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GWS V/STOL "Hippogriff" Aircraft

- - - - - G.W.S V/STOL Aircraft Dropship

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V/STOL Hippogriff Aircraft





  • Manufacturer: The G.W.S

  • Affiliation: Closed Market

  • Model: V/STOL Hippogriff Aircraft

  • Modularity:

    • Paint can be changed to suit different environments

    • Soldiers can add custom designs to Aircraft (Examples)

    • Missiles can be swapped out in missile pods

    • Mounted weapons in transport cabin can be swapped

    • Magnetic clamp attachment (Allows for transportation of vehicles in the ‘small’ size category exclusively, excluding swoop bikes and speeder of any sort)

    • Vehicles can be released mid-flight from the magnetic clamp if the transport is at the most 150 feet high in the air

  • Production: Mass-produced

  • Material:

    • Quadanium Steel Airship Frame

    • Quadanium Steel Repulsarlift Engines

    • Glasteel Viewports

    • Durasteel-Quadanium Alloy Hull Plating; Impact Gel & Thermal Gel

    • Durasteel Landing Gears; Impact Gel

    • Slidable Durasteel Transport Cabin Doors

    • Silver Electronic Systems


  • Classification:: V/STOL Military Atmospheric Infantry Transport

  • Role: Infantry Transport, Anti-infantry Aircraft

  • Size:  Average

  • Weight: Average

  • Minimum Crew:

    • 2x - Pilot

    • 1x - Gunner

  • Optimal Crew:

    • 2x - Pilot

    • 2x - Gunner

  • Propulsion:

    • Repulsarlift V/STOL System (Standard)

    • Emergency Liquid Fuel System (four to five hours)

  • Speed: Fast

    • 312.83 Knots (360 mph / 579.36 km/h)

  • Maneuverability: Average

  • Armaments: Average

    • 1x - Ventral Autocannon (Forward Facing; Fixed Position)

    • 2x - Upper Missile Pods (Forward Facing; Fixed Position)

    • 2x - Transport Cabin Hellstorm Rotary Cannons (260 Degree Viewing Range)

  • Defenses: Average

  • Squadron Count: Average: 12

  • Passenger Capacity:

    • 0 - 45 Passengers (Average of 25 passengers)

  • Cargo Capacity: Average


Aircraft Features

  • Comn System
  • V/STOL Repulsarlift Wings/Engines
  • Radar (Default System)
  • Life-form Radar (Toggleable)
  • Thermal Radar (Toggleable)
  • Military-grade GPS
  • Autopilot System Functionality
  • Auto-adjust Repulsarlift Support; keeps the aircraft aligned straight and flat (Toggleable)
  • Broadband Antenna (Hidden in dorsal area, can be extended)
  • Ventral Spotlight
  • Collapsable V/STOL Wings (Demonstration)


Onboard Equipment (Standard)

  • Quick Repair Kit
  • Medical Equipment
  • Tibanna Gas Cartridges (Number varies)
  • Slug Magazines (Number varies)
  • Emergency Communication System (Backpack collapsable)
  • Emergency Rations (Can feed twelve people for thirty days)
  • Parachutes (Fifty in number)



  • Resilient Hull

  • Resistant to small arms fire and some blasters

  • Can deploy troops from the Air and from the Ground

  • V/STOL Aircraft

  • Transport cabin weapons are very viable against both large and small mobs of enemy infantry


  • Transport Cabin is Poorly Armored

  • Susceptible to EMP’s and IONS

  • Cannot win most Aircraft Encounters

  • Limited Missile Pod Capacity (Twelve missiles per missile pod; Two missile salvos)

  • If using Magnetic Clamp addition with a Vehicle in tow, the Aircraft will travel thirty miles lower than the normal speed


  • The V/STOL Hippogrif Dropship is a lightly armored, albeit effective troop transport for battlefield engagements. Being able to carry at a maximum of forty-five individuals aboard it, excluding pilots and gunners, the aircraft can effectively get soldiers behind enemy lines because of it’s size, speed, and defensive measures. If something were to ever go wrong mid-flight in a battlefield, the craft is outfitted with fifty parachutes as a standard for each aircraft encase of in-air emergency to ensure that there will be at least one survivor to continue the good and righteous battle to survive. Along with this, the Hippogriff is outfitted with a number of emergency and reserved supplies encase it needs to either resupply soldiers in the middle of a battlefield or if the aircraft crashes, the passengers will still have a chance of survival.
  • Some Hippogriffs are equipped with a magnetic clamp of sorts that is welded to the bottom of the aircraft. This clamp allows for the easy and relatively safe transport of small vehicles, excluding swoop bikes and speeders of course as there is little effective opportunity to use them to their full effect on a battlefield. Instead, the magnetic clamp will normally hold small transport, wheeled transport craft such as jeeps or APC’s as they are viewed more combative and effective in a war scenario.

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Kraken Society, 


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I found another, though I'm unsure of how suitable it is. Let me know if the new link doesn't work

Vigil Rostu

Vigil Rostu

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