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Kariek-class Cruiser

- - - - - EOTH EmpireOfTheHand

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  • Manufacturer:

~Empire of the Hand

  • Affiliation:

~Empire of the Hand

  • Model:

~Kariek-class Crusier

  • Production:


  • Material:

~Durasteel Hull

~Transparisteel Viewports


  • Classification:


  • Length:

~350 Meters

  • Width:

~86 Meters

  • Height:

~80 Meters

  • Armament: High

(32) Megamaser Cannons

(22) Dual Megamaser Batteries

(25) Dual Maser Cannons

  • Defenses:


  • Hangar: Low

~(1) Fighter Squadron

  • Maneuverability Rating:


  • Speed Rating:


  • Hyperdrive Class:

~Average (Class 2.0)



  • Escape Pods

  • Secondary Life Support

  • Artificial Gravity

  • Long Range Comm Systems



  • Retractable Heat Vents

  • Targeting Assistance Systems



  • Armed to the Teeth

It is hard to deny that for it’s size the Kariek is an amazingly well armed ship, presenting more than enough firepower to stage a threat to larger vessels and even destroyers when the frigates form up into large enough packs: able to fight capital ship and fighter all the same

  • Accurate

The Targeting Assistance Systems within the Kariek, similar to that of the much smaller Asdroni Corvettes, allows the Kariek’s Megamasers to operate better outside of optimal range and it’s Masers to be more easily hit fast moving starfighters. Allowing it to pelt the enemy with a lesser amount of return fire.


  • Glass Cannon

While making sure the Kariek was bristling with raw firepower there was an intense lack of the same treatment to its defenses, a Kariek is made for hit and run attacks: zipping along with it’s heavy firepower and trying to escape before it suffers any major damage.


The Kariek is one of the mainline craft of the Empire of the Hand, another of the vessels pulled from the database within the Hand of Thrawn and modified to match the modern age. A heavily armed and poorly armored attack ship that entirely exemplifies and the new and favored Hit and Run tactics of the Empire of the Hand.


Though with it’s impressive amount of firepower for its size it produces a gross amount of heat, while on the larger Phalanx-class Heavy Destroyer this heat production creates a weakness this is not the case on the Kariek, which makes sure to have it’s heat-vents be able to be closed and opened depending on the needs of the ship: though it is always possible to create a malfunction within this system and cause the ship to overheat.


And with the very common targeting assistance system within the ships of the Hand allows the Kariek to have the interesting niche of being able to harass enemy vessels outside of the range of most of the other Hand’s ships: weakening them before the main assault.


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