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Jerec Asyr

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Jerec Asyr

Jerec Asyr

    The Sky Is A Neighborhood

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NAME: Jerec Asyr

FACTION: Corellian Confederation, Outer Rim Coalition

RANK: None

SPECIES: Half Umbaran, half Corellian Human

AGE: Early thirties

SEX: Man

HEIGHT: Unremarkable

WEIGHT: Unremarkable

EYES: Green

HAIR: Brown

SKIN: Unremarkable




  • Sellout: Serious underworlders won't take him seriously.
  • Driver: Speeders, swoops, cloud cars, even heavy walkers if absolutely necessary.
  • Half Umbaran: Can see a bit outside the visual spectrum, but eyes are sensitive.


  • Imagine a half grown up hoodlum who works for suits. He blends in more than he used to.

As a young man on Corellia, Jerec Asyr spent more time on a swoop bike than on his feet. He tried his hand at half a dozen careers, from piloting to starship design to flower arranging, but nothing grabbed him quite like the bikes. Eventually he got a foot in the door and developed a decent line of work: transporting important people and important goods in fast and low-profile ways.

From there, he learned he had a knack for the technical side of said fast and low-profile ways. Things began to escalate. Now he works as a shipwright and vehicle designer for Gallofree Transports, a rough-and-tumble Outer Rim outfit that cares more about skill than a shiny resume.



Image credits: https://www.artstati.../artwork/nQDenK

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