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Lord Voph


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    High Councilor of Vylmira

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Quick Reference Card


After his experiences at the Battle of Eshan, Voph began to display

more symptoms of his true age.


NAME: Voph Sitdrisa'yr
ALIASES: Kyyrk-Xho Verros, Archon of Visions, Lord of Blades

FACTION: Octarchy Covenant Task Force, Confederacy of Independant Systems
RANK: High Councilor of Vylmira, Viceroy, High Marshal, Darth, Executor (Former), Lord of Brelor (Former), Archon (Former), Councilor (Former), Dark Councilor (Former)
SPECIES: Miralukan
AGE: 4,570 Galactic Standard Years, as of 856 ABY. Appears to be mid thirties.
SEX: Male
PREFERENCE: Heterosexual
HEIGHT: 6'4"
WEIGHT: Muscular, average size
HAIR: White
SKIN: Soft Tan White



Voph's skill with a blade has always been his

strongest suit even from a young age


Voph is a rather quiet individual, often lost in thought or meditation. He observes social niceties when he deems appropriate, but is often short and curt with individuals he deems not worth his time. While not unkind, Voph often keeps people at arms length, preferring not to let people know who he really is. He maintains a calm and collected facade, regardless of what emotion he may actually be feeling at the time.
To those deemed to be his close allies and friends, Voph is quite easy going, and light-hearted in his own way. A rather sarcastic individual, what sense of humor Voph has is dry, occasionally even snarky. Though he is a caring individual in his private life, Voph carries decades of pain and suffering with him. The racism and belittlement he suffered at the hands of the Xenophobic Sith Empire has left his world view and self-worth quite tainted, believing that he is only of worth when he can do his assigned job, and do it well. He does not, however, hold prejudice against all humans for his treatment. Voph also considers his species to be superior to eyed beings, but would rather teach others how to use Force Sight, as he refuses to put others down simply because of their species, race, or other factors of their own life they have no control over. 
Voph is a strict adherant of the Sith Code, but no longer considers himself to be Sith, but rather a neutral Force User. Voph believes that the Force is a tool without light or dark, and can be used how one sees fit. This being said, he does not pretend to be a good person, merely a broken and scarred man who uses evil for the betterment of the galaxy.



Hailing from a war-torn time, Voph has armors designed for
a variety of situations



  • Maker Strain: Voph has been infused with the Maker Strain, making him far more durable, taller, and amplifying his strength by nearly four times typical human standards.
  • Master Duelist: Voph is an unparalleled Swordsman. Though a little rusty during his time removed from the mortal realm, his skill is still unrivaled by many.
  • Form IX: Voph has, after many decades of practice with a lightsaber, created his own form. A blending of Juyo and Shien, with an added aspect of physicality and gadgetry. Not one for a defensive fight, Voph's form is centered around all out assault, allowing his armor to absorb most incoming attacks.
  • Trakata: While Form IX is utilized alongside Single-Bladed lightsabers, Voph utilizes the deadly Trakata form while wielding a Saberstaff.
  • Maelstrom: While wielding twin lightsabers, Voph utilizes a technique he calls "Maelstrom," completely surrendering himself to the Dark Side of the Force, and launching an assault with thrown lightsabers controlled by telekinetic powers, as well as a host of Force Attacks.
  • Force Sight: Voph's species are naturally attuned to the Force, and use Force Sight as their primary means of observing the world around them. As such, he is quite skilled in its use.
  • Master Sabersmith: Voph's days among the Sith were funded by crafting and selling top of the line Lightsabers to other lords. In fact many considered a saber forged by Voph to be a symbol of status.
  • Armorer: Voph spent many days designing and forging new armor. Though he never made these suits publicly available, he was known to forge armor for notable individuals as a gift.
  • Relic Hunter: Voph has a keen sense for Force Attuned relics, and can usually tell when an item near him has been imbued with the Force.
  • Flash...: Can't blind what's already blind.


  • ...Bang: The noise still hurts though.
  • Lingering Scars: Voph's mind still bears the scars of his previous transgressions. They haunt him in the night, making sleep a rare occasion.
  • Large Frame: While Voph used his larger size as an advantage and intimidation factor in the past, it still makes him an easy target.


Voph stands about Six Feet four inches tall. He is about average weight for someone his size, but very muscular. Not a bodybuilder by any stretch, he is a man of physical combat, and his innate strength is one of his key assets. Voph's hair is a few inches beyond shoulder length, and is usually tied in a ponytail or some other restraining method. It is originally pitch black, but flecks of gray are beginning to show after the Battle of Eshan. This contrasts sharply with his otherwise youthful features, giving him the air of someone much older than he initially appears.




The Battle of Eshan: VICTORY

Jen'ari Skirmish on Tatooine: VICTORY

Battle of Zonmira: DECISIVE VICTORY

Battle of Taanab: VICTORY



Early Life

Discovering the Sith

The First Assignment

The Revanite Crisis


The Coming War


Brewing Conflict

Final Days




ROLE-PLAYS: (Arranged in chronological order)

Chapter One: Pilgrim


Once Awake --Completed
In which the cycle begins anew, and Voph is granted new life. But at what cost?
Hammer and Anvil --Completed
In which Voph forges the Sitdrisa'yr armor, and is granted the opportunity to test it.
Bast in the Glow --Completed
In which Voph hears of a Force Nexus on Vjun, and seeks answers...
Misunderstandings are the Best --Completed
In which Voph acts upon information learned at Castle Bast...
Walkabout --Completed
In which Voph returns to familiar places...and finds nothing familiar at all.
Blind Leading the Blind --Completed
In which Voph discovers a wayward Force Sensitive on Chandrilla.
Dead Man Walking --Completed
In which Voph returns to Commenor, and meets someone...familiar with his plight.

Chapter Two: The Covenant


It Begins... --Completed
In which Voph meets with the ruling body of Commenor, and proposes the revival of an ancient order...
Lady of Worlds--Completed
In which Voph plays host to the Lady of Juniper, Jairdain...
A Prospective World --Completed
In which Voph visits an up and coming member of the galactic civilization with the hopes of spreading the Covenant's influence...
Proper Representation--Completed
In which an attempt is made on Voph's life over the quiet moon of Dohmus Prime...
Much Needed Vacation --Completed
In which Voph plays host to the Lady of Acuin...
A Summit of Governments --Abandoned
In which Voph attends a Summit on Alderaan to assess the state of the New Republic, and offer his aid...
Bad Moon Rising --Suspended
In which Voph helps a young Jedi recover a stolen Holocron...
Confederate Rendezvous -Suspended
In which Voph seeks an audience with the Confederacy of Independent Systems...
Blood on the Beach --Completed
In which the Queen of Commenor is killed, and Voph must work alongside the House of Lords to restore peace and find the killer before he strikes again...
Solo Rave--Completed
In which Voph is in the wrong place at the wrong time...
When One Door Closes... --Suspended
In which Voph faces off with his old nemesis Sovryn, alongside his new found Confederate allies...

Chapter Three: A New Life


Exodus of Eshan--Completed
In which Voph assists with the settling of Echani refugees.
Drums of War--Completed
In which Voph visits the grand opening of a Space Station on the edge of CIS space
Exodus Crash--Completed, Victory
In which Voph assists the CIS in rescuing Eshan from the Mandalorian hold...
A New Dawn--Completed
In which Voph surveys the damage of the Battle of Eshan
Heist of Millennia--Abandoned
In which Voph enlists the crew of the Jaster's Sparrow to retrieve an ancient artifact...
To Walk the Stars --Completed
In which Voph discovers a Force Sensitive on the streets of Manaan...
In which Voph joins his fellow CIS members in a game of Huttball
Shot Down at Tatooine --Writing Partners Abandoned
In which Voph responds to a Jen'ari Empire incursion on the CIS planet of Tatooine
Strange Terrain --Completed, Decisive Victory
In which Voph joins the CIS invasion of Zonmira, as retribution for the Jen'ari incursion on Tatooine...
A Thing or Two in Common --Completed
In which Voph visits Commenor during the change of power to ensure his interests are protected...
Art of War --Completed
In which Voph is paid a visit by the Adjudant of the Dauntless Commandos...
Artificial Red --Partner Abandoned
In which Voph begins his efforts to stabilize the power vacuum created by the First Order's collapse...
Ashes of the Order--Partner Abandoned
In which Voph encounters a most peculiar Jedi...
Whispers of the Past--Completed
In which Voph meets Scherezade deWinter, and assists her with a personal venture.
The Corrupted --Completed
In which Voph assists the CIS investigation on Kuat

Chapter Four: Home?


Into the Jungle --Completed
In which Voph seeks a quiet and relaxing recovery from his injuries at Kuat...
Floating Peace--Completed
In which Voph attends a gala to raise money for the systems affected by war at the hands of the CIS...
Arkam Knights--Completed
In which Voph leads a naval offensive against the Knights of Ren, in defense of the planet Arkam 13...
Hunting a Hunter--Completed
In which Voph teaches his apprentice how to track those she has encountered before...
in which Voph takes time to relax and enjoy a cruise...
Fun in the Suns --Completed
In which Voph teams up with a local lawman to take down a First Order Sympathizer...
Crystal Clear --Completed
In which Voph meets with Exarch Malvern, to discuss the state of things on his newfound home of Vylmira...
Midnight Inferno --Completed
In which Voph assists in quelling the droid uprising on Mechis III...
Kashyyyk Rendezvous--Completed
In which Voph travels to Kashyyyk to make amends for a past mistake...
Ice to See You
In which Voph unveils a discovery made during the Invasion of Eshan...
A Much Needed Rest--Completed
In which Voph pauses for a respite on Kashyyyk...


Chapter Five: War


Giving The Givin --Completed

In which Voph encounters a squad of Humbarine operatives in the warzone above Yag'Dhul...


Testing One's Resolve--Completed

In which Voph attempts to assess the status of a possible turncoat...


Sleep, No More--Completed

In which Voph joins the Confederacy in attempting to rally the nations of the galaxy against the newfound threat...


Calm Before a Storm --Completed

In which Voph takes a minute to catch up with an old friend...


Independence Day --Completed

In which Voph attends a celebration hosted on Fondor...



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