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Orex Mauda

Character roleplay

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Orex Mauda

Orex Mauda

    The Mad Philosopher

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NAME: Orex Mauda

FACTION: The Cassum Cabal / D.E.A.D / The Emergence Empire


RANK: Superiex of The Cassum Cabal and The Emergence Empire


SPECIES: Human Male


AGE: 28


SEX: Male


HEIGHT: 6ft 


WEIGHT: 82kg


EYES: Grey


HAIR: Bald


SKIN: Pale







The Force


Force Presence:

  • Draining, Rage, Intense Emotional Pain

Force Abilities:


Force Pull - 7/10 

(Could pull a moving light-freighter)


Force Push - 8/10

(Could send a Rancor some feet)


Force Drain - 9/10

(Nihilus helps Orex, but he could not devour a planet)


Force Lightning - 0/10

(Is not practised)


Force Sense - 10/10

(Can observe the movement of the Force and mentally explore his surroundings)


Orex's Unique Abilities:


Direct Manipulation - 10/10

(Can manipulate any degree of intricacy e.g, limbs, joints, locking mechanisms, veins etc.)


Damage Resistance - 6/10

(Is in no way invulnerable. Uses anger to protect surface flesh from light blaster fire)







Rage - His anger is a boiling pot always on the edge of spilling. When it does, he is a formidable being


Mental Fortitude - Exposed to suffering and immense stress at an early age, Orex has a mind of steel.


Savage - Always knows how to make a being suffer


Brutal Form - Orex's lightsaber combat is nothing elegant. You'll feel like a rock against a tank


Nihilus - Orex's Force Drain is almost equitable to that of the Ancient Sith Lord. Almost.




Clouded Judgement - His anger often gets the better of him, influencing his decisions


Daydreamer - When he contemplates, he is lost. Deep within his mind he can be easily taken advantage of


No Empathy - He feels nothing. He feels less than nothing for the Religious or Primitive


Simple Form (Counter to Brutal Form) - If you can last long enough in a duel, you'll soon find that Orex's form is not complicated to counter against. 


Decaying - Orex has devoured a fair few men and women. Nihilus pushes him for more but he refuses. But it plagues him, that desire to feast. He's feeling the pressure more and more













Orex is bald with black face paint from his ears around his lower face. His eyes are shadowed by permanent colour and his skin is a Pale Grey. He's 6ft with a lean, muscular body.


He has a permanent smile going up the left side of his face, up to his ear and burnt flesh accompanying it. This was due to a blaster bolt grazing his face.


This wound has been covered by a Half-Mask imbued with the spirit of Darth Nihilus. 


Both hands are Blackened Charcoal as Orex uses his anger to absorb Lightning through his palms. This roasts his flesh.


Orex's Pre-Emergence Outfit




Orex's New Threads (Superiex Mauda):



(Character Illustration Credit to: Lin Pal'Ud )









Lightsabers and Combat


Primary Lightsaber:

Secondary LightsaberOriginally belonged to Theseus Reneun 


Mauda's Form:


Orex's form draws heavily on Form VII but is essentially a unique Form. 


Defense in Depth (Component I of Mauda's Form):


Orex allows his opponent as much opportunity to attack as he can in an effort to exhaust them. While they tire themselves out through attack, Orex drains them with the power granted to him from Nihilus. While they're energy falls, so too does their mental fortitude. Coupled with their tiring, Orex uses the Force to coax them into further attack, effectively locking them in a psychological cage encouraging them to attack him. 


Unrelenting Destruction (Component II of Mauda's Form):


Once visibly exhausted, Orex switches to a more aggressive style of Form VII. With the energy he has been drawing from both his Anger and his Opponent, he relinquishes his defence and attacks with nothing but brute strength. Relying on the utter exhaustion of his opponent, his attack leaves almost no room for a complex defence from his opponent as, ideally, they can do nothing but stand their ground until they are slaughtered. 





A child of the Lower Levels of Coruscant, Orex was quickly exposed to the harsh reality of poverty. He lived with his two parents, both Humans. His Father tried to provide what little stability he could afford to his only son, desperate to keep Orex from falling into the pit that was the society of the Lower Levels. His Mother however, was an opposite. Sociopathic and Violent, she manipulated and suppressed both Orex and his Father. Orex was subject to endless beatings and arguments between his parents. He matured quickly but was left with a deep-seated anger and hatred, along with a growing Psychopathy. He left home at the age of 11, desperate to correct himself and become something better than his parents. He was afraid. Afraid of what he felt and afraid of what his Parents had become. By collecting and selling what gear he could find on the streets, he slowly put together a meager wealth. With his funds, he bought books in an attempt to learn and better himself. 


At 12 he was captured by slavers. 


For five years, he was beaten, sold, starved and contorted. Often left to rot in dark rooms or fend for himself around other, older slaves. He had no books, no money. He was nothing and he felt it. His psychopathy took hold of him and consumed him. His anger was left to grow until he was Seventeen, at which point he retaliated, leaving a Slaver a contorted mass of broken bones and ruined flesh.


The core of his being was ruined. He took what money he could find and disappeared into recluse for a further Five years, developing DEAD and thinking about what he would do. After amassing significant wealth from DEAD's exploits, he returned to public life in a feverish pursuit of Knowledge.




The man who was once Orex Mauda was now something far greater. In his pursuit of knowledge he had uncovered troves of Sith and Jedi secrets and artefacts. He trained himself in the use of the Force and and had spent a period as an apprentice to Theseus Reneun. Finally, in his pursuits, he had found the Mask of Nihilus. A brief altercation between the two and Orex had managed to persuade the ancient Sith Lord to be taken from Korriban. Extensive meditation with the Mask and lengthy conversations with the spirit within had granted him power almost equitable to that of the Ancient Sith. Now, in 856 ABY, Orex has dedicated himself to the elimination of what he considers Religious Ignorance. He see's the Galaxy as suffering from technological stagnation at the hands of the ruling Sith and Jedi parties and intends to purge them from existence. To this end he has formed the Cassum Cabal, a small circle of powerful individuals who he has persuaded to join his cause and become his Equals. These include Ravenous and Demitry Draskovits .


After securing the funds necessary from his various exploits around the Galaxy, from equipping factions with Saevus Engineering to gearing criminals of various underworlds with DEAD, Orex has finally achieved what he aspired to do. With The Cassum Cabal at its head, The Emergence Empire has been born. Settling on the planet of Skism, The Emergence is Orex's dream of a better Galaxy realised.




SECC-01 "Myrkur"




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Orex Mauda

Orex Mauda

    The Mad Philosopher

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  • 1,207 posts



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