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Glitter Bullets

- - - - - whimsy acid glitter line scherezade dewinter

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Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

    The Blood Hound

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  • Manufacturer: Whimsy
  • Affiliation: 
    • Company: Whimsy
    • Closed-Market
  • Model: GAB-71
  • Modularity:
    • The color of the glitter itself is available in the following colors:
      • Pink - default color
      • Blue
      • Silver
      • Green
      • White
      • Yellow
      • Red
      • Purple
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material:


  • Encasing for both the bullets and the glitter is made of durasteel.
  • Bullets are made to fit the Dissuader K-30 Pistol.
  • Glitter is shiny!
  • Bullets may be shot from up to 100 meters away and will explode like the lovely glitter bombs that they are upon contact with a person/surface.
  • Most of the glitter will land upon what was hit by the bullet, but AoE damage may occur within a radius of a few meters.


  • You can never fully get rid of glitter. Everyone knows this. It's an indisputable fact. Glitter will live longer than cockroaches.
  • Glitter that is not removed will cause damage over time, for up to 48 hours.
  • If the glitter touches non-armored fabric or skin, the damage is near instant.
  • Glitter is especially efficient against Beskar.


  • Glitter goes everywhere. A gust of wind is enough to set anyone in the vicinity in danger, whether they are foes or friends.
  • Durasteel and armorplast are resistant to the glitter. As such, components made of these materials in various buildings, armor, and weapons, cannot be harmed by it. But they will still sparkle prettily!
  • For things that are not beskar, durasteel, or armorplast, it is still likely to eat through flesh, bones, and armor, but at a much reduced rate; it's unlikely to cause instant damage unless it touches skin, but it can cause lasting and lingering damage on armor/weapons/surfaces if it's not removed.
  • Due to oxidation, glitter that has been exposed to air for longer than 48 hours is completely harmless.
  • Attempts to use these bullets in other types of pistols/guns will cause them to explode.
  • Durasteel may corrode and requires maintenance.


It was over a year ago that Scherezade deWinter made her own Glitter Bullets aboard her tiny ship. Over months of experimenting with the finished product, both as part of training and on the field, and seeing the deadly results it provided, there were none that were more satisfied than her with the little infernal creation.


Upon her return to her own body and officially taking over Whimsy from her droid, Scherezade opened the Gliz'n'Glamour factory on Krant, where her base product, Acid Covered Glitter, was made. One of the first items that was re-designed after the creation of mass-produced acid covered glitter were the glitter bullets.


The glitter bullets fit a Dissuader K-30 pistol and have a range of up to 100 meters. As with any weapon that makes use of the acid covered glitter, these weapons can be dangerous, as a single gust of wind can turn the damage on the shooter as well, and there is also AoE damage to take into consideration.



Vigil Rostu

Vigil Rostu

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