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Kyrel Ren

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Kyrel Ren

Kyrel Ren

    The Enforcer

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Kyrel Ren 





Name: Kyrel Ren (Thomas Kyrel) 

Faction: First Order

Rank: Master of Ren

Age: 32 

Parents: Miran and Janos Kyrel

Children: Varas Kyrel 

Homeworld: Dosuun

Height: 5'7

Weight: 120 LBs 





Kyrel Ren, born Thomas Kyrel in the year  827 ABY, he was born to a shopkeeper Janos Kyrel, and Former Jedi Shadow Miran Kyrel who had crashlanded on Dosuun on the run from the Sith, following the fall of Coruscant. Thomas grew up to be a bright young man, and was around as the successor state to the Galactic Empire, the First Order rose on Dosuun, watching as what once was a backwater world immediately became a thriving metropolis, and a seat of Imperial Power none of which has seen in centuries. By the age of 18 he had joined within the First Imperial Academy, going in as a TIE Pilot along with his childhood friend Kat, with whom they had developed a strong bond with one another. Eventually graduating in 850 ABY at the age of 22 forming one of the first TIE Squadrons known as the 212th Iron Squadron his designation was TN-2499. With his Squadron being tasked on assignments in dealing with Pirates around what would be First Imperial Space, one faithful day, during such a Space Battle. His entire squadron was wiped out along with his own TIE Fighter. Coming back as a damaged and deformed version of what he used to be. The Knights of Ren who had kept a close eye on Thomas due to his High Force Sensitivity was entrusted to a group of Scientists who were obsessed with the creation of Darth Vader. Seeing as how they could make a new and improved version of Vader. They had used Thomas as a guinea pig for their own designs. Placed into a Life Support Suit, Thomas Kyrel rose from the operating table more machine than man. The man who was once care free, full of joy, of life was now a cybernetic monstrosity. A New Vader some would say. Upon being reborn he was approached by the Knights of Ren, before venturing to see his Mother, with whom he had found out was a Jedi Shadow… Upon hearing this news, he gave into his rage, awakening the Force within him as his own Mother tried to plead with him to take her saber, when she knew her Son carried the Force within him. Begging him to take on a path not that of Anger, but Thomas in that moment gave into his anger and snapped her neck with the Force. Before taking her Lightsaber and killing Janos with it. Shortly after that he had burned down the house that he had once called home. Thomas Kyrel was dead in that moment, Kyrel only remained a twisted reminder that Thomas embodied the good that he once was, while the name Kyrel would take on a new meaning a new embodiment of what he once was. Upon joining the Order of Ren and being initated in the Academy on the world of Skye. He took on a new name. Kyrel Ren to cut off all ties to his past.

Upon taking the new name, as a Disciple of Ren, who had no Master, often spent his time studying the old records of the Empire, gaining a fascination with the Sith Lord Darth Vader, watching his holograms, studying his Lightsaber form. He found himself constructing a crude and unstable First Lightsaber. To which he used to great effect when defending the Bastion of Ren on Virgilla fighting side by side with Knight of Ren Samka Derith. His first missions involved traveling to Endor, to which he took  part in slaying a Gorax and recovering Vader’s Remains. Exploring Vader’s Fortress on Coruscant, and being a part of the Ren’s first encounter with the New Jedi Order within the Crystal Caves of Lothal.

Eventually all coming to a head where the Disciple was tasked on a Science Expedition to the broken world of Kaeshana, where Kyrel found himself protecting the Star Destroyer of Grand Moff Natasi Fortan, against a pirate raid. Shortly after was when the Galactic Alliance launched attacks against the peaceful expedition which resulted in the head of tensions between the two nations. Kaeshana marked as the first battle between the First Order and the Galactic Alliance, where Kyrel found himself pitted against two Jedi. Killing one known as Charlyra Aranno  taking the arm of one known as Voidstalker. Where he was left severly wounded with his Lightsaber taken as a trophy to Siobhan Kerrigan.

Constructing a new saber, and undergoing repairs to his suit. Kyrel found himself meeting the Supreme Leader Sieger Ren, and found himself later promoted to Knight of Ren for his combat prowess during the Battle of Kaeshana. His next mission led him on one of significant importance to him and most of all the Knights of Ren. To Assault the world of Mustafar. The Knights of Ren engaged the New Jedi Order once more within the halls of Vader’s Fortress. There Kyrel was on a hunt to search for artifacts, such as Vader’s Armor. There he was led by an ancient Sith spirit through it’s very halls. Fighting against Sith Training droids that took faces of the past. Engaging Firemane once more, as he had reached the tomb of the one who established the Sith Temple before the Castle was built. The Sith Lord known as Darth Thaxsis awakened from the conflict between Light and Dark sought to live again through Kyrel. Using Thaxsis power against the Firemane, he assisted the Ren in engaging the Jedi and driving off New Jedi Order from Vader’s Sanctum and later claiming Mustafar in the name of the First Order.

Following the victory on Mustafar, Kyrel then helped in training his fellow Ren, sparring with them and teaching them what he knew of Lightsaber Combat, even dealing with enemies that he once encountered. Claiming Vader’s Castle as his own due to his obsession with the dark lord. Participating in even more conquests along the borders of First Order space before yet another Battle took place. This time taking place on the World of Skor II. Where Kyrel was tasked with Gundark Squad to lead a diversion while special forces extracted a package of sorts. The Battle was hard fought but eventually lost to the First Order. The first defeat that the First Order had suffered, and where his armor was damaged beyond repair where he was placed within the suit of Vader. Feeling the same rage, hate, fear as he did. He became stronger then ever, as the armor was modified for modern standards.

Conquests across First Order space yet continued with the culmination of the War against the Alliance taking place in the first Alliance led assault through the heavily populated Anoat Sector, Bespin and Hoth being the primary targets. Kyrel was tasked with defending Hoth at what was formerly Echo Base, now Outpost Veers. Kyrel engaged in a duel with Siobhan Kerrigan and her lackeys. Ultimately the failed attempt at Revenge left Kyrel wounded once more. In a similar state as Kaeshana, but the Alliance’s efforts were crushed on Hoth and Bespin forcing the Alliance into talks with the First Order forming a peace known as the Kaeshana Accords.

Following the end of the First Imperial Alliance War. Kyrel was promoted to Master of Ren within the Order, going on missions dealing with terrorists or Rogue Jedi. Acting as the Enforcer to the Supreme Leader. With the discovery of Zonoma Sekot and with the help of one known as Tmoxin Temi. After slaying the Potentium Sect. He had used Vong Tech with the Cloning tech provided on Kamino to restore the flesh he had lost years ago. He had also made a request, that a clone be made using the DNA of both Tmoxin and Kyrel Ren. Varas Kyrel was born to be an instrument to Kyrel. To help create a legacy that would surpass himself. Now with his full potential restored he gifted Varas his Second Lightsaber, and taught her the ways of the dark side.

With the years that were passing by, Kyrel was then sent to deal with the Silver Jedi on Ossus. While the Galactic Empire or what he called the Imperial Remnant dealt with them in their own territory and even with the might of the Sith Empire. The Silver Jedi were forced from their world of Voss into exile on Kashyyyk. It was within that same time period that the Great Galactic War broke out, nations declaring War upon each other. Nations falling with Kyrel participating during the Blockade of the Hydian Way. Introducing the TIE Silencer into the combat field and aided in destroying the Galactic Alliance’s Flagship before dealing a lethal blow to Jedi Master and Vice Admiral Zark. Killing him before Taking his own Daughter’s hand who tried to turn against him.  

The War continuing participating in the destruction of the FWC via a Rebellion on Hapes. Participating in the Battle of Varonat, and Dagobah. Kyrel grew in power and also his distrust of his own Daughter, seeing how she slowly lost her way then the design he previously created for her. The War eventually coming to an end with the Sith revealing how they had infiltrated the Galactic Alliance after years of planning while the First Order saw it’s time to finally strike and take Lothal at once. With the Alliance shattered the Imperial Bloc had won the Galactic War in what became known as Operation Endgame.  

Following Lothal, with The Supreme Leader’s body slain. Kyrel panicked and sought to keep the Ren together, trying to take over the Ren. His fear only caused in fighting and so temporarily became Steward of the Ren until the Supreme Leader’s return where he was punished and reconditioned back into his service as a Master of Ren. Following the return he participated in the Battle of Skor II once more losing this time to the Outer Rim Coalition. With his Daughter disappearing, perhaps dead. He found that the experiment was a failure in of itself. Now as an Enforcer he acts to continue the Supreme Leader’s will. Loyal to the ideals of the Ren and the First Order under the tutalage of his friend and Master Decitus Ren. Now the year is 856 ABY where Kyrel wishes to only hunt down and destroy all enemies of the First Order.



As Thomas Kyrel, Thomas was often quite intelligent, kind, and often very curious about life.  He had a great admiration for history as well as philosophy and nature, always taking the lessons his Mother taught him about life to heart, he was very happy growing up. After the First Order arrived, and began to change how life was on Dosuun. Thomas with his best friend and childhood crush Kat enlisted. Serving in the military, Thomas always carried a sense of duty and honor, and held a strong friendship and comradery with his squadron.  


Following the destruction of his TIE Fighter, and losing those in his squadron, as well as losing his body. Thomas was no longer the same, being trapped in a metal shell that had to help him breathe. He had become more cold, and more detached from who he had used to be.  Harnessing his new powers in the Force. Powers he knew he never had before. Upon the death of his parents. The transformation from Thomas Kyrel into Kyrel Ren was complete.


In his life as a Ren. Kyrel is often cold, ruthless, and detached. He is often prone to anger and had grown highly fondly of the Former Sith Lord Darth Vader. Even regarding most of the Skywalker bloodline as gods. As a Ren Kyrel is often devoted highly to the Ren, often relying on the will of the Force instead of Technology. He is loyal to both the Supreme Leader, and the Knights of Ren, and that of the First Order. Often believing that carrying out the Supreme Leader’s will. The First Order, believing the ends justify the means. Regarding his enemies. He often holds a great respect, and an admiration for each foe. But is known often to be relentless not stopping till his foes are vanquished.


Despite the cold and ruthless persona Kyrel displays. He often struggles with the light, even more so following the start of the Great Galactic War. And at times is known to display a certain side that extends outside what people usually known. He either genuinely shows this side, or uses it to his advantage to manipulate.  Despite not always being the best leader, Kyrel often strives to help guide his brothers and sisters. Making sure that the Ren thrive, and the Supreme Leader’s will are done at all cost, and by any means necessary. During the end of the Great Galactic War. Kyrel for a time attempted to take control of the Ren, wanting to maintain order and stability if only causing a schism within the Order. Following Sieger's return Kyrel was reconditioned and sent back into his place as an Enforcer and Executioner to all those that might be enemies to the Supreme Leader. 


Strengths and Weaknesses





Strength- Due to his mechanical limbs, Kyrel is very strong and is able to even pick up an average human with just one hand.


Cunning - Because Kyrel strives to become more powerful, He is at times crafty and will stop anything to get what he desires through any means.


The Power of the Dark Side- Upon becoming Kyrel Ren, His skills are increased through the strength of his suit, increasing his powers.  Following removing his suit, and being able to survive without such things. He is able to still draw upon the dark side to his dark emotions.


Walking Tank: Kyrel as the Enforcer of Ren is not to be underestimated with, he is a formidable duelist and is able to hold his own against the most powerful of opponents.








Lightning- Due to the Cybernetic pieces within his body, he is weak against extreme bolts of Force Lightning


Ambitious -  Because of Kyrel's constant desire for power, he wants to gain everything which could lead to his death if he ever overreaches his ambitions.


Whole once more: Now that his flesh is fully restored he is now more powerful but also at his most vulnerable. 


Electronic Warfare: Due to the strong armor he wears he could be damaged from EMP or left in a Vulnerable state


Conflict- Due to light still being in Kyrel he often struggles with the Conflict that is in him with the Light and Dark Sides.


Skills and Abilities: 


Kyrel has often shown profeciency in being a pilot. Developing new craft for the Imperial Navy, and to even develop new weapons for the Knights of Ren. To expand on such uses besides Lightsabers and Force Powers, Kyrel has shown a great apptitude with the Force yet even he knows his limits training within the Ren he has tried his hand in Teres Kasi and advanced Lightsaber forms even making his own such as Way of Hatred. Often showing his overall skill in Lightsaber Combat, and has shown he has a knack for mechanical skills. 





Weapons and Equipment:


Vader's Bane Lightsaber


Raiment of the Vigilant


Armor of the Enforcer 





Arc I- First Steps into Darkness


Dominion of the Red Nebula - Origins

Raid at Virgillia- First Steps

Ren Initiations - Embracing a new path

Ren Expedition to Lothal- Gaining a Kyber Crystal

Twists of Fate- Meeting Skylar

Blaze in the Endor Sky- Recovering Vader’s Remains and defeat of the Gorax

Unexpected Encounters- Exploring Vader’s Fortress on Coruscant

Dominion of Kaeshana- Protecting the Fleet

Battle of Kaeshana- Start of the War, First Duel against Jedi, and First Kill.


Arc II- Darkest Knight


After the Battle - Kaeshana Aftermath

Dominion of Rakata Beta- Recovery and Exploration

Knights of Ren Dxun Survival Challenge

It is time for a lesson- Instructing Disciples on Form V Lightsaber Combat

Sector Pub Crawl- Dom of Balosar

Dark Appraisal- Meeting the Supreme Leader

Heravan rose- First Order Military Bal

Dominion of Ghro- First Order Strikes Back

Dominion of Halm- Massacre of the Marzoon Academy

Battle of Mustafar-Facing the Mirror

The Lost Ren- seeing the recovery of fellow Ren

Vader Lives- Trials/ finding Vader’s Armor

On the Come Up- Training with the Supreme Commander

Dominion of Anoth and Faldos- The Massacre

Invasion of Skor II- The Diversion

The Great Dig- Hunting down Rogue Ren and a Fugitive

Distant Enemies- Revenge

Unexpected Encounter- Encountering an old face.

New Beginnings- Opening up to vices

Refuge Razed- Hunting A Master and Padawan

An End or A Beginning- Hunting a Jedi of the Republic

Obessions and First Steps- Hunting a Force Born

Some Like it Hoth- Battle of Hoth and Defense of Outpost Veers


Arc III- Enforcer of Ren


Dominion of Balgaroth- Hunting down Rebels

Dominion of Janara- Dealing with a Jedi Rebel Cell

One Man Mission- Enforcing Order

Devil’s Backbone- Hunting down Terrorists

Hunt on the Smugglar’s Moon- Capturing a Jedi Padawan

Changes- Meeting Tmoxin Temi and the Birth of Varas Kyrel  

A Room in the Castle- Time between Father and Daughter

Father Ren- Meeting a member of the FOSB

Assertion of Power- Training and Infighting amongst the Ren

We do not Forget- Skirmish of Ossus

We do not forget- Invasion of Ossus

Dominion of Zonama Sekot -Destroying the Potentium Sect

Invasion of Mirial- Ren/Sith Defense against the SJO

Revelations- Revealing of a Daughter  

On the Path Towards the Future- Meeting Asha Hex

Hawkins Halloween- Feeling true fear.

In Templo De Cali- Meeting Ax’no and gaining an ally

Dominion of Nero- In search of a Lightsaber Crystal for Ax’no

Taming Panatha- Dealing with Sith Spawn  

Hunter of Ren- The Trap

Forge Ahead- The Betrayal

Invasion of Hex-L49- Revenge at last


Arc IV- Endgame


House of Frozen Fire- Aftermath

Hunt for the Kazerath Artifact

Trials of a New Generation

The Next Battle- The Invasion of Dagobah

The Inspection-The Invasion of Varonat

Overdue Answers 

Return of the Herritage Council (Rebellion of FWC Hapes) 

The Bonnie to your Clyde 



Return to Dagobah

Ghosts of Lothal 


Arc V-Steward of the Ren 


From Ashes we Rise 

Breaking the Seal (First Order Dominion of Hex E-50)

The Sun Never Sets First Order Dominion of Lothal 

Innocent Bystander Standing By 

A Dangerous Vigil
Fog of War

Shall the Cherry Blossoms burn? (First Order Dominion of Atrisia) 

First Steps into Darkness

You'll sleep when I say so! (Invasion of Skor II)

Breaking of Bread

Rumors of my death


Arc VI-New Paths Emerge

Freedom for the Common Man (Battle of Commenor)

To the Victor goes the spoils (Dominion of Sullust)

New Paths Emerge

Liberation of Sullust (Invasion of Sullust)

An Unexpected Visit

Treason has it's Consequences

Corruption has it's Consequences (FO Domionion of Manpha)





Kills- 2


Bounties: 0 




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Yula Perl

Yula Perl


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Digging the art!

Kyrel Ren

Kyrel Ren

    The Enforcer

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Yula Perl


Thank you full painting portrait commission of Kyrel himself. So nailed his appearance :D