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Valdus Bral

Tactician Nelvaanian Hybrid Craftsman Mandalorian Mercenary

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Valdus Bral

Valdus Bral

    Clan Bral Alor | Muscle Craftsman

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Valdus Bral by Lin Pal'Ud


NAME:  Valdus Bral
FACTION: Clans of Mandalore [CoM]
RANK: Mandalorian , Alor of Clan Bral
AGE:  46
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 2.9m (9' 10") , 3.1m (10'2") in powersuit (Nelvaanian heritage & genetic engineering)
WEIGHT:435kg (960lbs) , 1.2T (2657lbs) in powersuit
EYES: Dark-green mammalian eyes
HAIR: Short, dark hair
SKIN:  Light grey with a blueish undertone
FORCE SENSITIVE:   Force Sensitive to the point of being able to feel when strong force powers are used within close proximity to his general area and a heightened sense of awareness, Valdus believes these are just natural warrior instincts and, to some degree, it can be argued that they are. When separated from the force this barely impacts him at all and he easily passes it off as him growing older and losing his edge.



Bral Bar M.V.P Award by Srina Talon

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

  • Extremely Strong
  • Extremely Durable
  • Adept tactician
  • Battlefield Veteran
  • A heightened sense of smell, hearing, and sight.


  • Due to his size, Valdus is not agile nor quick to accelerate.
  • Valdus has seen better days, his body aches in prolonged fights as old war wounds begin to resurface. It takes longer for Valdus to recover from injuries.
  • Valdus does not have a lot of patience for those he deems incompetent or purposefully annoying. He can put these attributes on people who mean well and as a result, can leave Valdus without a lot of personal contacts.

Valdus Bral is a wall of a man who wears battle-worn black armor trimmed with gold paint. His eyes are a deep green, almost dark grey. With pointed teeth and near-human canine features, he is neither a looker nor is he all that ugly. If one were to think of a werewolf stuck mid-transformation, remove the fur, and turn the skin a blue-tinted gray ... then you'd have Valdus Bral. 

Valdus Bral was born on the planet Tython 46 years ago. His parents had left him in the care of a couple who claimed to know of a lone Jedi who would take him in. However, this did not come to pass. Instead, Valdus grew up as any normal boy would on Tython. He was and still is a great deal larger than the majority of those he had and has met since. Due to Valdus' strange appearance and imposing stature, he did not make many friends though he did have a few. 
Valdus left Tython and his foster parents behind when he was 19. His foster parents and he parted on good terms and they had encouraged Valdus to find his own path through life and that he must be destined for something greater than a humble life on Tython. Valdus went to Mos Espa where he was then introduced to the Mandalorian culture through a swift helmeted headbutt to the face with a Mandalorian he had gotten into a disagreement with. After getting to talking, Valdus grew to like the straight forward and rough demeanor. Valdus explained his situation and the Mandalorian saw great potential in the large and headstrong boy. 
Years later Valdus began his formal training and indoctrination into the Mandalorian clan on Kerest. After ascending to the rank of Aloruss Valdus parted ways with his clan. The leader had grown averse to the traditional interpretation of the Resol'nare, which did not sit well with the conservative Valdus. The pattern of joining, ascending, and moving on continued for the next four years. He had great leadership characteristics and an unwavering sense of honor, but those who he had once looked up to continued to fail his high expectations. 
At the age of 25 Valdus made his first visit to Mandalore and took on several assignments there. Everything from bounty hunting to serving as a soldier in the company of a Mandalorian commander. His service and the service of his fighter flight over Uvena Prime earned him an Honor Award as well as the beat-up ship he had flown during the battle; the M22-T Krayt Gunship. Twenty years later and Valdus still proudly flies his ship, worn as it is.
After several bounties, hunts, and battles, Valdus is planning his last trip to Mandalore. Valdus plans to stay there for his remaining capable years, then retire to a comfortable Ewok tree-hut on Endor where he can spend the rest of his days as he desires. Valdus has many stories to tell, many trophies he holds in esteem, and his metal-crafting knowledge to pass on to the next generation. 
Valdus owns a worn out M22-T Krayt gunship that was awarded to him for his service during a war that lasted several months over the planet Uvena Prime. This ship is heavily armed as standard, however, it is only barely classified as battle-ready. The ship is in need of constant and sometimes major repairs. Some parts for the gunship are so hard to find and restricted that he has had to compromise, further increasing the amount of future upkeep.
Te Kar'ta be Tracyn bal Beskar (The Heart of Fire and Iron)
Bral Excavation Site " Frozen Pit 
Jaig Eyes [2/19/2019] - For exceptional combat prowess in the defense of Eshan against the Confederacy of Independent Systems.
Iron Heart [2/19/2019]For humanitarian efforts during the defense of Eshan against the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Custom Commission Piece



Valiant Defender Award by Krystal Estain

Invasion of Tanaab X






Valdus Bral M.V.P Signature by Srina Talon

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Valdus Bral

Valdus Bral

    Clan Bral Alor | Muscle Craftsman

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 GEAR: * denotes equipped gear. 



CONSUMABLES: Normally carrying at least one of everything on the list within a durasteel medkit located on the small of his back just below his powersuit battery cluster.


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Valdus Bral

Valdus Bral

    Clan Bral Alor | Muscle Craftsman

  • Writers
    • Character Bio
  • 344 posts


Bral Shop M.V.P Award by Srina Talon

Valdus Bral's Company: Bral Metal & Engineering (BM&E)



The clan Bral: 


The clan Bral specialize in ground-based conflict and fortifications. The organization is comprised mostly of veteran and elite warriors from across the galaxy with specialized skill sets. These warriors are supplied by Bral Metal & Engineering with cutting edge weaponry and weaponry refitted from ages long past. While their skills are formidable, their low numbers can cause issues in larger conflicts. Due to this the Bral clan will often hire mercenaries, when possible, to fill out their ranks. 




xUnits [Name of Unit] (Total population)


Infantry: 7,168

Calvary: 61

Ground ​Vehicles: 1

  • 1x Orar'buir "Thunder Father" (1) Unique Mobile Base

Dedicated Transports: 60

Gunships: 4

Starfighters: 80


​Fleet: 19 | 9,480 meters

Temp. & Misc.: 35,000


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