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The Dark Prince's Death

- - - - - Dagger Assassination Pain

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Vigil Rostu

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  • Classification: Assassination Dagger/Sacrificial Dagger
  • Size:  Small
  • Weight: Light


  • Exploding Glass Dagger
  • Blood-poison effect


  • Pain is the Game: Made out of a glass and gem hardening process, the dagger is rapidly cooled to be very strong and resistant to breaking under quite immense stress. Even going toe to toe against other weapons. Made with the Bloodpoison gem, Should the blade even touch skin, it can cause massive amounts of debilitating pain. Even more so, the blade retains the ability to poison the bloodstream of the victim that offers only more pain for the duration of the wound's healing process. 
  • Explosions in your Veins: Made in the same formation as a Prince Rupert's Drop, the blade is very difficult to damage or destroy even if it is made out of fragile gems and glass. However, at the users slightest pinch at the base of the dagger will cause the stress within the glass to suddenly release with force. Causing the glass to quite literally explode with the shrapnel of the glass and blood-poison gems to embed themselves into flesh and skin. This is very difficult to remove the debris from the person, and causes a whole bunch of kinds of pain. 


  • Fragile Tail: Created with immense stress due to the cooling process of the glass and gems, Should one accidentally nip the tail of the dagger, it will explode without a care for who it hits. That includes the person who is holding the dagger, and any allies that happen to be close. 
  • Flesh of my Flesh: The dagger is very sharp. While it can easily pierce into flesh, and even some lighter armors given enough force, it is completely useless against plated armor. 
  • Single Use: As the weapon is made from glass, and the entire purpose of the weapon is for the blade to break and explode inside the flesh of a victim, it has only one use. While the grip is made of wood to prevent the blade from exploding in the hand of the wielder, and can be reused again and again, the blade itself cannot. 

Have you ever wanted to completely humiliate someone? Even more so than just killing them? Or do you just want to cause the victim a bunch of pain that can last for insane amounts of time? This is the blade for you. 


Melting down glass and the Poison gems into a slurry of a crystalline liquid, and forming the blade into a molded shape, the blade in its entirety is formed in one go. However, it is then quenched into freezing waters. This super cooling process causes the outer layer of glass/gem structure to rapidly cool into this formation. However, the internal structure of the blade cools much slower than the outter layer of the dagger. The slower cooling of the inner layers pulls inward on itself. Wanting to condense into a smaller form, but due to the rapid cooling of the outer layer, it cannot. This creates an internal stress. 


This process makes the outside layers of the dagger super strong and resilient to quite a bit of damage. So much so, that one could even fire a slug round multiple times at the blade, and it wouldn't even crack. At best, you could get flakes to shave off of the outer layers. However, this stress has a release function. Naturally created through this, the tail end of the weapon is left out of the freezing water. The tip is allowed to cool at a slower pace than the rest of the dagger. 


What happens when one were to barely snip the tail end of this dagger? The blade has to release this stress somehow. With so much potential energy stored within the crystalline structure, the glass literally explodes. 


Now as yourself this. 


What were to happen if you put this dagger into someone's flesh, and snipped the tip? 


Luckily for you, that was already answered. 


Gir Quee

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