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Kahlil Zambrano

Enigma Unknown Etc

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Kahlil Zambrano

Kahlil Zambrano


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Full name: Kahlil Zambrano
Preferred Name: Kahlil
Alias: Dubiety
Titles: N/A
Species: Near Human
Race: Epicanthix
Birthworld: Panatha
Homeworld: Panatha
Faction(s): N/A
Rank(s): Jedi Knight
Class: Guardian
Master(s): N/A



Amaryllis Tansea


Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Alignment: Neutral


Gender: Male
Age: Twenty-one
Height: 6'8"
Weight: Approx. 300 lbs
Complexion: Tan
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: ‚ÄčWhite
Distinguishing Marks: He has some scars across his chest from past assassination attempts. On his back is the mark of the Emperor, an etched ritualistic scar that oozes with the Dark side.
Voice Sample: Young Xehanort
Appearance description: Kahlil appearance has begun to change drastically as he delves deeper and deeper into the Dark Side. His once pale skin has darkened, and his hair has lost all pigment. After he chose to give up his power in the Force he had begun training his body. Once weak limbs now have defined muscles and his scrawny physique has been all but abolished.







|| Orientations ||

Marital Status: Single
Sexual Conduct: Heterosexual
Languages: Galactic Basic, Sith
Occupation: Jedi
Residence: Kashyyyk



|| Strengths||
Prodigy - A natural born genius of Sith Magic. There is little of the Dark Side Kahlil cannot command if he sets his mind to it, as if the Dark was simply a part of his very soul.

Strategist- There are multiple ways to win a battle, and Kahlil has spent his time learning them. It's unlikely he'd fight someone head on, preferring his schemes and plots to win.




|| Attributes ||
Genius - He's pretty damn smart.


Fit - Kahlil has worked out, and it shows.

|| Weaknesses ||
Fear Of The Dark - After closing himself from the Force, he has grown to fear the very power he once commanded. In the back of his mind he knows how terrible the power can be.

The Sting of Pride - Despite how often he claims humility in the face of his relationship to the Emperor, he still takes pride in being a Prince. No matter how well he hides it, pride will always be a threat to take him down.








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Kahlil Zambrano

Kahlil Zambrano


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== Spellbook ==






Force Blast

Sith Lightning

Sutta Chwituskak

Memory Rub

Dark Side Tendrils



Misty Step

Find Familiar

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Kahlil Zambrano

Kahlil Zambrano


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    • Character Bio
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== Equipment ==


== Current ==

Taozin Amulet

EO-1 Blaster Pistol


== Old ==

Staff of Souls

Dark Steel Armor

Dark Steel Crushgaunts

Asmenys Sergeti

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