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A Man Who Doesn't Spend Time With His Family Can Never Be A Real Man (The Family)

- - - - - Soldier Associate The Family Celebration Crowning Dohmus Prime Crown Prime Casino

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Vigil Rostu

Vigil Rostu

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For the first time in the history of the Casino, The Gardens were closed off to all. Currently, the only people allowed were members of the Family, or those who had been given an invite as an asset, or as a potential associate to the Family. The Gardens themselves were decorated and adorned with various forms of lights, and three massive tables were formed into a squared "U" shape. While everything else within the Gardens was open, the Shops were closed for the most part. At best, the clothing stores and shops were open for making last minute changes to wardrobes, and the like. It was known that every single employee was bustling around and about to get all of the minor details fixed, and to set out the various flatware, utensils, bowls, glasses of all kinds for almost every kind of drink the Casino would offer. 


Reason being? This was a closed doors celebration for the Family. Firstly, for the Members who have worked and proven their worth. Over time, many of these members have moved up in the ranks and received a spot that would give them more honor to their name, as well as profit themselves, and the family. While those who did not want to be put onto the listing as receiving their "promotion," the only one that most people would come for, was the naming of the new Don. 


Rumors of the Donna had surfaced that she had passed, or had left the Family. I stood there in my room. Alone. Knowing the full details of her departure. While I would never speak them to anyone, not even Crocell, I didn't not because I chose too, but because it was asked of me. The Donna was only known as such by all. However, I was told what her true name was. Even more so, her decisions and why she had sent me the letter and her choice of crowing me her successor. This entire Family, All of her assets, were bestowed to me as an inheritance. 


I can't lie. I about pissed myself scared with that idea. Ever since Ember and I had joined the Family as Soldiers, and eventually I was passed down the rank of Capo, becoming the Donna's personal Bounty Hunter and Errand boy, and now to be the Alpha of this Family Pack? I was honored in ways I could never have thought of. I was also scared for Ember, myself, and the rest of the Family. Would I do them justice, or would I fail and drive the last nail into the coffin? It set my nerves on edge. Ember opened the door and peeked her head in. I could hear the door opening and quickly hid my face thinking it was someone else. However, as I saw her, I removed my hands and my mask. 


Smiling lightly as she walked over and just hugged me. I returned it as she just stood there. Holding onto me and wondering how we got into this position. I breathed in and rubbed her shoulders. Backing up from her hug to arm's length and nodding my head. Letting her know that I had this under control. The look I received questioned that, but trusted me. Without a single word spoken, she left to inform Ivory, as well as the others that I would be leaving the room soon. 


Sighing, I straightened my suit jacket, and made sure that the tie I wore was fixed perfectly. My hands shaking as I placed the white crystal mask over my face. Adjusting slightly to fit without hindrance, and opened the door into the Gardens. 






TL:DR - Auberon gets ready for the Celebration of the Crowing to the Don. Gardens are closed down for the Ceremony.


 OOC - If you are not part of the Family, but would like to join, Please see OOC thread(Invite)

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Via Dolorosa

Via Dolorosa

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When word of the crowing of a new Don reached the witch's ears, Via was back home on Dathomir; overseeing the ritual that turned young Dathomirian girls into full-fledged Sisters. These Sisters, upon completion of the ritual, would add much needed bodies to the depleted ranks of the Spiderclan. In her absence, the clan had suffered set-backs and loss of territory with their ancient rivals, the Singing Mountain Clan. Upon her return, however, the balance had shifted putting both clans on equal footing. Even now with the calling back to the Family, her heart was in a state of confusion. Her Sisters needed her but her loyalties to the Family, along with a word of promising to return to the Family that must be upheld, put the Nightsiste in a tumultuous situation.


After much meditation, Via concluded her promise, and her word, was more important than remaining here and sitting on the forthcoming proceedings of peace between the two clans. With completion of packing her belongings and bidding her farewells, she boarded the ship bound for Coruscant. It had been sometime since she walked upon the metaled surface of the planet, still feeling disconnected with nature when she did. The planet was all technology and metal, void of anything resembling true nature; thus it tugged sadly at her heart-strings.


Arriving in the late hours of the day, there was much preparation for the next day's ceremony. Most importantly, she needed to purchase the proper attire associated with the etiquettes attached to such ceremonies. In less than an hour, she had found the perfect outfit with matching shoes. Now, taking a deep breath, she pushed open the doors to the gardens; entering in like a midnight shadow.




Candez Stoon

Candez Stoon


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Candez with his crew came through the Casino. He stopped off every now and then, played a couple games where he could. And...he lost quite a lot from all that. That earned a lot of glares from his ships' doctor and the pilot as well. "What?" he asked both of them as he lost one hundred more credits. And to that, they only rolled their eyes in frustration. Even their droid bleeped at him. Once had gotten some gambling out of the way, on his way he went to the Gardens.


Candez paused at the door as someone went through. And he followed in, while the door was open. "Hello, hello! Candez is here!" All of his crew groaned now. There was no end to his exaggerated performances. 


All of his crew and himself just had their gear, minus weapons. Well, of course besides his prosthetic arm but he never planned to use that here. No one was here that was out to get him, as far as he knew. Every now and then he gave quick salutes, before the crew split off. 


Auberon Via Dolorosa

Kartus Lok

Kartus Lok


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If there was one thing Kartus was good at it was glowering, he could glower in battle, in dinner and even in the shower. So it was no surprise that he was leaned up against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest as the silently glowered and looked around the gardens. So this was the family? It was loud, and boisterous and well, pretty much exactly what he thought a family should actually be like. Despite himself, the man let a brief smile flicker across his lips, just for a moment before he paced forward, arms unfolding as he wound his way through the crowd of waiters and workers bustling through the grounds preparing it for the meeting. He wasn't sure what he was looking for, maybe something that looked out of place or unusual. He didn't really think there would be anything wrong here, but old habits died hard and in the end it was always better safe than sorry.

Stardust Solus Skirae

Stardust Solus Skirae

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Candez Stoon Via Dolorosa Auberon

Been some time since she had did anything with the family, with her being caught up within the liberation of commenor, her duties as the new grandmaster of the knights of commenor, recovery from her wounds times had been quite busy. However a little party stardust could attend letting a few people know of her departure before leaving

Arriving within the super city of coruscant stardust watched the speeders zip by and all the of lights as her speeder sat down gently at the casino and left wearing a lovely red dress with a small caught on the left side as she looked up at the building

sure has been awhile

She said to herself, walking in as the sound of all the games and talking filled her ears. Casinos werent exactly her thing but she had to admit that this place had grown on her just a little bit. She spotted a familiar face ans a evil grin came up as she followed quietly waiting till they entered the gardens and came up behind him grabbing his shoulders

boo! Got ya candez!!!

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Ivory Stroud

Ivory Stroud

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Ivory drew in a breath, inhaling the sweet, spicy scent of cigera-smoke into her lungs... then exhaling a stream of milky white into the air. The Gardens were beautifully lit, sparkling in a celebratory fashion; no expense had been spared, preparing the grounds of the Crown Prime Casino's luscious Gardens for the event. Things were changing in The Family... For the better, she hoped. 


The beautiful, tattooed Femme Fatale wore a dress which was equally conservative & revealing; low cut, sleeveless, which showed off a wealth of skin while leaving her most important assets solely to the imagination. The Underboss had taken it upon herself to ensure everything was prepared for the Ceremony which would (she hoped) cement their Family's power for the future. The Donna, bless her, wouldn't be returning... and it was up to Ivory & Auberon to keep their Syndicate alive. 


She flicked the butt of her cigera into a burning firepit, watching the small stub disappear in the crackling flames. Then, she allowed herself a smile... choosing to focus on hope, rather than what they'd lost. Choosing the future, rather than the past. 



Zoe Rosella

Zoe Rosella

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Zoe had just returned from a logistical mission in a hidden corner of the galaxy, on top of keeping her Hypermatter company afloat she was informed that she was invited to attend the crowning of the Don. She was aware that the Don had changed however she knew not where the old Don disappeared to.. Perhaps that's a story for another time.


Zzzz ~ "Lieutenant, prepare an escort." commanded Zoe as she began to prepare for the event, "Yes ma'am, right away" replied the lieutenant through the comms connected to her cabin. Zoe had a selection of outfits for the night, she soon narrowed it down to two options, her suit and her dress.. She typically never wore dresses due to the impracticality of them, however she would be in a highly secure location so there was no need to particularly worry about her safety, with all this in mind she chose her elegant green shirt-dress (x) for this occasion.


Zoe stood by the exit of the ship with 8 escort soldiers (x), the other 40 would split off for breaks, guarding the ship, resupplying the ship and guarding the casino. As they landed the ship (x) came to a gentle halt on the floor, rather surprising due to the size of it. They hadn't stopped particularly far from the casino, just a taxi away. Elegantly, surprisingly, Zoe left the ship and headed straight for the transport, wishing to spend at little time possible out in the open. Zoe wasn't used to these scenarios as she was always the soldier.. how times have changed.. she pondered. "ETA 2 minutes, ma'am" the commanding soldier informed her. 


After arriving Zoe swiftly moved through the side doors of the casino, heading straight for the garden, which incidentally happened to be her favourite part of the casino. Eventually reaching the garden her troops dispersed to join the security force and Zoe was greeted by a waiter offering drinks ~ somehow they knew she had a thing for Corellian whiskey ~ "Huh.. thank you" a show of gratitude to the waiter, heading over to one of the seats at the table she took a seat as one of the stewards held the chair for her, she was not used to this type of service before and was rather impressed.. She immediately began to conversate with various folk attending the event, whilst enjoying the location and music, adding to the masses of noise created by the attendees..


She ensured there was an empty seat beside her in hopes that someone particularly interesting would come along and join her...

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