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Adenn Kyramud

Mandalorian Clan Mortui Alor

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Adenn Kyramud

Adenn Kyramud

    Buy'ce olar, kar'ta ogir

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NAME: Adenn Kyramud

FACTION: Fel Empire; Mandalorian Empire; Eternal Empire(Kay Arenais Empire)


RANK: Mandalorian Battle Master




AGE: 28


SEX: Male


HEIGHT: 6'6" (2.01m)


WEIGHT: 160 lbs (72 kg)


EYES: Grey


HAIR: Brown/Black







Wife- Aditya Fitz Kierke

Children(3)- Vahan, Hector, Isolde



STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum):
(+) strong Beskar armor

(+) jetpack for added maneuverability

(+) speaks multiple languages and thus communicate with almost any species, also thanks to his helmet translator

(+) well versed in most forms of combat, though notably skilled in the use of rifles and some moderate training in lightsaber combat

(-) several weak points in the armor, because it can’t cover the whole body

(-) heavy armor causes slower ground movement speed, not significantly hampered but noticeable when going up against simple people with no armor

(-) if Adenn sees pirates or rebels, he will deal with them with extreme prejudice, often straying from his mission simply to kill them

(-) is stubborn, if someone says he can’t do something, Adenn may decide to go and try to prove them wrong


Has a scar crossing his right eye. Brown, almost black hair. Stands at 6’6”(182cm) and towers over most other people. There is one holster on each hip, carrying a Westar 35 blaster pistol each; though they can be used to carry any other type of pistol, within reason. Adenn also has a jetpack with a rocket on his back, along with a cloak attached that is used to cover the upper portion of the body.



Adenn is 28, though at the time that he came back into the wider galaxy, he was 23-25 years old. Though relatively 'young,' this Mando has seen his fair share of death, war, and everything in between. This has subsequently hardened his heart to many outside things, and leading him to mainly only care about his clan and other Mandalorians. At a young age, Adenn had already accompanied his parents and Clan Mortui into battle, not to fight, but simply to observe and learn from what happened. These battles were against various pirates and other Unknown Regions miscreants, providing a diverse array of enemies. Unfortunately, these battles against these people were very effective, leading to many pirate gangs to band together to fight Clan Mortui and attack their homeworld.


The attack from these pirates was devastating, particularly to Adenn as well. Their attack devastated much of the infrastructure on Adenn's homeworld of Tracyn and took many of the defenders lives, both Mandalorians and Chulan. In the attack, Adenn's own parents died defending their homestead, fighting to the point of death and beyond. Eventually reinforcements arrived to give support to two of the Clans best leaders, but it was too late, Adenn's parents were dead, and he was left alone in the homestead, surrounded by bodies of the pirates he'd slain.


Though the rest of the clan was impressed that the 10 year old Adenn could hold his own so well, the even left Adenn scared mentally and in a vengeful state for years to come. Though he was too young at the time to do anything, Adenn was brought up by the clan as a whole, with many noting his sheer devotion to both the clan and the destruction of these pirates. Years later, having passed his verd'goten with flying colors, Adenn launched a campaign of vengeance upon the pirates in the Unknown Regions. This campaign brought the attention of more of his clan, with many agreeing with him, and thus joining him in said campaign.


Together they went around the Unknown Regions where pirates were known to frequent and purged the taint from the galaxy. During these purges, Adenn found and killed the pirate group responsible for his parents death, even though the pirates who had directly done it were dead at his own hands long ago. However, this was good for Adenn, as it brought him more fame in his clan and brought about many beginning to say that he was the next Adenn Kyramud, the next Alor of Clan Mortui. You see, for years the clan had been left leaderless, as no alor was needed to rule the clan, and instead individual respected leaders in the clan lead the clan. Now though, people were beginning to say that Adenn would be the next alor.


Initially Adenn only wanted to continue his purge, and he did so, though in this time he learned of a new Mand'alor in the galaxy, one that was unifying the clans together to stand against Mandalores enemies. By this time, Adenn was almost 20 years old, having spent a significant amount of time gaining experience against various dangers in the Unknown Regions, and having even more respect directed towards him in the clan. After learning of this new Mand'alor, Adenn accepted the title of Alor on the eve of his 20th birthday. Upon accepting the title of Alor, he also accepted his new name, Adenn Kyramud, and the man he was before became no more, all records stricken from history and every deed attributed to Adenn instead. As such, no one but Adenn himself knows his name prior, and only a select few inside the clan itself know his prior name, but never call him that. After claiming the title, Adenn slowly learned about the goings on in the galaxy, along with aging more.


After little over 3 years, Adenn came back into the galaxy with his clan, though made sure that no one knew of their home planet, not wishing to have the same torture that happened to him happen to anyone else. Once back in the galaxy, Adenn joined the Fel Empire, now the Fel Imperium. He stuck with them for some time, learning through them and with them, gaining their respect and growing his numbers and his fleet. Eventually it became clear that Adenn would have to join the Mandalorians and the Mand'alor, as they needed all the help they could get.


Doing so led from one thing to another, causing good things and bad things to happen all in one. Adenn and Clan Mortui joined the Mandalorian Empire, growing in strength and numbers even more, still helping the Fel Imperium, but focusing on the Mando'ade. At the start of him joining the clans in the galactic stage, Adenn was not well known, and he kept it that way for years. During this time though, Adenn met many people, created bonds with other Mandalorians, particularly Mig Gred, Stardust Solus Skirae, and others. Not only this, he found love. At first it was a woman named Kelsie Sylvan, a woman who he quite enjoyed the company of, but nothing came of it. Shortly thereafter he met Aditya Fitz Kierke, and love blossomed fully.


Through Aditya, Adenn met even more people that he'd come to call friends, amongst them being Yasha, Kaine, and others in Clan Cadera and Clan Australis. It was during this time that Adenn also met Kay Arenais and became good friends with her, helping her in some dire straights. Then conflict began once more, but on a galactic scale towards the Mandalorians. Knowing that all Mando'ade had to participate, Adenn threw his lot in with the Mand'alor and helped Yasha and the Mando'ade in fighting against the CIS, SJO, CIC, and more.


Battle after battle, invasion after invasion, Adenn seemed to be lucky, or unlucky enough, to fight in practically every invasion against the renamed UCM. This caused him to grow more and more bitter, as he continued to watch his vode die one by one, planet fall to planet fall. Thankfully this time wasn't all bad, and Adenn married Aditya, now that he was at the tender age of 25-28. That was one good thing in a sea of darkness though, but Adenn fought through it with his clan, despite many losses. Though he did live up to his name, and the legend in his clan.


There were many invasions, many battles fought, many lost due to the overwhelming amount of enemies the Mando'ade now had. Through this all, the Mandalorians had one steadfast ally, the Sith. That changed though and the TSE betrayed their allies, leaving the Mandalorians out to dry. Adenn fought in the invasion of Mandalore as well, lost many good vode, the same as he had at Tanaab and the other planets. This time though, they were fighting for their peoples home planet, and they would not let it be taken easily. Fighting the Sith to a standstill, Adenn and others recognized that the United Clans of Mandalore were no longer united, with no leader, no allies, and no one to fight for, they'd essentially shatter.


Adenn and his clan barely escaped Sundari alive, but Adenn managed to rally vode to his cause and break free. From there he vanished into the countryside, biding his time. It was then that Adenn heard that several people wished to claim the title of Mand'alor, something he didn't fully agree with, especially now. Deciding to help settle the matter, Adenn called for a meeting of minds in the Oyu'baat, and a meeting was had.


Now we're in the year 858 ABY and the wars have died down, but Adenn has not forgotten, nor forgiven those who have wronged the Mando'ade. Thus he bides his time, growing his clan once more, rebuilding what was lost, and seeking to reunite all clans as one, to throw aside that which had divided them all. For our aliit, for Mandalore.



(Not all weapons are always with Adenn, some such as the A1-Vulcan are only taken sometimes)


Weapons always with Adenn(unless stated otherwise)



Aegis Eternuman Arquitens class light cruiser


Tech Used:


Titan Tank

Drop Pods

Adenn Kyramuds Armor

Adenns Lightsaber

Conscensis Clypeus

Super Bacta



Places and Planets Made:


Invicta Castellum



Admiral David





Aden Patterson



ROLE-PLAYS: To be irregularly updated, once every few months: Currently not as many as I've actually been in, lol

  1. Empire Ablaze
  2. Our Finest Hour
  3. United We Stand!(Non-Combat)
  4. Hawk's Rest
  5. Hunting Aden Patterson
  6. Hunting Krayt Dragons
  7. Numbers
  8. War's Bitter Fruit
  9. Charon Chaos
  10. In a Galaxy Far Far Away
  11. Dead Trial
  12. The Second Collapse
  13. A freighter, a bar and a pretty girl
  14. Omnitimeline Chaos Dueling Arena
  15. Purgatory: Get Used to it
  16. Evaar Buycika New Cradle
  17. Shot down at Tatooine
  18. Drinks Make Everything Better
  19. Devils... Monsters...
  20. Lost in Space
  21. a


  1. The battle of H'ratth


  1. CIS Invasion of ME Eshan
  2. CIS Invasion of NR Kuat
  3. ORC Invasion of TSE Rhen Var
  4. CIC Invasion of Bogden/Obroa-Skai
  5. CIS Invasion of Tanaab


  1. Ah Know Dis if Fruitful
  2. Ghost Flee
  3. Forgotten World
  4. Domain of Agony
  5. It's not yet Day
  6. Tunnel Vision
  7. Domain of Fire
  8. Ring around the Space Docks


  1. Palace of Ascensions (ME & CA)
  2. Imperial Summit on Osseriton

Fel Empire(specific)

  1. The Second Collapse
  2. The Imperial Meeting


  1. The Oyar'u Experience
  2. Familial Eve
  3. Cu'agr Weapons Training
  4. To Catch a Demon

Eternal Empire of Zakuul

  1. Empress of the Eternal Throne


  1. In a Galaxy Far Far Away


Mors Classemque (Death Fleet)



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