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Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

    The Blood Hound

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Baal. Loth Wolf Extraordinaire.


  • Intent: To create a companion submission for Baal, a Loth Wolf that was saved during a Knights Obsidian mission.
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  • Role: Sentient beast. Guardian. Friend.
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  • Age: Under a year. Still growing.
  • Species: Loth Wolf
  • Height: Will grow to 2 meters in height.
  • Length: Will grow to 5 meters in length.
  • Weight: Will weight around 250 kilos.
  • Appearance: Baal is a magnificent creature. He stands tall and proud, with near-black fur that glistens; a mark of being well fed and in good health. But while one would expect such a beast to be at least threatening, usually, the facial expression that can be found on Baal's face is goofy, somewhat akin to smiling. He does not take himself too seriously and can usually be seen wagging his tail happily, especially if there are little children or cubs/puppies/kittens around. The only time one will see him in a bad mood is when Scherezade or Madalena are under direct threat and he witnesses it. Other than that, his goofy expressions will turn into serious ones around people he dislikes.

    One thing that sets Baal apart from other Loth Wolves though, are his eyes. When he was rescued by Scherezade/Madalena, his eyes were the normal yellow of any Loth wolf. Yet with time, it appears that they are turning green. A glowing green, the same that is shared among quite a few people among the Family of Darkness (Centurions, Antares, and deWinters) and is a mark of power.


  • Name: Baal
  • Loyalties:
    • Scherezade deWinter
  • Notable Possessions: n/a
  • Personality: Baal is just a big ball of floof. He loves to play around, have his belly scratched, as well as the back of his ears. This becomes even more noticeable when he is around children, especially if they agree to ride on his back and/or play fetch with him. Baal is very attuned to the moods of Scherezade deWinter; he knows when to come and initiate physical contact, and during her night terrors as Madalena, he was always there whenever she woke up screaming, ready to lick her face and calm her down.


    Although he might seem to be a big silly and goofy wolf, Baal is anything but. He notes what is happening around him at all times and watches carefully, judging the people who are permitted aboard the ship Scherezade/Madalena is on, and protects their surroundings as well by constantly searching out with his Force Sense. During his days in captivity he learned to sleep very little, and usually permits himself full and complete rest only when Scherezade/Madalena is away on missions.


    Around people he dislikes, he tends to stick physically closer to Scherezade/Madalena. He will not attack unless there is a life threatening situation or unless permitted by Schereade/Madalena. When she goes out for her morning runs, he loves the chance to get out of the ship in order to stretch his legs and run with her too.

  • Training: True to his species, Baal has abilities with the Force. As Loth wolves understand Basic, there has never been a need to give him and "puppy training". The Force abilities Baal has are as follows:
    • Phase (limited to 2 meters)
    • Force Speed
    • Force Sense
    • Force Strength
    • Telepathy

      Baal and Scherezade/Madalena

  • Combat Function: Should Baal find himself in a combat situation, he would be best to take enemies physically down to the ground while others finishes them off. He has a strong creature that can leap and trample down. As he is also attuned to Scherezade/Madalena, he will often know to get out of the way before she lashes out with her dozen blades or other Force Abilities, and the two work in a harmonious sync. However, Baal is also vulnerable; anyone with ranged weapons would easily take him down as he is without armor, and a good barrier or shield will also easily stop him.


It is unknown where Baal originated from. Baal himself does not remember.


While on a Knights Obsidian Mission on Pzob with Dianah Vi'Dreya, she and Madalena (Scherezade) had to deal with a cult that managed to lure them into a mutually shared dream escape, where they experienced everything together, starting with a strange tunnel, a weird singing chant, an Alice in Wonderland tea party, and ending with a big dragon.


When the two women killed the dragon they woke up, finding themselves in a lab with needles and other medical equipment shoved into them. The two slaughtered everyone they found including the Mouse; the man who ran that pocket of the cult. Along the way they found cages, in which two Loth puppies were held. Madalena took one home with her, and Dianah took the other one.


Madalena called her own puppy Baal. She spoiled him almost to death, giving him wonderful puppy treats, hugging him a lot, and making sure he kept physically active. The two developed a bond. Although Baal never actually talked to her, he indicated more than once that he understood every single word she spoke to him.  


The only time Baal was witnessed actually speaking was when he met the son of Josh DragonsFlame, a three year old boy by the name of Jason. All the adults heard him speak as well. Baal treated it as though it was the most perfectly normal thing in the world for him to be speaking, and other than Jason, has not been seen or heard speaking since.


Unbeknownst to all the people involved in the Scherzezade/Madalena blood spell plot line, Baal is very much aware of what had happened to Scherezade, and knows exactly what happens during Madalena's nightmares too. While he will not speak with it with anyone, he very much does as best as he can to keep guard on her, especially when the Darkness tries to break through.



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Neri Rashal

Neri Rashal


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Scherezade deWinter


Under review


Neri Rashal

Neri Rashal


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  • 4,906 posts

Scherezade deWinter