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The Princess Leia [Refit]

- - - - - Custom Freighter YT-2400 The Wretched Hive CEC Refit - Three Moons

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  • Intent: To give the van some upgrades, she's a good van.
  • Image Source: Wookieepedia (x) Recolor by Me, Decal by Craig Drake via Tumblr (x)
  • Canon Link: Here
  • Primary Source: The Princess Leia


  • Manufacturer: The Wretched Hive, Corellian Engineering Corporation, Golbah Shipworks, Three Moons Development and Supply [NPC]
  • Affiliation: Mishel Noren and Coren Starchaser (x) (x)
  • Model: YT-2400 CCSNZ 3RG "The Princess Leia"
  • Production: Unique

  • Material:
    • Pyronium Infused Corellian Bloodsteel Hull Armor Plating
    • Ablative Quadanium Reinforced Corellian Bloodsteel Hull
    • Alusteel Reinforced Corellian Bloodsteel Frame
    • Duraplast Reinforced Thermal Liner w/ Lamnium Coating
    • Agrinium and Dallorian Alloy [Over Critical Components]
    • Turadium Blast Doors and Blast Shutters
    • Glasteel Viewports with a Realloyed Corellian Bloodsteel Coating
    • Doonium Reinforced Alusteel Munitions Storage System



  • Sensor Suite (AS/HSI/DER/EPR)
  • Targeting Suite (TAT/BAC/LTW/398)
  • Long Range Multi-Directional Sensor Suite
  • Communications and Crytpolinguistics Suite
  • Astrogation and Stellar Cartography Suite
  • Defensive Combat and Countermeasures Suite
  • Electronic Countermeasures System
  • Navigational and Flight Control System
  • Repulsorlift Engine Management System
  • Tractor and Pressor Beam Control Suite
  • Environmental Control Suite
  • Anti-Ion Management Suite
  • Hazard and Damage Control Systems
  • Sonic Amplifier with Resonator and Frequency Control Suite
  • Life Support Suite and Emergency Backup Generator Systems
  • Anti-Sympathetic Munitions Control Systems
  • Cargo Tracking and Monitor Systems

Armament Systems:

  • Sonic Amplifiers have now been installed on the Princess Leia thanks to Three Moons Development and Supply. The amplifiers coupled with the resonator and frequency modulation gives the ship to use its own speakers as a weapon. This ability, however, is only used when in an atmosphere. Dampener aerosol dispensers give the Leia the ability to drop a smoke screen helping the ground team escape from danger or rush into it. Ground buzzer blaster cannons and a change in guns from a singular dual turbolaser turret to laser cannons give the Leia a little more of a fighting touch. Lastly, she was given a bomblet generator with two chutes, and modular missile tubes add to this fighting touch. Cannons aboard the Leia are capable of being controlled from the gunner's console on the bridge coupled with heuristic data processing that allows the gunners to become more effective.

Defensive Systems:

  • Utilizing a shield leech system in conjunction with a retribution feedback shield the Princess Leia is able to drain enemy shields convert their energy into her own while sending energy weapons fire back toward her enemies. She still maintains her pyronium infused hull, only this time the Leia is now completely made from Corellian Bloodsteel. This helps the ship withstand electromagnetic attacks and with the addition of an anti-ion mesh, cap drains, de-ionizer and socket guards she's able to hold out a little better against ion attacks as well. Sensor jammers coupled with an EM emitter and an IFF confuser gives the Princess Leia a chance to confuse her opponents. The vessel still maintains her military grade deflector shield, and now has added a shield booster and an emergency shield generator.

Engine Systems:

  • SLAM Capable the Princess Leia is able to use the SubLight Acceleration Motor that enables the ship to double her sublight speed. There is caution when using this as other systems may not be operable while the ship is utilizing SLAM. The ship also utilizes a modified SRB42 sublight engine which thanks to Golbah Shipworks is able to not only keep up with the best. Rumor has it that the classic Millennium Falcon stock engine may be capable of breaking Ol' Han's record.



  • Speed: A very high speed rating enables the Leia to outpace most enemy vessels.
  • Defense: High defense rating coupled with Mandalorian shield leech and retribution technology.


  • SLAM: While the Leia is capable of utilizing SLAM it does so at the cost of its weapons and several other systems that are unable to be used while in use.
  • Jack of All Trades: Weapons for both atmospheric/ground and space combat the Leia has to be careful with her battles.
  • Vulnerabilities: Lacks anti-missile or point defense weapons and while it can tangle with the best of ships within its size class or smaller. She still proves vulnerable to projectiles, some kinetic and ion weaponry.


Some time after the Confederacy took Iktoch under its banner, Mishel brought the Princess Leia back to Golbah. There tinkerers from Three Moons arrived at Golbah Shipworks and began to work on refitting the Princess Leia. The results of the refit was a larger ship that would not only be able to hold more cargo, it was now more than capable of fighting and defending itself. More guns that did not require the addition of more crew, intead the guns could be controlled from the gunner's console aboard the bridge which much like the rest of the ship was also larger.


Mandalorian shield technology was also incorporated thanks in part to Shia Kryze. Coren Starchaser's sonic amplification suggestion was also enabled and while it can only be used in an atmosphere. It still made the man happy that blasting music, and controlling its frequency to do some damage. This was certainly a sunglasses moment for the Old Man™. Moments aside, the Princess Leia would now comfortably hold all of its crew while providing some manner of comfort with the idea of additional defense.


Emergency shields, engines and back up generator systems help the Princess Leia sustain its crew through a few worst case scenario situations. Astrogation and stellar cartography suite, long range sensor suite, munitions control and additional systems can be accessed on the bridge or through engineering. The Princess Leia has no actual squadrons she is capable of holding either a singular craft up to twelve meters in length or a ground vehicle of the same length.


The refit of the Princess Leia was made possible by Mishel's sister Alessandra Creed.

Edited by Mishel Noren, 16 January 2019 - 01:03 AM.

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