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Life Day Sithmas Celebration

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Salara Zambrano

Salara Zambrano

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Snow fell upon the ground of the Old Imperial Palace, as the Empresses of the Sith Empire gathered for their final inspection. Dromund Kaas had been selected as the host planet for this year's Life Day Ball and Sithmas Celebration. Something that Emperor Darth Carnifex had established sometime ago, an annual event held during the winter days in which the Sith Empire gathered to celerbate. Celerbate life, victories, remember those who had gone to the next realm and to look forward to days to come. This year, they had invited their allies the First Order, along with their neighbors the Mandalorian Empire and now the Confederacy of Independent Systems.



The palace had been prepared for more than just dignitaries, military officers and high ranking members of either militaries. This year they would welcome the youngest of the galaxy, a Children's Toy Drive would be held at either one of the smaller Sithmas Trees. There guests of the ball would be able to donate toys to the Empire's most needy. Pictures with Father Sithmas were also to be offered, each child would be granted a few moments with him as well as a picture. 



The interior of the palace held the vestibule and then the ballroom, on either left or right ends of the vestibule are doors that lead to smaller foyer areas and stairs either one ascended to the second floor. There guests had options of the dinner buffet, powder rooms, and the lounge area complete with a hot chocolate bar. Another set of stairs on either left or right side would lead guests up to the third floor, however; this floor was reserved. The Sith Brotherhood would be gathering in a private hall for a secret gift exchange and another hall had been left open for parents to take their children when in need of quiet time. A nearby lift had also been made avaliable to those who had brought children to the event. 



So far, the Empresses had been pleased as the interior had been finely decorated. They thanked the participating vassal states and members of the Empire for sending their best to help with the event's planning. Salara turned to her partner Invicta Zambrano and saw the woman's nod of approval. "With the venue in place, perhaps we had better check our list."



"Twice even." Invicta returned with a cheeky grin.



Salara and Invicta descended the stairs and met near the podium where the herald would announce each guest's arrival. Exarch Srina Talon of the Confederacy, along with a name they had not seen in quite sometime. Darth Metus, both women exchanged a look and took a deep breath. "There is not enough alcohol." Salara commented and her partner could only agree with a look as they continued on through the list of names. Grand Moff Natasi Fortan had yet to commit to the event, "they did recently announce an isolationist policy..." Invicta reminded the Epicanthix beside her who only slid the name to the 'maybe,' pile.Next were the Mandalorians, Yasha Cadera had yet to commit either and thus her name was placed beside Natasi's.



As for the Empire? The Triumvirs of course were to show, mostly, Kaalia Pavanos and Taeli Raaf had sent their reservations in recently and the 'jury' was still out for Darth Pyrrhus. Both of the Empresses had hoped that the man would show for the evening. Of course, he many Zambrano children were also expected to show. Including young Ansgar and his sister Yasmine, Salara and Invicta could not wait to show both children off in their adorable Sithmas outfits. Speaking of youngsters, Micah was also most welcomed along with Alvarex's ward who would be making his first apperance as a Zambrano.



The Empresses continued on with their list checking off names and sorting out who would arrive, and who would not along with their, 'maybe'pile. It wasn't long before the chronometer struck five, and the sounds of the orchestra warming up for the evening ahead could be heard. "My, my Invicta we need to get ready."



"Yes, of course my dear, but are you satisified with our venue and the guest list?"



Salara thought for it a moment and then nodded with approval. "Yes, yes this should do nicely."

























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Darth Hashira

Darth Hashira


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Location: Driveway

Objective: Super Secret ;)

Allies: Salara Zambrano Darth Carnifex Invicta Zambrano Srina Talon Darth Metus Micah Taeli Raaf Kaalia Pavanos




Hashira speed up to the venue aboard Bloodfin, a speeder rumored to have been owned by the ancient Sith Lord Darth Maul. However with the way replicas were being produced now-a-days, it was difficult (if not impossible) to determine the authenticity of such artifacts. He drifted into driveway near the entrance, showing off some recently polished piloting skills, indiscriminately throwing fresh snow across any and all who might be standing around. He parked the speeder directly in front of the entrance, kicking out the support stand.


''Good evening Darth Hashira, we can park that for you.''


''And good evening to you as well'' Hashira smiled, in an uncharacteristically cheery mood.


''That will not be necessary, however please use the repulsorlift and place the speeder on the third floor. I have other use for it.'' he winked at the valet, handing him 20 credits while pressing his long withered finger up to his pursed lips. The speeder was intended for the gift exchange, a secret project he had undertaken with only the help of an inexperienced mechanic from the Sith Engineer Corps. Hashira helped the valet move the speeder around the building towards the service lift and then return towards the entrance.


He trotted up the steps, greeting those around.


Izel Unarii

Izel Unarii

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Location | On approach.

Allies | Everyone attending.

Objective | Make friends.


This was odd. It was the complete opposite to what he was used to. Being invited to a ball? Never in his dreams. From the caves of Quarzite to an Imperial Palace. Though Nidus was up for it. One of the Instructors at the Bastion Academy recommended some of the new acolytes attend the ball, in order to meet and greet some of the higher members of the Empire. Nidus didn't like the idea, though he knew it was beneficial and why not? Free food and drink, after all it was Life Day.


Wearing a dark purple suit, the Kage looked rather dapper for once in his life. He was used to wearing black-clad armour, and wearing a sword on his back. Though, he dropped all of that for this expensive suit and a golden ceremonial dagger on his side. Aboard his shuttle, he paced back and forth impatiently trying to screw his head on. The prospect of seeing- even speaking to someone like The Dark Lord? It sent shivers down his spine. He looked forward to it, though he was shaky. His inexperience would hopefully not get the better of him.


His shuttle slowly lowered down in the parking bay, with him slowly exiting down the ramp with his black oxford style shoes with golden detailing down the side. He clearly had a very distinct style. His yellow eyes glanced up, scanning the entrance. He made his approach, down the long path clearly taking note of everyone and everything. He didn't let his guard down, not even here.

Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

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It was time for Sithmas celebrations. Madalena remembered her last Sithmas; she and Brayden had still been living together on Coruscant, in the apartment that her parents had left them after their death. It was their second Sithmas without them, but they were determined to make it the best they could. While neither of the twins had actually hungered in those two years, credits were a little tight, and the twins had given each other little knick nacks that would be of no importance to anyone but them. There had been a tree in the living room, and they'd built a blanket fort next to it, staying up all night to tell their stories of the Prince and Princess of their magical far away made up kingdom.


And now it was her first Sithmas alone. She did not expect Brayden to show up, and she expected even less that he would trade more than a word or two with her if he did. She had signed up to come to the party, as part of the entourage that would cover for the exarch and whichever other Confederate would deem to come along. A Knight Obsidian, battle boiled down to her very blood, but she was not in a particular mood to fight anyone or anything. It was supposed to be just a diplomatic event. Come in, show your face, get out.


She wanted to have a drink. She wanted to drink so badly. But on top of her promise to herself not to, a promise she'd made after waking up with memory gaps several months ago, the last two parties she had attended had ended up having their drinks laced. The first one had illusionary drugs, the second one had a love potion that made everyone fall in love. She had not a sip on either of those nights, which ended up with her being the only one left alone at the end of it among all the people she knew.


For the first time in what felt like a forever, Madalena was not in a particularly festive mood, yet she controlled her facial expressions carefully. She could not fake happiness, that wasn't in her. But she could keep a neutral or interested expression. And so she would do her duty, as intended, and then go "home".



Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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Location : Redacted due to a mixup about the invite. :(

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'It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but for others, I can kill.'


Erin Tenel

Erin Tenel

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Wearing: Purple, of course. Tags: Kaalia Pavanos


Dromund Kaas. Well, this was new.

A chance 'encounter' with Kaalia Pavanos had lead to an 'invitation' to join the woman for Sithmas and to 'experience' the Sith Empire's dark glory. Neither Er'in nor Kaalia had commented that the Triumvir of Strength's 'invitation' came with a strongly implied threat. No one would say the Hapan had learnt her lesson, but she was afraid enough of the Triumvir - and liked her attitude enough - that she hadn't been able to refuse the... offer of recruitment.

What did a woman wear to a Sith Ball? Not black, that was for certain. Nor red. Er'in would have to be a lot more desperate to copy traditional Sith fashion. She even eschewed any of the makeup often favoured by Sith ladies, but that was more to make a statement than out of a lack of appeal. She did admit, they did look good. Fortunately, it turned out Dromund Kaas was quite well supplied with very, very skilled tailors who liked to remain as suppliers to the Sith, and so Er'in stalked into the main hall with the quiet click of heels, absolutely certain she at least cut an impressive figure.

To the uninitated, she looked calm and serene as she surveyed the room, a youth in a court as deadly as any Sith court gave one poise. But anyone who could sense emotions - and she knew half the room must be able to - could tell she was both intimidated and impressed, she'd given up resisting the dark aura that hung over the city and the palace - you might as well try to stay in one place in a hurricane, and her emotions fluttered wildly between greed, charity, desire and fear as she looked around.

The fear wasn't entirely towards the Sith - if anything, the appearance of so many typical Sith caused her innate arrogance to flare to even greater levels, and she disregarded monster and warrior alike with the casual air of someone who thought they knew better. Perhaps not the Sith Lords - not all of them, anyway. She could feel from here several flickering dark flames she wanted to bask in or murder. Or both. No. She'd heard that a non-aggression treaty had been signed between the CIS and the Sith Empire.

That meant her adopted sister was likely to be here, at least, along with... lets call him her former master, even if she hadn't delivered a resignation note, as much as disappeared into the night with her possessions. He didn't have a track record of being merciful to former apprentices - something she held as a criticism, why shape a monster then punish it for being what you made? But her hand brushed her lightsaber to check she still had it none the less.

She was a guest of a Triumvir, that gave her enough protection to hold out for a formal dual if he was... irritated about her leaving, or what she'd taken.

Maybe... maybe the Sith did have something to offer. They must harbour thinkers who used the stability of the Empire to practice the more... traditional versions of the Code.

Or maybe this was about to be explosive.

Either way, she looked forward to finding out - fear, after all, is a driving motivation, not one to hide from.





Darth Carnifex

Darth Carnifex

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So, the time had come again.


His wive's voracious desire for celebration and pageantry was unmatched by any other in the Empire, and he supported their machinations with full heart and support. Yet, as he watched the guests start to arrive from the balcony overlooking the wide flat ferrocrete expanse that bloomed out from the wide steps leading up to the Citadel's entryway, he made no immediate effort to join his paramours as they greeted those that had arrived.


Indeed, his mood was a touch more melancholic than one would expect of a man who had raised an Empire from near nothing and gone on to expand it farther than anyone had expected.


He must've been projected his emotions into the room behind him, as he was soon joined by another figure. Her skin, dark as caramel, was contrasted by the bone-white tattoos that intersected her curvaceous yet finely honed body. A heavy cloak and shawl protected her from the biting cold as she stood beside her husband, her calloused fingers finding his own as she stared up at his grizzled and battle-scarred face. "What troubles you, my love? The other Empresses are waiting for you down below, everyone is pining to catch a glimpse of your majesty."


A stream of smokey breath exhaled into the frigid night air, swirling around the Emperor's head before dissipating into nothing. "This type of revelry has never been my strong suit, Saijo. Not when battle looms so near. A secessionist movement to the North, heretics to the Southwest, and enemies growing in the Core. The war that is to come will be grueling and it will take all of my strength to ensure that my Empire does not suffer calamity."


"And you will accomplish all that you have set out to do, my love." Her arms wrapped around his own, herself so small in comparison with the giant of an Epicanthix beside her. "I have been at your side since before you struck out to establish this new Empire, and my love has never grown stronger for you than when I see the fire of determination burn brightly in your eyes. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to, you are the Dark Lord of the Sith. The Dark Lord, not just one of many, the only one that matters. It is by your will that the SIth has been reborn, stronger and more persistent than ever before."


He breathed out again, the slight inclination of his head indicating that he understood what she was saying. He knew it himself, he was not one stricken by doubt or self-consciousness. He was proud, assured in his every move, and confident in his ability to carry out whatever he put into motion. He didn't understand where this creeping anxiousness came from, but it settled in the pit of his stomach like a frigid stone at the bottom of a lake.


"Your words bring comfort to this old black heart, Saijo. Come, let's go join the Empresses, they've fretted enough." With a quick hop, Saijo leaped up onto the protective banister bordering the wide balcony so that she could be face-to-face with her husband. Their lips met and then pulled apart, the brief act of intimacy a passing fancy before the Emperor turned away and returned to the warmth of the Citadel's interior, Saijo following shortly after.


Descending the stairs, the Emperor let his gaze pour over the many individuals who had come to attend this gathering, Sith, Imperials, Confederates, and even the odd Mandalorian or so that still holds strong ties to the Sith government. With Saijo on his arm, the Emperor convened with the rest of his wives near the stair's bottom, giving them all their brief moment of intimacy before he allowed himself to be approached by anyone in the party wishing to interact with him.

The Nameless One

The Nameless One


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All she had to do was follow the trail.


Of course, the Nameless One, now known as Zero-Six-Six-Six, was far from a model citizen, far from it perhaps even to the point where some opinions believed that the feral woman belonged in some sort of cage until their senses had come back to them. The first brush with Imperial society had not been a very successful one, being dropped directly into the academy on Bastion and expected to integrate with the click of a finger or the blow of a whistle; it was bound to go astray the moment that the survivor was left to their own devices and astray it very much went-- The eating of vermin from the floor only followed by attacking the Sith Knight who had decided to take her food away and getting her rear end handed to her in the process-- It was clear that she needed a lot of work to bring her up to scratch. Yet even after the very rough introduction to modernized society from the wastes of the Dead City, her resilience and persistence had already been showcased to many who witnessed her rather one-sided scrap with the Sith Knight Tsisaar; a killer's determination to follow through with everything action they made, a clear mind set on what was her territory and her prey and perhaps that was enough to prove that the woman was not a lost cause, simply a cause that would need ample time and strict discipline to mold and forge into what the Sith Empire needed among their ranks. Yet despite being at such a basic level, Number Oh-Six-Six-Six was still an acolyte, with the perks and advantages that it brought.


One such advantage was the invitation to the Life Day celebrations, held on the history-rich city of Dromund Kaas.


Suffice to say, Number Oh-Six-Six-Six hardly knew what it was all about-- Life Day had been a celebration long since forgotten, such novelties had been pushed aside in the name of personal survival. Perhaps the loss of celebrations were what spelled the downfall of sanity for the survivor, the loss of the positives among all the negatives... Or perhaps they had simply been diverted to more primal satisfactions. It of course mattered very little, yet with such a large abundance of people making transit to the Old Imperial Palace, it was no wonder that curiosity hooked and reeled the feral in to explore that everyone else would call a festive celebration. Zero-Six-Six-Six couldn't talk or, at least, not to the level of everyone that she found herself surrounded by. Where she remembered 'home' among the rubble, words weren't a requirement for survival-- Growls, screams and screeches seemed to work for everything she needed but... With the new territory came new understandings. Naturally, some were hesitant to allow such a primal 'creature' anywhere near the celebrations but, at the behest of one of several of her handlers, the belief was that allowing the Acolyte to attend would perhaps assist in jogging their memory, giving them a taste of exquisite and riches that could be shaped into a suitable replacement for the hunger of flesh and wired-up survival instincts. This approach was agreed upon, on one condition...


...Zero-Six-Six-Six was supervised. The last thing her handlers wanted was for someone to be eaten during what was supposed to be a peaceful time of the year.


So the call was made, a request for a suitable handler or, rather one that was willing to supervise a feral cannibal attending a social gathering sent out to the branches of the Sith Empire. Whilst a response was awaited, the handlers of Zero-Six-Six-Six knew that the woman had to look the part, formal, stylish and well... Not looking like some stray wild animal they picked off the side of the hyperlane. Such as it was that the transformation from apocalyptic survivor to somewhat presentable human being took place-- Of course, this was not easy, provided that the Acolyte had absolutely no idea what they were doing and perhaps for the first time felt a shred of terror as 'professionals' went about her hair and clothing. There was resistance, an awful lot of it at that but ultimately her artists came prepared-- A few choice offerings of rats and other assortment of meats soon turned violence into passive acceptance; enough for them to go about their work. What was a matter of hours and heated debate among themselves resulted in Zero-Six-Six-Six looking... Entirely different. Washed, trimmed, refined, like those that had looked a world apart from her; now she blended in. With her features sculpted, now came the design of her attire, sprinkles of choices brought before the Acolyte and presented with her best interests in mind yet... Out of all the dresses and form-fitting ideas that had been offered, Zero-Six-Six-Six had other ideas. Finesse was replaced by a militaristic dress-up; typically found by some curious exploring on her own whilst her tenders were arguing-- She returned wearing formal military clothes topped off by a trench coat and, last but not least, a respirator.


Attempts to argue against it or plead to replace it with a dress were met with growls-- It was clear that the Acolyte had made her choice.


Now all it took was getting to the festivities itself, with the watchful eye of her supervisor-- A woman that Zero-Six-Six-Six had no recollection of yet felt her power radiate. It was like taking a pet out for a stroll-- Only the stroll was a social gathering and the dog was a cannibal with the hunger to put challenge eaters to shame.


What could possibly go wrong?


Joycelyn Zambrano


Ahani Zambrano

Ahani Zambrano

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“Stop fussing. You’re gonna come with to the party and you’re going to look like a billion credits doing it.” Cryax gritted his teeth and pulled Ahani’s hands away from her face.

“Worthless trinkets created by a false governmental economic system, powered by greed and distasteful displays of wage slavery?” Ahani quirked her head away from the brush, grunting as she fiddled with her silver dress.

Cryax hissed through his nostrils and scratched at his hairline. “You’re a false governmental economic system.”

“I am?” Ahani blinked and looked down at herself.

“Just for tonight, Ani.” Snorting out a chuckle, Cryax tipped her chin up to look at him. Crimson eyes shone on her pale face, satisfied by the cosmetics he applied. Thank Sith she didn’t bite him. Why Kaine thought she was worth keeping around was only beginning to dawn on his lover. Power. It certainly wasn’t lust.

“Someone’s not right, someone’s sad, someone’s... he’s sad, he’s nervous he’s.. she..” Ahani began to struggle. Taking her into his arms, tutting out soothing whispers, Cryax kissed Ahani’s silver hair and held her through it.

“Shhhh shh shh shh it’s okay, shhh. We’re going to a party, sunspot. Parties are happy.” His thumb rubbed at her cheek, smile diffusing the volatile madness in Ahani Najwa. “Pout. Like this.”

He made a kissy-face and Ahani laughed, then complied. She let him finish getting her ready, and the Echani woman slung her arm through Cryax’s suit-clad arm.

“There. I’ve got the prettiest date to the party. Let’s go see Kaine. Happy Sithmas, Ahani.”

“Happy Sithmas, Cryax.” And for a moment, in the care of the Emperor’s House, Ahani Najwa was okay. Cryax steered himself and Ahani to Darth Carnifex’s Side, spinning the silver-clad Echani woman in a circle, amidst Ahani’s joyful laughter.

“Master, Darth Gyaumchem’s presence as requested.” Cryax bowed and gave deference to the Dark Lord, as was his station.



Izevel Zambrano

Izevel Zambrano


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Allies;All attending

Once more the Life day celebration had rolled around and Izevel found herself pondering if she could get away with not showing. Probably not. And thus this was how she found herself arriving at the destination at hand.

Climbing off of the speeder she may or may not of stolen, the woman would heave a soft sigh, clearly impressed with the venue. Making her way inside , she would stop and stare around for a few moments before continuing on her way, the soft click of the accursed heels she chose to wear echoing against the floor.

Appearing quite out of place yet again amongst the surrounding she found herself within. The female was adorned in a matching pants suit. Black on black with a crimson scarf to off set the balance in dark colors. Just because it was a black tie event didn’t mean she had to wear a tedious dress. Her dark hair was woven into a elegant updo that allowed a few wavy tendrils to fall down around her face. A pair of black rimmed bifocals adorned her features. Set upon the bridge of her nose. ”They sure know how to make things look pretty..” Soon an index finger rose up to adjust the bifocals to their proper position. Lenses magnifying such intense emerald irises which appeared to glow in the dim light.

It was then that she spotted her father and his wives. Sighing softly, she approached a respectful incline of the head given as she would then grin up at her father. ”Father, beautifully dressed ladies..” A simple yet boldly , polite greeting was given to those gathered. Yes, she was in a good mood this evening. It wasn’t often she allowed herself to mingle with others often preferring the comfort of the shadows to watch and observe.

Darth Carnifex Invicta Zambrano Salara Zambrano

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Kaalia Pavanos

Kaalia Pavanos


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Wearing: Red dress

With: Ishana Pavanos, smol kids Xariah & Xarielle

Expecting to see: Erin Tenel



Many years ago, Life Day meant nothing to Kaalia. It celebrated everything she didn't have and instead of a joyous day it was one she resented. Every year, she would be reminded of how truly alone she was. But that wasn't her life anymore.


Now, it reminded her how one woman changed her life so utterly that not the slightest trace of that resentment remained. The woman she fell in love with, the woman she married, and now the woman she had children with. While the speeder brought its passengers to to entrance of the palace, Kaalia looked to the seat next to her where Ishana and Xarielle sat. She gave her wife a big smile before pointing at the window, revealing the palace. "We're here!" she said with a cheery voice, drawing not only Xarielle's attention but also that of Xariah, who sat on her lap. Becoming a mother had taken quite a bit of getting used to, but the sheer amount of joy the twins had brought into her life simply couldn't be described.


Kaalia then returned her own attention to Ishana, looking her over and taking in the military uniform she wore. It had been quite some time since she had seen her in such an outfit, but it still suited her as well as it ever did. "The last time you were in dress uniform was our wedding day. Time flies," she thought out loud, recalling the fond memories of that day. "But you still look stunning." The Balmorran had heard variations of that more than once before already that day, but that didn't make it any less true.


The speeder came to a stop and the valet opened the door for Kaalia, Ishana, and the twins. "Good evening, lady Avacyn, missus Pavanos," he said as she stepped out, which was met by a good-natured nod. She then turned around to face the speeder and bent her knees slightly to lower herself enough to help the twins out of the speeder. Once her wife had stepped outside as well, the family would begin making their way inside. "I almost forgot how grand these venues are," Kaalia said as they walked up the steps. Maternity had kept her away from making public appearances for some time now, and this was the first since that time.


Although Kaalia had come here to enjoy the night with her family, and once it got late with just Ishana, there was one other person she was expecting to see by the name of Er'in Tenel. She had met her in an odd twist of fate and when they had no choice but to fight side to side, the redhead was able to see the warrior she was. Er'in was someone the Sith Empire needed and seeing the Empire's most powerful with her own eyes would be a strong example of what it stood for.



Joycelyn Zambrano

Joycelyn Zambrano

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A Sithmass ball - Once she had found such social occasions to be nothing more than a chance to cause a scene, a scandal. Now, she was here to forge connections and improve her stature. Worse yet, now she was the one volunteering to keep others in line. Though she might not have read the entire file before agreeing to playing the role as chaperone. It was one thing to oversee someone with anxieties or a lack of interpersonal grace, but something entirely different to watch...




She had greeted her ward for the evening as they set off, but since then not spoken to it -her? It all struck her as something a little odd, like a shaven nexu dressed in a suit, or a droid made a little too lifelike. But Joycelyn Zambrano was not alone in her task. She had with her a companion, a red-clad handmaiden of petite stature, whose eyes were shrouded under the extended hem of her hood. The handmaiden, Pythia Sybilla, maintained a distance of two steps from Joycelyn at most times and kept herself next to Oh-Six-Six-Six; she did not intervene in conversation, and politely excused herself if spoken to. Though most knew the face of a servant when they saw one and knew not to approach. 


Joycelyn herself arrived dressed for the weather, bundled in a thick, hooded coat of red fur, fastened with golden clasps. Snowflakes cradled themselves within the red fur and melted into beads of water on her broad shoulders as she strode through the garden passage of the palace. Her stride left a trail of melt in her wake, soon to be covered once more by the persistent snowfall. She climbed the stairs with calm purpose and a sense of ownership of her surroundings, and Pythia followed behind. Climbing to the reception and letting Pythia check her in, she let the fur coat fall back over her shoulders to her elbows for the servants of the palace to gently remove it and hand Pythia the coat check. Underneath, Joycelyn was most certainly dressed for the occasion; sheer black and fitted, proudly showing the silver scars that crossed her sandy skin. She appeared to carry no weapons, or so one would assume under the light, black fabrics that hugged her toned body like the last shadow hugged its hiding place before a brilliant dawn. The braid that usually crowned her head now trailed down to the small of her back, tied with a little ribbon of golden yellow silk.


She appeared much more comfortable in her appearance than she felt. Here and now, only her stiff upper lip would shield her against piercing glances and daggers hidden in backhanded compliments.


Perhaps that was why she had taken on these extra tasks? As Joycelyn and her little retinue reached the ball, gentlebeings passing by on either side, she turned to Oh-Six-Six-Six and Pythia, and donned her smile.


"So, we are here. I want you two to stay close, do not stray out of sight, and do not let anyone guide you away without my say-so. Understood?" Her eyes went particularly to the woman with the respirator."Anything you want to ask before we enter?


Pythia reached into her purse and retrieved what she had understood to be a treat for the ward, but kept it concealed in her hand until she had Joycelyn's confirmation that it was indeed treat-time. 


The Nameless One




Djorn Bline

Djorn Bline


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Tags: Kole Harper


Formal wear was something Djorn absolutely despised of. He was much more the nam to enjoy a casual look that included a fine leather or denim jacket, nice pants and a refined shirt. Bars, taverns, and cantinas were much more preferred than elegant balls and parties. However, his Imperial Majesty had invited him to attend the Lifeday Sithmas Ball at the Imperial at Dromud Kaas and it was an honor for Djorn to be acknowledged by the Sith Emperor.


Fortunately, dressing up for this was really easy and simple. All he did was go to some tailor, tell him exactly what he needed, get the measurements, pick a style, and done. Had some ridiculous (for his taste), fancy suit that would be appropriate for this social event.


Luckily, though, he wasn't alone. He had brought along a companion with him to this event, a man he was working with ever since the Sith Empire conquered Dak from hostile elements. One that interested him on figuring out his identity and past.


They had arrived on time for the ball, surrounded by other invitees in their own elegant attire. Politicians, military officers, Sith Lords, and even foreigners too. They had entered the grand palace, standing idly on trying to figure out what to do. They were associates, acquaintances, but not sure about friends.


"What to do, Harper? You got any idea on how these things work?"

Sor-Jan Xantha

Sor-Jan Xantha

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Wearing: Nan Quan | Wristlink

Objective: Be a kitten at Sithmas


The young Cathar had been a good student.


He had laid siege to Ession with introductory lessons in the employment of TIE starfighters in terrestrial bombing campaigns that had taught him the value of achieving a multitude of effects -- destroying the war-fighting capabilities of the enemy while also de-moralizing the opposition populace. It was a lesson that he would use again on Commenor.


He had tackled the mysteries of Sith Magic, delving into the obscure and arcane with the exploration of familiars, astral projection, and stonepower.


He had secured a segment of the populace of conquered Luria for use as conscripted labor on one of the Sith's space stations on the edge of frontier space. And he had organized Pisces Base on Mon Cala into an efficient supply depot for his emperor.


So, when Father Sithmas checked his list, the young Cathar was confident that his name would be most deserving of presents.


The young Cathar's tail was erratically shifting. A tell-tale sign of the boy's anxious energy as he stood in line for the chance to sit on Father Sithmas' lap. Truth be told, the kitten had a list prepared for discuss with Father Sithmas, but he expected that there would only be time for one or two of the particulars. So the boy had already taken the liberty of prioritizing his wants. A HoloStation Switch. With EndorMon Let's Go. That was what was at the top of the dread kitten's Sithmas list.


And if Father Sithmas didn't think that the kitten had been good enough as to merit a HoloStation... the boy would settle for a working copy of Broodica's Grimoire. The Bastion Library's copy was horribly dog-earred and had numerous pages torn or missing. A nice, fresh copy for himself would be a distant second to conquering fictional game sprites.



Kole Harper

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Everywhere at once. It's where he'd like to be, but he couldn't continuously slave over these mountainous ranges that the paperwork had formed, nor could he further inquire into the sudden disconnection a particular station had undergone, or rain fire down on forces that opposed the Sith Empire. They were distractions, unhealthy ones, but effective in their ability to ease the mind and replace those memories and feelings with the only things that seemed to matter in the current moment. But, everyone required their necessary breaks, and confronting an issue seemed to be the best course to overcome it. Even if he despised it so.


Kole managed to stand so idly with nothing more than a wandering gaze. It had almost been as if he was examining each and every minute detail, inspecting and searching for something. But, maybe it was another feeble distraction. Harper did note that this venue appeared more extravagant than the last, and considering their abundance of funds, it wasn't entirely surprising.The Sith, to him, were an enigma. Even after spending all this time alongside them, they still baffled him.


"Ugh," The Android happened to mumble in a thought, caught betwixt his personal zone and the reality he remained plugged into. He averted his gaze from somewhere to Djorn, a rather expressionless series of features managed to look a little long, continuing that thought. "I just, uh, stood around a lot at the last one." It was a blatant lie, and one that didn't need to exist, but such little things never hurt nobody. He didn't know why he lied, and it didn't matter. Least he thought. "Could use a drink." He shrugged, offering that suggestion.


Djorn Bline

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Kole Harper

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Zoinks/Jinkies/Ruh Roh Raggi


You know the drill.

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The Nameless One

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There, of course, came no verbal answer. A mere heckle at the back of her throat as she looked to the bright lights and immense gathering of mea- guests.


This was likely going to be a long night for both parties.


Zero-Six-Six-Six was a strange creature indeed, to call her human would be realistic at least when it came to the science and physiology of things but the psychological aspects of the coated figure were all screwed up and resembling more a predator than something that one could call a functioning member of society. It would have been an understatement to say that the 'magic' and the 'glamour' of the event and those that were in attendance were entirely lost on the survivor as the various men and women of various races and sizes passed her and those that she was assigned to by, the respirator-clad head turning to size up each and every single one that came across her field of view. Of course the temptation was there, not even half-buried and it was likely that behind that covered face the bloodshot and hungry eyes of a cannibal took to the daydreams of fulfilling the desire that burned so bright that it could likely be felt radiating akin to an actual fire yet... Something was keeping her in check, no doubt the fact that her assigned guardian was considerably more stronger than her in every aspect; flicking a switch of self preservation and making it known that attempting anything would likely result in harsh punishment. Even with such an intimidating presence and the fact that Zero-Six-Six-Six was severely malnourished and was likely to be swatted aside and defused with ease, it didn't stop her mind from formulating plans of intrigue and the desire to spin intricate webs for her meals to fall into.


However, being instructed to keep close and within sight of her guardian made such desires laden with obstacles. If she were to feast, it would have to be on things other than the flesh of man or vermin.


Perhaps it were the fact that the Acolyte was drawn to the sheer depth of energy that saturated every nook and cranny of her senses, a gift that had been with her for as long as she could remember yet had no explanation as to how she could sense a force that could not be seen with her eyes yet where she had been witnessed to only one or two at a time, the room was vibrant with the pull of the magics she had come to use for her own survival. The power and its possibilities were in fact endless, perhaps how she managed to survive for as long as she did yet her own knowledge of the abilities that she held dear paled in comparison to those present. There was still much to learn, so much to learn from simple linguistics and courtesy to the more complex things yet tonight was not to consist of any lectures on any such matters, more so a chance to explore what the high and mighty had to offer and what could be her's, if she allowed herself to be molded and shaped into the woman that her new benefactors wished for her to be. The music flowed, the people mingled and meshed, the servants tended to the needs and the atmosphere was heavy with revelry and warmth to provide a contrast to the snow and freezing cold of the weather outside.


And Zero-Six-Six-Six? She hungered.


Joycelyn Zambrano


Bethany Kismet

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Location: The Gardens, Center Fountain (because of course)

Activity: Ice Skating


She had received warm, heavily lined coat and thick mittens as a gift. Which was all well and good because Vessa did not particularly enjoy the cold but she DID enjoy being outside. The Gardens were snow covered and dormant, but even then, there were things she could find here. The ice coated evergreens, tiny ruby berries that hadn't yet been found by the birds, the Life Day blooming hellebores- rarely seen unless one parted the snow. The ones on this planet were a deep purple, nearly black, and difficult to find in the wintery evening, but she had tracked them down for her own satisfaction. 


Now however?


The girl was standing on the edge of the frozen fountain, carefully inspecting the ice. It looked solid through to the bottom, but she still moved carefully, arms out to either side for balance as she slid onto the surface. Crystalline arches, from where the water had frozen midflight, circled the center of the fountain, but there was a rather large section of relatively smooth ice in a circle around it. 


Vessa stepped out, very carefully, onto the ice. 




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Wearing: Dress

With: Jorryn Fordyce


The last time Vaylin had attended a similar event had been shortly after her admittance as Commander of the Vermillion Authority. And it seemed today would be the same, but with titles that were held much closer to the Zabrak's heart. She was a far cry from the feral hunter that had been abandoned on Dxun, lifted from by Aria Vale from that five year nightmare.


Her old master was somewhere out there in the galaxy, and Vaylin knew she would've been proud of what she had accomplished. Rising to the top within both the Valkyries and the Sith Brotherhood. And the latter was the reason for the Zabrak's choices as of late.


Something of a lesson she had learned from Aria; who in turn she assumed got it from Imperia.


The Valkyries were known to have a motto of being fashionable, at least when they weren't hunting, killing and capturing the Empire's enemies. But being a Lady of the Sith also brought a degree of status amongst others. And this was Vaylin's first public appearance since she had become Darth Moirai, meaning she wasn't going to take any half measures this time.


She was dressed in a long dark blue gown, fitting and flowing perfectly. For the most part she was covered, aside from her hands and the gap that fell from her neck and trailed down to her stomach. Though her duties to the Valkyries had kept her on Mygeeto plenty, and the cold wasn't too much of a bother for her. Nonetheless though, she still brought a thick fur coat with her to at least combat the weather as they arrived.


Her hair was held up in an elaborate bun, far different to the usual lazy styles Vaylin favoured. But the choice for this evening's ball was deliberate to bring attention to her Zabrak heritage.


The speeder arrived, a valet opening the door allowing for Vaylin to step out first. "Evening Lady Moirai, Miss Fordyce." Unlike the Emperor's Ball, the Zabrak hadn't come to the event alone. This time she was accompanied by the lovely Jorryn, her girlfriend. Their relationship hadn't exactly been hidden, but this was certainly the first public event attending together. Although she was sure word had likely gotten knowing the Crimson Valkyrie's crew. That and there were a few others who seemed to just 'know', like Kaalia Pavanos.


"Let's get inside, shall we?" Vaylin smiled, weaving her arm between Jorryn's as the pair made their way to towards the entrance. Once in the vestibule they handed their invites over, and their coats were taken by an attendant. As they approached the large doors, Vaylin let out a slight grumble. Last time she hadn't expected the herald to announce her arrive, not prepared to have many pairs of eyes suddenly staring at her. This time though, she was ready.


Giving Jorryn a small kiss, Vaylin led them forwards into the ballroom. The herald not missing a beat as he announced their arrival.


"Lady Moirai of Iridonia, Elder Sister of the Valkyries. And Jorryn Fordyce of Alderaan, Knight of the Sith Empire."

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Allya Vi'Dreya

Allya Vi'Dreya

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Location: The Gardens, Center Fountain

Objective: Meet people, avoid others.


Allya was bundled up in this frozen place. She felt, as Darth Metus' daughter, she needed to go visit their allies, and all that. However, parties were not really her thing. However, exploring a frozen garden, and beautiful fountains and sculptures and the like? That was something she could enjoy. The Sithling hummed as she walked through the almost maze like outside. Dark eyes were wide in wonder and joy. So cold, so nice, so pretty.


However, it was there, at the central fountain, she spied a small girl, looking roughly her age, walking out onto the ice, and sliding around on it. Arms wrap around behind her, and she waggled side to side for a moment, thinking about the situation. Finally, the girl steps forward and waves. “Why hello there. That looks enjoyable. I'm Allya Vi'Dreya. But, please, call me Vexia.” Head tilts to the side, causing her nearly black hair to fall across her face. She was in stark contrast to the white snow, and cold iced over pathways.


Walking up to the fountain a hand reaches out, and gestures to the fountain. “Think it could hold two people?” The dark skinned girl gave the warmest, most welcoming of smiles to the other girl.



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