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Whimsy Birthday Planning

whimsy birthday

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Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

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  • Media Name: Whimsy Birthday Planning
  • Format: Magazines, holosites, billboard ads, audio commercials, pop up ads, affiliate hololinking, flyers at school.
  • Distribution: Common
  • Length: Minuscule / Short
  • Description: This media, simply put, is advertising – the advertising of childrens' birthday planning by a company named Whimsy. The service is simple; you have two groups of people who sign up for it. The first is parents (or friends) who wish to throw their children a fun/magical/adjective birthday party, and the second is birthday entertainers. Whimsy Birthday Planning brings them together in an optimal fashion based on their constantly advancing and evolving algorithm, making sure your child's party is amazing.


  • Author:
  • Publisher:
  • Reception: Thanks to Twinkle Doom's constant work on improvement, the reception for the Whimsy Birthday Planning ads is overall well received, and people around the 'verse have been using the service from both aspects; both for party planning aid, and for finding work as entertainers in childrens' birthday parties.


Whimsy Birthday Planning ads catch the eye. They often include a promise of special birthday parties, such as this:




To be added in the future.


 More information is, of course, available upon request.


Surprisingly enough, Whimsy Birthday Planning was not one of the ideas put forth by Scherezade deWinter at any point. During her absence during the Scherezade/Madalena story arch, Twinkle Doom, her droid, took charge of the company.

As Twinkle Doom was left alone on a ship that was hidden in Silver Jedi Order space for over half a year, he grew both bored and concerned. His master was gone, and as were the credits that had been in her account. An account that no longer existed. At first, Twinkle Doom began to take on freelance SEO projects from around the 'verse, putting the money aside, but soon enough he was bored with that as well, and began to search for alternatives.

Accessing various search engine histories, Twinkle Doom came up with a brilliant plan - be the middleman and connection between parents who were looking for those who could plan their children's birthday parties, and entertainers who were looking for work.

Over the course of several weeks, Twinkle Doom created a special algorithm and website that connected the two groups. Entertainers could be listed by type, price, age, and which ages they worked for. Parents could search for themes, prices, and various other options.

For every successful match, Twinkle Doom charged a 10% commission. Every party put together by Whimsy also includes Popcorn and Whimbamba.

What had begun as a very minor challenge to fulfill his boredom became a hit over the course of a few weeks. As the work was all done virtually, Whimsy now had access to anywhere in the galaxy that was connected to the holonetwork. Millions of successful connections were made, and yelp-like review holosites give the service a solid 4.9 star rating out of 5.

By the time Scherezade returned, there were millions of credits waiting for her thanks to the sheer number of successful matches that Twinkle Doom make sure would happen. He constantly updates the service, relying on customer feedback and bot reads of how visitors check the site out before they make purchases, improving the marketing funnel, and more.

Funnily enough, Whimsy Birthday Planning is generating more income than the Whimsy Weapons and Snack Food lines. It is expected to be a few years before the Weapons line begins to create bigger profits.

Thank the Force for Twinkle Doom.

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