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Clan Anhkor

Resistance Akrut

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Intent: To create a supporting unit within the Resistance

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Role: Support Skirmishers | Auxiliary Infantry

Links: The Akrut | Icarii | Kuryida Edee | Gorgodon | Akk Dog



Unit Name: Clan Anhkor

Affiliation: The Resistance

Classification: Pirates | Raiders | Skirmishers

Equipment: Clan Anhkor’s warriors prefer crude weaponry consisting of high powered slugthrowers, harsh melee weapons, and light armor, usually worn with camouflage paint or coloration.


Primary Weapon

Heavy Weapons

Description: The majority of Akrut Braves are members of the Akava, who for Clan Anhkor devour Icarii flesh when they become adults in order to take on the traits that make Anhkor the greatest of the Clans. These braves carry crude weaponry, usually slugthrowers and simple melee weapons such as primitive axes, spears, swords and knives. A few are able to afford ancient model protoblasters and vibroweaponry, but these are few and far between.


Gnarlacki, Meat Guide, are the rare genetic abnormality that allow some Akrut to taste flesh and accurately determine what benefits and detriments the Clan would gain by consuming that particular species. They are held in high regard for this special ability, the Gnarlacki usually fill a similar role as tribal shamans, medicine men, pathfinders, and of course, chefs. It is they that oversee the creation and breaking of the Mokori, equating them to the most cruel of executioners. Revered for their skills and inherent wisdom, the Akrut venerate their shamans to a degree bordering on fanaticism. Killing one can drive the rank and file into an uncontrollable frenzy without a strong enough leader to crack the whips and keep them in line.


Mokori, or the Penitent, are usually criminals of the highest order, however Clan Anhkor made their reputation by punishing other clans that would not kneel to their might by force-feeding them Akk Dogs so that these Akrut would be turned into mere pets. These Mokori Dogs possess the same traits as their counterparts with the Icarii DNA, but to a lessened degree as they have also been cursed to be non-sentient creatures stooped on all fours, even resembling canines at this point. They possess sharp claws and razor-like teeth, as well as tough scales on their bodies, but usually require a small degree of guidance from a tracker who directs them like a hunter might direct his hounds.


Having been given the penance of becoming animals rather than men, the Mokori Apes have been fed Gorgodon hearts, livers, and brains. The resulting change caused them to grow much larger and increased their muscle mass many fold. Though they are hardly the size of Gorgodons, they usually tower over other sentient creatures such as Houk and Wookiees, large enough to be ridden by several Akrut. Their hide becomes resistant to blaster weaponry and the like, and they become much heavier. Unfortunately, they are no longer sentient, now primitive beasts needing direction from a handler who usually rides the creature carrying a heavy weapon.



Unit Size: Medium

Unit Availability: Uncommon

Unit Experience: Veteran

Unit Organization:

Tar Dahyak Anhkor

Akori (2)

Gnarlacki Oroth

  • Gnarlacki (6)

Moloc the Accursed

Skirmisher Squads (8)

  • Packmaster
  • Braves (31)

Hunting Packs (8)

  • Trackers (2)
  • Mokori Dogs (10)

Beast Handlers (16)

  • Mokori Apes (16)

Combat Function: Clan Anhkor prefers hit and run tactics, ambushing foes and catching them in crossfires between sharpshooters. When necessary they use their Mokori forces to disrupt enemies, either quick and vicious dogs using pack tactics against an enemy, or massive and brutal apes smashing into enemy formations.



  • Tis Only a Flesh Wound: As a Clan, the Akrut prefer to consume the Icarii a species known for being able to survive dismemberment and beheadings. While the Akrut aren’t quite so difficult to kill, they still greatly resemble this trait of survival which when combined with their own natural regenerative properties makes them very difficult to truly kill, while not impossible to disable for a battle.


  • Primitive: Clan Anhkor is a bit more civilized than many of their species, but still lack an understanding of space travel, flight without evolved wings, or basic mechanical properties. They use simplistic weapons, usually slugthrowers and rockets in battle, or crude bladed and blunt force weaponry in close combat.
  • Underneath the Tracks: The Akrut have a few ways of dealing with enemy vehicles, but aren’t equipped or trained in such forms of combat.


Tar Dahyak Anhkor is the Chieftain of Clan Anhkor, the Keeper of the Souls of Kings, commanding the Akrut families both spiritually and as a military leader. In Akrut society, only the wisest and strongest are able to lead. Infighting, ritual combat, and treachery are common, and so only a skilled leader and cunning manipulator can maintain hold on power for long. Dahyak exemplifies this very well, being honorable when required of him and treacherous when necessary. Ruthlessness and martial prowess coalescing into physical form. He stands a head taller than his brethren and is notably broader than the average Akrut. His quills have begun to pale on the edges, signifying his advancing age as he nears his fourth decade. Leadership has been a burden on the warrior, and so he has begun to slow and fade, much to the notice of his rivals. However his mind remains as sharp as ever.


The leader of the clan’s Gnarlacki, the Akrut that are able to taste flesh to determine the traits the Akrut would gain and foresee the traits the clan would require is a being known as Oroth. Being a Gnarlacki, Oroth is able to possess numerous species traits, however the Akrut has kept his feasting reasonable, devouring Icarii, Shi’ido, and Trandoshan as his favorites. It is his duty to oversee the punishing of the Mokori and ensure they are put to good use to the clan after they are broken. Oroth is mysterious, akin to an elder shaman with eccentric ways that disguise his competency.


Moloc the Accursed is a member of the Mokori caste, the penitent, whose crimes were so heinous the previous Tar of the Clan ordered he be fed the meat from a Kuryida Edee, a monster from the planet Wayland. That chieftain believed the beast best represented Moloc’s soul and so he should outwardly resemble it as well. The Akrut was resilient, but with each pound of the kuryida’s flesh he consumed, the more the change began to alter him. His body began to grow, his skin and bones hardened, and his gait took on a digitigrade stance as his body began to resemble the monster he was being fed. By the time he had eaten the entire creature, Moloc was a monster himself, towering above the other Akrut and his mind broken and sentience lost. As was his curse, he became the monster of the Clan, to serve as a reminder to those who broke its laws. Because he was a member of the Clan before hand, he also bears limited examples of the traits of the Icarii race whose meat Anhkor favors.



Clan Anhkor’s history is a tome filled with the blood of the conquered. The Clan traces its legacy back to Telkrut’s oldest grandson whose spirit is held within its Chieftain. Since the beginning, the Clan has always taken a Might makes Right approach to dealing with others, outsiders and their own species. Any whose strength they respect earn a place at their table, either upon it or alongside them, determined by whether their strength lies in their body or their spirit. Any who are too weak are burned to ashes or turned into Mokori beasts for the amusement of the Clansmen, for weakness is a sin most foul. Several rival clans have suffered such a fate, either being devoured for providing the warriors with a challenge, or being turned into dogs to serve Anhkor as little more than creatures.


Dahyak, the current chieftain holds a sense of honor said to rival that of the great God of Judgement, embodying the fiery god’s sense of righteousness and justice in a manner unique to him. A master manipulator and cunning warrior coiled into a being with a heart like a shining star, burning away the wicked and bathing the good in its warmth. Of course, that is not to say Dahyak is without rivals in his court, constantly probing his defenses in the hopes of replacing him sooner rather than later.


When the Clan took to the Stars, travelling far and wide through the Galaxy, they arrived in the Koordnacht Cluster, taking to warring with the Yevetha for decades during the end of the Four Hundred Year Darkness. They found them weak and frail, but their ingenuity, cunning, and ruthless taught the clan the meaning of war in the larger galaxy. Under Tar Gurtal the Clan moved their home to Vestar on the Outer Rim where they made a habit of raiding the Icarii. At first, the Icarii held them at bay, their natural resistance to injury and ability to survive even bisection allowing them to outlast the primitive Akrut raiders. As the raids intensified, the Akrut took to taking captives, rumors that the quilled avians were eating their captives flooded the Icarii homeworld. The raids became more and more successful, and the deathless Icarii found themselves fighting Akrut that could survive like they could. Suddenly they were not so easy to slay. Weeks became years and, though the Icarii grew to fear the frontier raiders, the Akrut were not so numerous as to sack cities.


In the final years of their exile on Vestar, Gurtal was challenged by a young warrior, Dahyak. Cunning and wise, the elder Akrut accepted, knowing that he had the flesh of the Icarii and his opponent had not yet feasted upon them. Gurtal placed the stipulation that they could use no weapons not afforded to them by their ancestors, believing that he could simply outlast the younger Dahyak who had barely even become a man. The fight was said to be fierce, but in the end, the young warrior ate Gurtal piece by piece, taking his soul and the power of the Icarii at once. The young warrior demanded that they change their ways from butchers and pirates, to the conquerors they had once been, that they had been born from, claiming that their ancestors had sacrificed themselves so that others could live and that power had corrupted them. Though popular, Tar Dahyak had many dissenters. As a deterrence against sedition, the new chieftain fought his first challenger, force-feeding the Akrut Akk Dog flesh, promising to do so to any that challenged him in the future.