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Knights Obsidian Pathfinder Boots

- - - - - CIS Knight Obsidian KO Pathfinders armor boots

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Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

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  • Intent: To create gear that is specific for the Pathfinders, a sub-group of the Knights Obsidian within the Confederacy of Independent Systems.
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  • Classification: Light Armor Boots
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances
    • Blasters: Average
    • Kinetic Average
    • Lightsabers Average
    • Other:
      • Sonic: None
      • EMP/ION: None
      • Elemental: High
      • Cut/Wear: Extreme


  • Force Enhancement: Speed
  • Force Enhancement: Stealth
  • Stylish


  • Alchemy effect: Boots increase the speed by a modest amount.
  • Alchemy effect: Boots allow wearer to move with extra stealth, numbing most walking sounds on most surfaces.
  • Boots are extremely durable and will provide protection against wear/tear as well as server as a barrier of protection against predator bites (the stronger the predator's jaw, the less protection is offered).
  • Durasteel on the soles protects wearer from extremely hot/cold surfaces.
  • Friction grip avoids slippage.
  • Waterproof.


  • Boots reach just below the knees, so kneecap protection requires additional gear.
  • While the boot mostly provide protection against the elements and predator bites, they're only average in protection against lightsabers and kinetic attack.
  • Boots are completely useless against Sonic and EMP/Ion attacks.
  • Boots provide no protection from slugthrowers.
  • All Force effects are nulled in the presence of Yslamir bubbles, void stones, etc.


For the women:



For the men:


Pathfinder | The Hunter - Shadow is the greatest ally of the Pathfinder. Under the cover of night, within the embrace of darkness, they seek every piece of information possible. Corruption. Data. Movements of the Enemy. Pathfinders exist to firstly keep the Knighthood informed with a constant influx of knowledge - without raising a single alarm. Moreover, they pluck the corrupt from their beds - or put a knife to their slumber. Such is their role: Saboteur, Scout, Hunter.


With the addition of various weapons and items to the general armor, the time has come for the Confederacy of Independent Systems to add to the armory of the Knights Obsidian. The Pathfinder Boots are the latest piece of armor produced by the Archivists of the Knights Obsidian, incorporating special knowledge that they have gained by researching the existence of various special and unique items around the galaxy.


These boots were created with the Pathfinders in mind and designed to serve the purpose of giving the KO hunters the extra speed and stealth they often require in missions. The boots are made of Spacers leather to ensure they are strong and sturdy, with the soles being coated in Durasteel to ensure protection against both hot and cold surfaces. Friction Grip was added to the soles as well, to make sure the Pathfinders would have no issues when needing to deal with missions that involve slippery surfaces.


Much research had been put into making the boots as light as possible, given that while the Pathfinders do fill a combative role, they often need to be quicker and stealthier about it than the Knight Obsidian's Executors. The sound proofing of the boots also muffle most walking sounds out to ensure they have all the little bit of extras that help during missions.


Last but not least, a care was put into the boots in terms of their appearance, keeping them stylish to match the various different armors available within the CIS and the KO armories, as well as being able to match them with incognito outfits with ease. There are different models for men and women, but the differences between them are purely cosmetic.

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