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Ithaqua-type II, Elite Fighter

- - - - - Melee Elite Fighter Ithaqua II TSE Primo Victorian

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Ryssa Yvarro

Ryssa Yvarro
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  • Intent: To resub the Ithaqua and bring it up to modern factory standards.

  • Image Source: Andrew Bosley // Artstaion (x)

  • Canon Link: Repurposed Canon Articles.

  • Primary Source: Ithaqua-class Elite Fighter


  • Manufacturer: Primo Victorian (x)

  • Affiliation: Primo Victorian, The Sith Empire | Closed-Market [Contract Thread Required]

  • Model: VEF IMF MK II “Ithaqua”

  • Production: Limited

  • Material:

    • Alusteel Reinforced Durasteel Hull

    • Quadanium Reinforced Hull Plating

    • Glasteel Viewports w/ Turadium Blast Shutters

    • Tunqstoid Blast Doors, Light Turadium Barricades

    • Duraplast Lining, Trilamnium Hull Overlay


  • Classification: Elite Starfighter

  • Length: 11.7 meters

  • Width: 16.4  meters

  • Height: 4.7 meters

  • Armament: Moderate

    • 4x Plasma Cannons

    • 2x Modular Warhead Launchers

      • Mag-Pulse Warheads

      • Ion Torpedoes

      • Flechette Missiles

      • Nano Missiles

    • 2x Grav-Harpoons Launchers  [Corsuca Gem Lined]

      • Repulsor Controlled

      • Field Disruptor Emitters

      • Redundant Inertial Dampeners

      • Tensor Fields

  • Defenses:  Moderate

    • Nova Shield  (Secondary)

    • Standard Deflector Shield (Primary)

    • Trilamnium Overlay

    • Reinforced Hull Plating

    • Chaffs, Flares Dispersal System

    • Early Lock-On Warning System

    • Phantom Short Range Jammer

  • Squadron Count: Low: 8

  • Maneuverability Rating: Average

  • Speed Rating: Moderate

  • Hyperdrive Class: Average: 2


  • Standard Communications Array  

  • Standard Deflector Shield Generator  

  • Standard Hyperdrive

  • Standard Ion Engines

  • Standard Life Support Systems  

  • Standard Navigational Systems  

  • Standard Repulsorlift Engines

  • Standard Sensor Array  

  • Standard Targeting Systems  

  • Can Enter Atmosphere and Land


  • Weapon Systems:

    • Grav-Harpoon Launchers: Equipped with gravity harpoon launchers, each one holds two gravity harpoons, one already in place and the second as a backup should the first break or fail in the launcher. The harpoon launchers are repulsor controlled, with their own redundant inertial dampeners, field disruptor emitters and tensor fields. These must be launched within short to close combat range and are ineffective at standard / long range.

  • Defensive Systems:

    • Nova Shield: Enables the Ithaqua to withstand ion, radiation and thermal energy better than most starfighters. On average may be able to hold up to turbolaser and other plasma type weaponry but is still vulnerable to kinetic weapons. This is a secondary shield system to be used in conjunction with standard deflector shields.

    • Trilamnium Overlay: Layered over the hull are sheets of trilamnium to help the Ithaqua better resist turbolaser, blaster and other types of plasma energy.

  • Sensor Systems:

    • Short Range Phantom: A high-output short range jammer helps the Ithaqua get in close and snag targets with the harpoon launcher.



  • Harpoons: A carry over from the first model, the second Ithaqua is still equipped with harpoon launchers only this time, grav-harpoon. This was to reduce the rate of friendly fire.


  • Kinetic: Unfortunately while her defenses are geared toward more energy weapons such as ion, or even turbolaser. The Ithaqua is still very vulnerable to kinetic weapons such as flak or projectile weaponry.


A request within the Sith-Imperial Armada had been, it seemed  rather off hand at the time. A fighter with tow cables was all the request said, it was made by Colonel Joycelyn Zambrano. For a moment engineers pondered the idea, but it was Rear Admiral Fiolette Raaf who took the request before other engineers had a chance to take it.

She went back to her archives and pulled the original blueprints to the Ithaqua.

Originally, the fighter had been built for Hoth and at the time proved effective.

Now she sought to upgrade it to work not just in places like Hoth but in space and throughout a variety of landscapes. Utilizing knowledge from the Hama and the Talon both which utilized the same method of melee. This was to line the weapon itself with corsuca gems, next to ensure it could hit and to stabilize while in space.

Redundant inertial dampeners, tensor fields, field disruptor emitter and repulsor controlled so that the pilot could have full control over the harpoon.

With a quick turnaround time, the Ithaqua II was now ready for service within the Sith Empire, and more specifically to Colonel Zambrano.

Gir Quee

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