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Gilamar Skirata's Beskar'gam

- - - - - Beskargam Mandalorian Armor House Skirata Gilamar Skirata Armor Beskar

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Gilamar Skirata

Gilamar Skirata

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  • Manufacturer: House Skirata Beskar Smiths
  • Affiliation: Gilamar Skirata
  • Model: Beskar'gam
  • Modularity: Yes
  • Production:  Unique 

  • Material: 
    • Beskar Alloy
    • Transparisteel
    • Bodyglove Material
    • Electronics


  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: Average
  • Resistances 

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Extreme

- Kinetic: Average

- Lightsabers: Very High

- Other:

  •  Flame Heat: Average
  • Sonic: Very Low
  • EMP: None
  • Electricity: Very Low
  • Toxins: Very High


  • Advanced HUD 
    • Pineal Eye Sensor
    • Advanced Target Tracker
    • Weapon Monitoring
    • Multi-Vision Visor
    • Macrobinocular Visor
  • Integrated Repulsors
  • Semi-Permanent Magnet Shoulder Holster
  • Jetpack Hardpoint
  • Palm Holo-Projector
  • Wrist Mounted Holodisplay
  • Range Finder
  • Mandalorian Battle Computer
  • Multi-Link Broadband Antenna 


  • Mandalorian Iron: Blasters, lasers, and even lightsabers deal little to negligible damage to the armor and protect the users from those sorts of weapons. Slughtrowers were also already useless against most modern armors and only transfer a limited abount of kinetic force past the plates
  • Light: Lighter than standard beskar'gam
  • Advanced HUD: One of the most advanced features of Mandalorian armor, the HUD and helmet were equipped with a pineal eye sensor that allowed for near 360 degree target tracking of up to several dozen individual targets, included macrobinocular vision as well as various other types such as night, infrared, and heat among others. 
  • Broadband Antenna: An antenna connected to the side of the helmet that can send signals to Gil's bes'uliik, improve reception for coms, and interface with Gil's various personal ships.


  • Flame Heat: While beskar itself has an extremely high melting point, prolonged exposure to intense flame or fire can still cause intense burns from the bodyglove or flightsuit melting. 
  • Sonic Weapons: Sonic weapons aren't resisted by much 
  • Slugthrowing Sharpshooters: Slugthrower users that take advantage of the armor's segmented design or aim for the visor
  • Electricity: The alloy that makes Gil's armor lighter than standard beskar'gam also is more conductive to electricity. an unintended side effect
  • No EMP Protection: If an EMP or ion weapon disables his tech he would be blind until he swapped his visor's HUD. Other tech would be useless as well

Designed and forged some time during the waning years of the Pirate Wars, Gilamar's armor was a relic of past armor philosophies. Segmented into several pieces and made from a flexible beskar alloy, the armor provided amazing protection against blasters and other energy-based weapons. The armor was also built to make him look intimidating, with bladed shoulder pauldrons and a gorget that connected to a long, black cape it was more showy than most, and definitely more regal than the man acted, especially in his older age. The armor also included a blast-proof kama which protected his legs from shrapnel and explosions. 


As far as gadgets went, the armor itself was rather simple. The guantlets came equipped with integrated blasters and the right one had an electrified coil launcher while the left held a hidden knuckle vibroblade. Gil didn't use crushgaunts, but his gloves were shockgloves and he had a light beskar targe that he could use to block incoming fire or melee. Magnetic boots allowed the Mandalorian to fight on and ride bes'uliik without fear of being thrown from the saddle and the HUD in his T-shaped visor provided a variety of information and vision modes or enhancements. A small knife sheath was attatched to the right thigh plate that could launch a blade for quick access in a pinch. Recently the armor was modified to include small integrated repulsors on his back and calves. While useless in space, the repulsors allowed Gil to make quick bursts of movement and ascend structures in several quick leaps rather than equip a full jet pack. When not deployed, a standard jetpack could be equipped, but after his near death in a bes'uliik duel with Jaster Ordo they were added as a safety measure to reduce the speed of a great fall. They could also be used in water to move quickly without the use of flippers or other aquatic gear. Like most suits of armor in the modern era, Gil's beskar'gam also included a temperature control system, was sealed from the vacuum of space, held about an hour worth of oxygen, and filtered most harmful substances from the air. 


Despite its amazing energy resistance, repeated lightsaber strikes would eventually melt through the armor, and beskar mining tools would have no problem getting through. The special alloy that made the armor lighter than usual also conducted electricity abnormally well and so abilities like force lighting, or natural events like lightning strikes or even powerful shock weapons would not only fry systems but also electrocute Gil. Intense heat such as those of natural flames or flamethrowers would also over-heat the suit's temperature control system and could melt the armor and cook him alive if left in the flame for too long. Beskar'gam typically was rather difficult to dent, but kinetic energy could still travel through to Gil in the form of slugthrowers, blasters, or melee strikes and the visor was also vulnerable to attack from sharpshooters and kinetic damage. 


The armor represented over 40 years of combat experience and was decorated with scars, small dents, scorch marks, and faded paint. The armor was Gilamar Skirata's pride and joy and though lacking gadgets and technical marvels of some modern beskar'gam such as the Legacy Beskar'gam, it served its wearer well.



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