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Syndulla-class, Armed Transport

- - - - - AiE Frigate

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Frielle Kinniak

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  • Intent: To create a frigate for the Alliance-in-Exile minor faction.

  • Image Source: Alexander Ivanov // Artstation (x)

  • Canon Link: Pelta-class, Frigate.

  • Primary Source: Repurposed Canon Articles


  • Manufacturer: Three Moons Development and Supply, Alliance-in-Exile Engineering Division

  • Affiliation: Alliance-in-Exile | Closed Market [Contract Thread Required]

  • Model: 3MDS-APT-S5921 “Syndulla”

  • Production: Limited

  • Material:

    • Quadanium Reinforced Durasteel Defensive Hull Plating

    • Alusteel Reinforced Durasteel Hull

    • Duraplast Reinforced Thermal Liner

    • Turadium Blast Shutter w/ Glasteel Viewport

    • Turadium Blast Doors w/ Phrik Coating

    • Re-Alloyed Corellian Bloodsteel Polarization Coating. [Over Glasteel]

    • Agrinium, and Dallorian Alloy [Over Critical Components]


  • Classification: Frigate

  • Length: 396m

  • Width: 114m

  • Height: 120m

  • Armament: Moderate

    • 6x Dual Mass Driver Cannons [Turreted, Fast Track Mountings, Fire-Linked]

    • 10x Dual Turbolasers [Turreted, Fast Track Mountings, Fire-Linked]

    • 10x Dual Ion Cannons [Turreted, Fast Track Mountings, Fire-Linked]

    • 6x Turreted Warhead Launcher [Payload Varies]

      • Concussion Missiles

      • Nano Missiles

      • Magpulse Torpedoes

      • Ion Torpedoes

      • Plasma Torpedoes

      • Disruptor Torpedoes

    • 20x Rotary Point Defense Cannons

    • 20x Anti-Missile Octets

    • 20x Quad-Laser Cannon Turrets

  • Defenses: Moderate

    • Standard Deflector Shield (Ray and Particle) [Military Grade]

    • Secondary Deflector Shield (Ray and Particle) [Military Grade]

    • Reinforced Hull with Polarization [Military Grade]

    • Cap Drains, Socket Guards, De-Ionizer [Military Grade]

    • Anti-Ion Emissions Tracer / Anti-Tractor Beam Shroud [Military Grade]

    • Chaffs and Flares Dispersal System [Military Grade]

    • Anti-EM Ordnance Probe [Military Grade]

    • Retractable Autolasers [Military Grade, Internal Defense]

    • Retractable Emergency Blast Doors [Military Grade, Internal Defense]

    • Hyperwave Inertial Momentum Sustainer [Military Grade]

    • Electronic Warfare / Electronic Counter Measure Suite [Military Grade]

  • Hangar: Low

    • Misc. Non-Combat Shuttles / Runabouts.

  • Maneuverability Rating: Moderate

  • Speed Rating: Moderate

  • Hyperdrive Class: Average -  2


  • Flight Control Suite

  • Navigational Suite

  • Sensor Suite

  • Power Converter Management System

  • Auxiliary Power Management Suite

  • Internal Defense Management Suite

  • Long Range Sensor Suite

  • Targeting Lead and Lock-On Systems

  • Defensive Countermeasure Suite

  • Tactical Computer Analysis Suite

  • Life Support Systems

  • Hazard and Damage Control Systems

  • Tractor and Pressor Beam Control Suite

  • Munitions Control Systems

  • Anti-Sympathetic Detonation Management

  • Cargo Tracking and Monitor Suite

  • Repulsorlift Management Systems

  • Environmental Control Suite

  • Anti-Ion Management Suite


  • Defensive Management Suite:

    • The Syndulla is equipped with a number of defenses including an anti-ion emissions, an anti-hyperspace tracking device that gives the Syndulla more time to escape/get away from hostile situations. An anti-tractor beam shroud a system that confuses tractor beam systems, making it harder to reel the vessel in. HIMS or hyperwave inertial momentum sustainer,  a system designed to counteract an interdiction field helping the Syndulla’s hyperdrive by being able to prevent sudden damage from sudden revision into realspace.


  • Rebel on the Run: An armed transport that can be used as a mobile command center for the various Alliance-in-Exile turned Rebel cells. A well rounded moderately rated ship albeit without a hangar, the Syndulla is able to hold its own in a fight.


  • No Fighters, Swarms Likely: Lacks any sort of fighter compliment, although it does have room to land non-combat shuttles/runabouts. The vessel has no way to effectively defend itself against fighters or other small attack craft, leaving her susceptible to starfighters and bombers.


Hoping to make a name for itself, Three Moons Supply and Development worked with Frielle on developing the Syndulla-class, Armed Transport. A ship that would enable the various Alliance-in-Exile turned Rebel cells a place to call home while in between shadowports, outposts or other hideouts. Based quite heavily on the Pelta-class, Frigate the Syndulla is larger than its ancient predecessor.

Moderately equipped both for armament and defenses, the ship also pulls in a moderate speed and maneuverability rating. A well rounded ship in most areas with the exception of her hangar, taking a page from the Pelta. The vessel has no complement of fighters meaning that without an escort the ship would be susceptible to the smaller attack craft.

To help keep the Syndulla disguised while maintaining a limited production rating. She is equipped with a defensive management suite which includes an anti-ion emissions tracer, anti-tractor beam shroud, and a hyperwave inertial momentum sustainer. She is also equipped with a number of sensors, and sensor decoys to help fool opponents.

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