is capable of utilizing this ability for a sustained period of time.
  • The tricks of the trade: Though a traditional set of armor, Crimson Dread is outfitted with a small array of technology meant to give Adron the upper hand in combat engagements. The chest piece is outfitted with an advanced homing beacon, the right gauntlet has a miniature datapad with an integrated commlink, the boots are equipped with magnagrip pads, and each gauntlet is outfitted with an advanced molecular shield
  • Taint of the Dark Side: This set of armor has been augmented via the dark side of the force. Because of this the armor can taint the wearer over a long period of time. Known as Dread Armor the wearer will start to feed off of the destruction and chaos wrought while they are in the armor, forcing them to crave more. 


  • Well defended: The armor is made of thin Phrik plates which have been tempered and augmented with the dark side of the Force. These plates are extremely resistant to lightsaber and blaster assault and can take considerable sustained damage from other forms of assault. 
  • Swift and maneuverable: Though the Phrik plates are extremely resilient they are extremely light even after their alchemization. The armor has been parted in several areas to allow for thorough maneuverability, giving the wearer total control. Where the armor is thin a Shell Spider weave maintains a small level of defense yet it is nothing compared to the thick Phrik plates covering most of the wearer's body.
  • Empowering: Under Adron's control this set of armor makes his blood lust and power multiply each time he has slain an enemy in combat. His own command over the Dark Side is enhanced by the armor yet it's greatest effect is the advancement that it gives his speed. 


  • The bleeding effect: Sustained exposure to Crimson Dread is perhaps one of the worst things that can happen to a man. Though Adron had the armor built to augment and perfect himself when in battle, it can easily cause him to lose control or disregard his natural inhibitions. While his mastery over the Dark Side gives him some control it can only abate the need for so long. 
  • EMP/ION: This armor has a series of circuitry that is used to empower the technological gadgets within. An Electromagnetic pulse or direct fire from ION technology could leave all of these systems utterly useless until they are properly detailed and rebooted.
  • Target: The cloak that is worn with this set of armor is made of a thick Asheran material. Although the armor itself is slightly resistant to lightning/electricity based attacks this cloak is a huge conductor for such things and can be a target for the enemy. 
  • Sonic weakness: Although Crimson Dread is well defended armor it has a significant weakness against Sonic based attacks. Though the Phrik plates are extremely powerful and durable they are far too thin to offer any sonic protection.


In the fields of battle self preservation is one of the most important factors for an effective commander. When it came time for Adron to craft his own set of armor his mind was set towards playing on his own strengths and seeing them amplified. Already a skilled duelist with considerable speed he had his armor enchanted with the Dark magic's of the Force to increase his speed in combat. As with all powers born of the darkness it did not come without a cost. Crimson Dread is meant to craft the ultimate warrior who will be unyielding on the field of battle, as such it creates a need for combat and bloodshed. For each person defeated the powers of Crimson Dread grow and so does its influence over it's master. Even for a Dark Lord of the Sith it can prove a foe to reason and remorse.


Crimson Dread was forged by Adron and a skilled team of craftsmen. A sleek ebony armor it is both refined and deadly in appearance. A crimson dragon flows from the chestpiece and it's tail intricately moves down towards the base of the torso. Flowing from the neck of the chest piece is a thick long cloak made of an extremely resilient Asheran Armorweave. The entire suit itself is maintained over a shell spider silk bodyglove to provide some extra protection from undefended areas of the body.


The armor set protects almost the entire body except for the joints up to the bicep and the head. This is to assure the wearer has full mobility and is not hindered by the various plates clashing in battle. 


Adron's armor was specifically designed to augment him in battle. Because of this it is accompanied by an array of gadgets such as a personal molecular shield, a datapad, a comm link, and a homing beacon. All of these are tools meant to aid Adron as he goes through the grueling action of war. 

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Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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