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Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

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What started as the brain child of one very bored and even more lonely droid aboard an abandoned ship that was tucked safely away in Silver space has wildly expanded and developed. Whimsy is a company that knows no bounds, and on the rare occasion that one is presented to it, it will usually stomp it down and leave it in a puff of pink smoke.


Operating mostly between the ranges of Uncommon Means of Mass Destruction and Children's Birthday Parties, Whimsy is a company that constantly keeps people on its toes. It can also recommend a lovely place on Coruscant where they can buy shoes that will protect those lovely toes of theirs.



Little before Scherezade deWinter was nearly slaughtered by a Jedi, she realized that she many of the thing she wanted to create would be impossible as a single private person. She applied to have Whimsy opened, at least officially, knowing that with the proper business paperwork she would be able to reach higher and do more. Plans were made, contacts were reached, and then Scherezade deWinter disappeared. What at first seemed like calls were merely being screened later turned into the person never having existed, at least as far as paperwork goes.


Instead, Whimsy was suddenly under the ownership of a droid called Twinkle Doom.


Twinkle Doom is programmed to return ownership to Scherezade deWinter immediately when/if she returns to existence. Under its programming, it had begun to locate individuals around the galaxy who could perform in birthday parties, and link them to parents looking for entertainers during their childrens' parties. Twinkle Doom is highly efficient with it, and thanks to the commission taken from every successful match, is currently building up some savings in a secret bank account.


When Scherezade returned, the company moved back to being completely under her control. Twinkle Doom received many luxurious oil baths and still runs the Children's Birthday Planning section of the company, as well as the book keeping. Scherezade herself brings many of her blueprints to work, and her teams see what is viable and what it less so.


The company also enjoys lucrative R&D grants from the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which are mostly used for the expansion of Project Manghild, where many of the company's glitter-less products are developed.












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