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Combat Gauntlet

- - - - - Gauntlet Hidden Blade

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Asher Malvern

Asher Malvern

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  • Intent: To create a specialized gauntlet for Scherezade deWinter
  • Image SourceLink
  • Canon LinkN/A
  • Primary SourceN/A


  • Manufacturer: Dynetech Industries
  • Affiliation: Scherezade deWinter
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique

  • MaterialPhrik Blade, Leather, Blaster Components


  • Classification: Combat Gauntlet
  • Size: Small
  • Weight: Average
  • Ammunition Type: Slugs
  • Ammunition Capacity: 6 rounds per clip.
  • Reload Speed: Very Slow

  • Effective Range: Personal
  • Rate of Fire: Very High
  • Stopping Power: Average
  • Recoil: None


  • Hidden Weaponry: The weapons that are implemented into this gauntlet are hidden from plain sight. Neither the slugthrower nor the blade are capable of being seen when they are not deployed. 


  • Phrik Blade: This gauntlet's hidden blade is made of finely crafted Phrik. This allows the blade to stand up to the blade of a lightsaber, blaster fire, and most other forms of assault. 
  • EMP Resistant: Due to the simple mechanics of this gauntlet and it's very low usage of actual electronic circuits, it is completely resistant to all forms of EMP/ION weaponry, allowing it to fully function after being assaulted by such. 


  • Danger Blade: The activation mechanism for this blade can be very tricky. If the wearer is not careful they could very easily sever a finger or do other harm to themselves. That is why a great deal of practice is recommended before using this blade in the field.
  • Slow Reload: Although the gauntlet comes with a formidable slugthrower, this weapon can only hold six rounds per magazine. The magazine well is firmly tucked right into the wearer's forearm making it difficult to replace in combat. The magazine can be reloaded, however it requires the user to fully remove the gauntlet, which is not ideal for a combat situation.

For years all manner of smugglers, bounty hunters, and assassins have enjoyed the prospect of hidden weapons. Some have favored hidden blades while others have enjoyed hidden slugthrowers and blaster pistols. Dynetech Industries has developed a baseline prototype of their own hidden weapon's system. This combat gauntlet is outfitted with both a razor sharp Phrik blade and an impressive slugthrower. Both of which are hidden within the gauntlet and hidden under a thin coating of leather, they are extremely useful in modern combat. 


The slugthrower attachment is constructed with six slugs, tucked into a magazine well that lays flat on the wearer's forearm. Although the slugthrower fires with sufficient power and speed, the slugs are incredibly hard to replace, as the entire gauntlet would need to be removed to do such. The hidden blade feature is also a tricky weapon, as misuse of it could end in the owner having one less finger. The hidden blade has a number of triggers which can deploy it, one being an internal switch that can only be reached via The Force, a compliment made for all those who are proficient in the Force who would want such a thing. The second switch is an activation ring, clad on the wearer's ring finger. With a distinct pull of this ring the blade will extend to it's full six inch length, hopefully only to harm it's enemy.

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Vigil Rostu

Vigil Rostu

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Asher Malvern, As there seems to be no parts from the Armor Template in the Factory, I can assume that the phrik is for the blade only, and can thus be used on whatever armor that the users deems it can be used upon. 


Either way, this gauntlet is akin to many that have already been made on the site.


Enjoy stabbing people. 


Vigil Rostu

Vigil Rostu

    G U N F I G H T E R

  • Factory Judge
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  • 2,292 posts