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Fyre, Dax

Dax Fyre

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Dax Fyre

Dax Fyre

    The Reaper of Won Shasot

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>>Username: 41465850

>>Password: **************



>>Welcome Grand Marshall, how may I help you?


>>access personnel\command\Grand Marshall\Fyre, Dax

>>Accessing files...

>>WARNING, CLASSIFIED: The following documents contain sensitive information, do not proceed without proper clearance.


FC: Rick Yune



Name: Fyre, Dax

Aliases: James Foley, Reaper of Won Shasot

Current Affiliations: Outer Rim CoalitionWon Shasot

Previous Affiliations: Galactic Alliance

Rank: Rogue Master, Grand Marshall of the Outer Rim Coalition

Force Sensitive: Yes


Species: Human, Half-Epicanthix

Sex: Male
Age: 27

Height: 175 cm (5' 9")

Weight: 68.9 kg (152 lbs)

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Tone: Olive


Additional Information

  • Dax Fyre is one of two current Kings of Won Shasot

Notable Traits

+ Intelligent: Displays above average intelligence, his compatriots have described him as a quick-learner


+ Quick: Relies on his speed and quick reflexes. Known to use these traits in combination with basic acrobatics in combat. NOTE: Dax Fyre uses his speed to make up for his lack in strength compared to some of his opponents


+ Charisma: Good conversationalist, Dax Fyre displays an ability to earn trust quickly. Noted for potential use in undercover operations.


+ Mental Barriers: Epicanthix bloodline grants Dax Fyre mild resistances to Force based mental techniques. NOTE: Not immune to such techniques, merely a natural resistance.


-Mental Instability: Dax has previously shown signs of mental instability, leading to impaired judgement and aggressive behavior. NOTE: Won Shasot incident of special note. For more detail, check 'History' segment.


-Emotional Attachment: Often considered a strength, Dax Fyre's greatest weakness is his loyalty. May be exploited to manipulate him. NOTE: May tip Dax Fyre 'over the edge' in regards to his mental stability.


>>Proceed to...?



>>Notable Possessions

>>Mission History

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Dax Fyre

Dax Fyre

    The Reaper of Won Shasot

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  • 3,711 posts


  • Mother
    • (Unknown)
      • Current status unknown
  • Father
    • (Unknown)
      • Current status unknown
  • Siblings
    • Tsuki Aihara
      • Padawan within the Galactic Alliance
        • Since the fall of the Alliance, Tsuki's whereabouts are currently unknown
      • Half-sibling on father’s side
      • Little contact
  • ​​Spouse
  • Children

Other Affiliates and Relationships

  • Captain Halzyn Ciir
    • Dax Fyre's second in command
    • Long and distinguished service record
  • Kumi Asha
    • Princess of Ashan Clan (Shasoti Clan)
    • MIA, presumed dead
  • 001, 002, 003
    • A series of three ASPD - 1 security droids
    • Modified by Dax Fyre with medical and combat related protocols
  • Athena
    • Dax Fyre's hunting beast
    • Dax Fyre is seldom seen without Athena
    • Race: Kuskuri, treat with caution

>>Proceed to...?



>>Notable Possessions

>>Mission History

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Dax Fyre

Dax Fyre

    The Reaper of Won Shasot

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Dax was born on Corellia and immediately taken into the Jedi Order. He learned quickly, although Control was not his strongest point of learning. He excelled primarily in lightsaber combat and telekinesis type abilities. As a youngling he looked out for the others in his clan, although they might not have always realized it. He felt it to be his responsibility. It would be this trait that would eventually catch the eye of his new mentor, Jay-Cril Tal.

Jay-Cril would take Dax on as his Padawan, and fulfill his training. On one of their first missions however, Dax loses his lightsaber to an indigenous creature. The two would operate primarily in the Outer Rim, taking down criminal gangs, while also keeping an eye out for any Sith activity. It is during one of their investigations that the two encounter a Sith on Tatooine. During the confrontation, Dax loses yet another lightsaber and his mentor, but dispatches the Sith with a blaster.


As Dax continued his hunt for his master's killer, he'd meet a myriad of different beings, each with their own stories, each with their own tricks up their sleeves. A few of these beings would teach Dax some of these tricks. Others would become close friends.

Eventually Dax would find himself in the Rishi System, his ship damaged as he fled from a criminal cartel in the Outer Rim. @Enduri Jaii, the crown prince of the world he found himself on, would offer his assistance in repairing the damaged vessel. In exchange, Dax assisted in unlocking a Sith Holocron that the Prince had in his posession, each learning different bits of knowledge.

Upon leaving the planet, Dax would continue his hunt for the killer. During this time, having no contact with the Republic Dax would abandon his alliegances to the faction and instead join another, a family. The Kathol Outback, although filled with smugglers and bounty hunters, began to feel like home, a few friendly faces already there to greet him.

It would be through his connections in the Underground that Dax would contact Tydus Wryeens, an info broker. While short on credits, Dax offered his services in exchange for information. With a deal struck and settled, a smuggler named Reen Lorgon would join their raid of warehouse where Dax would obtain three security droids. With the information he'd sought, Dax would make ready to leave the planet.

As Fate would have it, he would not leave the planet without a little hiccup. Spotting a Sith in the crowd as he loaded supplies, Dax rashly sought to eradicate the foe, believeing her to be a spy for the man he was hunting. In truth the woman, who's name was Azlyn Ike, had simply gone there in transit. This would be one fight Dax would lose. But instead of losing his life, Dax instead gained something. An uneasy ally. One that had the potential to become more.

As conflict arose in the galaxy Dax would find himself in the midst of the Omega conflict. Landing on the planet surface he, alongside Zark and his commandos would board the orbital structure above and duel various Sith and their lackeys. It would be here that Dax would expierence his first true battle. And the realization that he could become responsible for the death of many others. While his new found friend was injured, Dax managed to kill the Sith, Darth Moreth and claim her saber for his own. Unbeknownst to him, the saber itself held an essence of darkness that would begin to influence his life.

As Dax's allegiance to the Outback, and his friends, grew Dax would partake in more missions for the Underground. One would find him chasing down an eerie distress signal. One that would find him facing lff all manner of ethereal beings. The Sith @Selka Ventus would guide the OSS Ophidia to the planet Aterka. To prevent a collision into the planet that would certainly kill a multitude of innocents, Dax and Kytra Odran would assist the Sith in punching through a vector, a small point in hyperspace that allowed the ship to travel outside the spiralling arms of the galaxy. There the Sith would attack Dax and the newly arrived John Shepherd with a Force Drain, before taling her own life. With another saber taken as a reminder of the events of the Ophidia Dax left wth a much more concerning hunger in his soul. One that went beyond vengeance. One that simply sought for the essence of life.




Dax continued on his journeys for a long while before he eventually sought out his own exile.Alongside Nate Phantoms, he ventured into a previously unknown planet, shrouded in the Dark Side.The only thing that had kept him from being lost in hyperspace was the planet's own pull on his soul.Having arrived on the mysterious Won Shasot the duo was plunged into the middle of a massive civil war that had spanned for near a millennia.It was there that the man would meet the Ashan Clan and Kumi Asha, who'd soon become a lover and companion.Together, the three would forcibly bring the five warring clans into unity under the rule of the Twin Demons, as Nate and Dax would soon come to be known.However, their victory came at a high price.Loss of life on all sides numbered in the millions.And Kumi went MIA.Driven to near insanity, Dax slowly allowed his hunger for life-energy begin to consume him.It wasn't until Nate confronted the distraught Dax in a dual that he finally returned to his senses, but only after both of their near-deaths.Dax decided to return to ORC space, and resume his role as Judge and Grand Marshall, attempting to find retribution for the terrible things he had done.


>>Proceed to...?



>>Notable Possessions

>>Mission History

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Dax Fyre

Dax Fyre

    The Reaper of Won Shasot

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>>Proceed to...?




>>Mission History

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Dax Fyre

Dax Fyre

    The Reaper of Won Shasot

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  • 3,711 posts

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>>Proceed to...?




>>Notable Possessions

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