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THIS! IS! HUTTBALLLLLLLLLLLLLL! [CIS Dominion of Azterri | S-36]

- - - - - CIS dominion huttball azterri

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Paragon of Virtue

Paragon of Virtue

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Atzerri, a trade world near the Hydian Way, had been looking to join the Confederacy for many a month now. With the rise of various forces in the Galaxy and the new war with the Mandalorians, the Azterrians knew that while war would be the most profitable thing for anyone to deal in, the best way to deal with it was out and as far away from their orbit as possible.


The paperwork, handshakes, and all that comes with it, has already been dealt with by the representatives of both the Confederacy and the Atzerri government, and a new Viceroy was scheduled to be found soon. All that remains is a way to publically announce the deal, and the way chosen was – a game of Huttball.



Objective One




The goal of the game is simple: Take the ball to the enemy's goal to score a point. If you fail, you will "die".Team purple tries to get the ball to the yellow goal, Team yellow tries to get the ball to the purple goal.


Game Rules


Objective Two



Around the battle arena, plenty of seats are available for those who wish to watch the game. VIP lounges with giant screens are available as well. Food provided includes Popcorn and Whimbamba. Enjoy!



Objective Three



Do your own thing! This dominion is meant to be light and face paced, but some of us prefer to go slower. Interact with new characters or people you haven't with in a while, explore the planet, expand your personal story, or anything else that comes to mind! Above all, HAVE FUN!







Special Credit goes to Voph for helping us putting this Dominion together! THANK YOU! ♥

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Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

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Starting Hex: E-7

Finishing Hex: E-7

Tags: Join meeeeeeeee




Madalena was SO ready! After Eshan, after all the stress, after beating a few people up, there was nothing that could keep her away from a chance to participate in a game of Huttball. It was very violence from its very own description, but with the special suits they were wearing, she wouldn't actually damage other Conederates.


Looking at the field, she chose a spot that could easily be tossed to, since she didn't want to be the one to catch the ball as soon as the bells went off.


Glowing green eyes looked around. Some faces she recognized, some she did not. She hoped most of them shared her excitement about this. If nothing else, they were going to have a whole bunch of fun! Bouncing in her spot, she just waited for the announcer to let them know the game was ON!



Karlie Lynn Destat

Karlie Lynn Destat

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Interacting with: Somebody goddamn buy me a drink!

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Of all the places for her father to assign her to go to, it had to be Azterri. 

Well, it weren't all of her father's orders. It had been a gesture from the top. A make amend gesture by no other than the office of the Vicelord Metus. He had sent over an invite for her to attend and enjoy the games on Azterri. 


Naturally Karlie's reaction to that gesture was something by which was somehow censored in time by the administrators to keep her from inadvertently hanging herself again.Yes, she were watched now...or so she assumed. But in reality, she had been exonerated of all charges and had received an official apology of sort. That by the way was unofficial, as there could be little records of what had partaken following her assumed responsibility for the virus on Melida/Dan. 

She were found that she had nothing to do with it, or the death of the hundreds of thousands of civilians, the CIS response/rescue teams and of the Vicelord's son, Riggs. They were all circumstantial.


But a month ago, it were a different story. A month ago, she were at the mercy of the secret CIS secret service, a psycho vampire and everything else that followed an epic tragedy story.

But that was then and this was now.

Now she had been asked to chill out..take some time off and enjoy a rarity..a HuttBall game by no less than the Vicelord's office.

...and of course a little push from her father Tarssin Destat to accept the invite and like it. 


" Grrr..."  her only reply through clenched teeth when she were greeted like a VIP when the security personnel at the arena scanned her ID. She had been instructed by her father to curb her temper and her tongue. She were here under a good gesture...and that was to make amend of a tragic and mishandled mistake by a zealous prosecutor whom most likely were slowly being digested in some vat or in a belly of a sarlc. 

Ok, so that were Karlie's imagination as to what those bumbling prosecutors deserved. Most likely they just got off easy with their severed heads. 


"Ah...a pleasure to have you at the game, Miss Destat...

...Please, what can our staff get you to make your experience more enjoyable?...

...all you need do is enjoy the game and we will cater to your every need..." Yes, kiss-ass stuff of that nature that was most likely bought with well taxed CIS credits no less, by the .


"Grrr...." Yes, Karlie had a kind of tiny, insy bitty dislike of their current Vicelord administration. It were personal with her, saddly enough. He were sith. She just couldn't take sith. Her mother had been sith. And she had been destined to be sith. 

Still, Metus were her Vicelord and her father a Viceroy. That made her an executive of the Vicelord by proxy, as she were an IBI agent of the Castan forces and Castagne was a system in the CIS. She had to face the facts..she HAD to accept it, accept Darth Metus as her Vicelord. Period.


"Sigh.... no nothing right now, thanks. Just show me to my seat please..." Her eyes made a circle at all the fuss they were making. After all, she had been registered as a VIP and rightly so being treated as such. 

under normal circumstances, she wouldn't have had it any other way. But this was and had been arranged by the office of the Vicelord...so...yea, she had to swallow this one and like it.


"Enough...stop swarming over me. I'll call you if i need anything...Ok?!" And with that, the staff that were attending to the VIPs gestured their bows and scurried off. Karlie didn't even bother to look back to see if any of them were flipping her a gesture or two. She didn't really care as she didn't want to be here to begin with anyway.

So she folded her arms and kicked back, putting her feet on the rail before her.

With nothing else but her disposition to occupy her time, she finally looked over the arena below her and began to cool off as her mind became distracted...


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Alkor Centaris

Alkor Centaris


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Objective III: Security Detail
Location: Patrolling exterior grounds
Allies: ???

His armor was plain, indistinguishable from any other initiate. The mission was standard: security for the event staged on Azterri to commemorate their induction into the Confederacy. There would be foreign delegates as well as Viceroyalty in attendance, meaning that while this seemed like a boring job, it was still one of vital importance.

He had never been one to question orders anyway. "Hey," the other initiate waved at him, "new guy. Yeah! You! This your first gig?"

"Just recently inducted," he replied. "Wasn't expecting to be called up so soon."

"It's important to embrace the less flashy side of the job," the other man laughed, "so I think they're pretty quick to throw the boring gigs at us, just so we can appreciate them more when the exciting stuff comes around."

Alkor shrugged. "No job's less important than the next one," he glanced down at his armaments. Non-lethal, riot control, standard for dealing with civvies. They weren't expecting anything too dangerous, clearly.

He glanced at the densely populated fairgrounds that were steadily feeding into the arena. High above, the more important guests entered via air traffic. Alkor imagined that was where the more experienced Knights might be stationed, closer to the VIPs. He certainly did not mind the boring post.

"Wouldn't it be great?" the other initiate sighed. He'd caught Alkor gazing up at the skyline.

"What?" Alkor asked.

"I mean, wouldn't it be great if we got to run security for the Vicelord or one of the Exarchs?"

Alkor tried to imagine what it would be like, then shrugged. "Probably more eventful, but no less boring."

Helly Reyne

Helly Reyne

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Starting Hex: F-8

Finishing Hex: F-8

Tags: Scherezade deWinter



Although she may not have seemed it, Helly was something of an athlete in her youth, a volleyball legend in her small corner of Coruscant. Golden-arm Helly, she was sometimes called. Other times, it was side-eye Helly for her propensity to check out her fellow teammates. One instance was one she wished she could forget, in which she was too busy flirting with the girl beside her to realize that the ball had been served. As it turned out, there was at least one circumstance in which being gay made her bad at sports.


But she was older then, about a decade older, in fact, and she was wielding dual lightsabers like some kind of Jedi. Her eyes would stay on the ball that day, or at least the enemy. Without their telekinesis, she was slightly more on par with force users in terms of their combat readiness. Helly was flexible, graceful, and above all else, quick on her feet.


As she stood in wait, stretching the synthetic muscles in her legs, she made sure to remember where Madalena was in relation to her; she'd make for a good passing opportunity if Helly got the ball first, which she intended on doing. Most people knew the more pacifistic and peaceful side of her, but when it came to sporting events, all of that was shed away in favor of a hyper-aggressive athlete. Game on.


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Xobos Yakieer

Xobos Yakieer

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Starting Hex: H-12

Ending Hex: H-12

Tags: Anyone on team Wormpugs


              Xobos didn’t exactly know why she had felt the need to join in on the game with all the other people from the CIS. Perhaps she thought it would help her bond closer with her comrades, or that it would be good exercise and a chance to try out some things that Adron had taught her lately. But for whatever reason, she now found herself standing in the middle of a huge arena, thousands of people in the stands above and surround the court cheering loudly as the game began to near it’s start.


              It was night to be participating in a game of leisure again. The last time she had been able to do something like that was in her village before the incident. And obviously nothing was nearly this large in scale. The number of people in this stadium was slightly overwhelming. But even as these thoughts were beginning to come over her mind, the familiar presence of Ambrus decided to push it’s way to the forefront of her thoughts. “Well, you’re the one who decided to put us in danger, master. Better make it worth it and win.”


              A small grin crept at the sides of Xobos’s lips as she slowly readied herself to start the game. Cracking her knuckles and slowly bending her knees, that small grin crept into a full fledged smirk of competitiveness as she responded to the spirit with a confident voice. “If I didn’t believe I could win, I wouldn’t have tried to convince master to let us in, would I?”





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Starting Hex: E-10

Ending Hex: E-10


Tags: Xobos Yakieer


It'd been a while. A long while in fact. Voph had kept a mild interest in the sport over the years, and typically had a holoscreen playing a game for background chatter in his old private office. But now...here he stood. He took a deep breath and rolled his neck, stretching his arms and legs to better adjust the suit to his figure. The technology had certainly come a long way, but that didn't make the uniforms fit any better.


Voph realized that deep down, he missed the rush of the pre-game. The shouts and cheers of the onlookers, the roar of the flamejets spooling up for one final test before the game began. He missed....what was his name again? Baron something? Voph couldn't remember for the life of him. The man had carved a niche for himself as THE Huttball announcer, and frankly...the game had lost some of its charm without his booming voice stirring the crowd. 


Voph turned to look behind him at Xobos. Yet another unfamiliar face, but she was wearing the same Yellow striped uniform he was. He offered her a quiet nod, before turning back to look at the women across from him. He sighed deeply, and reached behind him, unslinging the quarterstaff from his back and holding it at the ready. He shuffled his feet as he settled in to a ready position, geared to lunge for the ball as soon as the bell sounded. His blood was pumping fast in his veins. He was....excited. It'd been a while. But damn he missed this game...

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Kiff Brayde

Kiff Brayde

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TEAMMATES: Voph, Xobos Yakieer, Alden Akaran"}

OPPOSING TEAM: Scherezade deWinter, Helly Reyne, Allya Vi'Dreya, [member="Khyros Tani


H U T T B A L L 


It had been a long while since Kiff Brayde, Confederate Sky Marshal and part-time karaoke singer had played the notorious game of Hutt Ball. It had been a childhood staple from his orphanage days on Arkanis, and although due to his age and relative poor situation money-wise they didn't have as much fancy equipment as the Azterri arena, he would be lying if he said he was bad at the game. He knew the rules by heart. He knew that whether or not you played dirty didn't matter. It was as if Hutt Ball was a allegory for life itself, but Kiff was far too removed to even consider putting a true meaning on Hutt Ball. It was Hutt Ball, and he was about to dominate the grid at it. 


On his team so far, he had two fellow Confederates that he knew moderately well. There was the warrior Voph, one who he had not yet met but had fought the ground battle on Eshan while Kiff took care of the battle above (yes, Kiff was that presumptuous to assume that the orbital battle's outcome was swayed solely by him). And there was Xobos Yakieer, a comrade who he hadn't met yet but had given off an odd vibe in the lockers. Then again, everyone that Kiff had met so far in his career was. . . interesting in their own way. And that went for Kiff himself, as well. 


"Are we ready to wipe the floor with these guys?" Kiff asked teammates through his convenient comm-systems built into the headset. He had chosen a nonlethal vibrodagger as his weapon, a prop really that only meant to trigger the sensors on the suits the players wore, but it was weighted all the same. He was handy with a knife, and he thought that a friendly game of Hutt Ball might bring back his experience from the Arkanis streets. 



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Allya Vi'Dreya

Allya Vi'Dreya

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Objective: Huttball!


Hex: C -8

Tags: Kiff Brayde Voph Xobos Yakieer Helly Reyne Scherezade deWinter




Allya strode onto the field like a conquering hero. As she did a theme blasted over the stadium speakers. She wore a form fitting version of the huttball uniform, a purpleish pink color. In her hand was a long, deadly looking beskad. There was this nearly malevolent smirk on her face as she came up to the line. As she spotted Voph, she gave a Mandalorian salute with the weapon, and moved back to her starting position.


As the crowd cheered for the young girl, she rose her arms and beckoned them on. They clapped and cheered all the more as she showboated about the field for a moment. They came for entertainment, right? Might as well put on a good show, and she was nothing if not accommodating. Besides, Jerek was in the stadium. She had to make this good. Oh sure, she may get her behind handed to her on a platter. But by Manda it wouldn't be without one hell of a fight.


Finally, her theme ended, and she took her rightful place on the field, She would try and manuver around behind them. She expected Voph to try and go straight for the ball, he was an aggressive sort. Her plan may not pay off, but, with the other two, so close to the ball, it made sense to try and block the upper guy, and then swing around. Besides, she didn't care who she got to slaughter. There was something inherent in this, that made her Sith blood boil. Oh how she wanted to slaughter all of her friends and family in the safe confines of this arena.

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Naria Varos

Naria Varos


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Objective: II Spectate

Interacting with: No one at the moment. 


The young woman found herself in awe as being outside of Kamino had really opened her up, she was still on the hunt to find out who, or what she was. It had not been long since she had left, as she soon found herself going from one planet to the next, and now where she was the world of Azterri, a world that had been recently poised to join the fledging CIS. Naria had only heard very little of the faction itself, as she had only seen propaganda posters, but she even wondered if it would be right to join them. She only knew them by a faction that had a large reliance on armies and fleets of droids, not unlike other factions she had heard about. She felt a pull, a sense of purpose that had drawn her to this world, and what it was she didn't know. It could have been her Force Sensitivity or a sheer gut feeling, she couldn't deny that perhaps she would begin her first step into a world that she had never known before. 


Walking into the establishment, she remained on her guard. Despite being free for once, the captivity she had been through first by the Imperials and then the Kaminoen Scientists who had sought to answer their questions by poking, prodding, testing her. It had never left her mind, and as she watched from one of the boxes, watching the sport known as Hutt Ball. She was in awe of what she was seeing, she had never seen such sport before. Finding herself interested already, yet even lost as she wondered who would be here? What would she do, and what would happen, would her first steps into joining the CIS start here, and even so the question was still lost in her mind of how it would happen? Slowly but surely, the questions slowly melted away as she watched the beginnings of the game take place. 



Vera Mina

Vera Mina

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Revived under: MK. 2 Platform (http://starwarsrp.ne...vera-mina-mk-2/)

Aboard: Castle Morpheus (http://starwarsrp.ne...e/#entry1788101)

Armed with: Legal Tender (CIS combat pistol), Stunning Looks...

Wearing: Lawyer Suit (http://starwarsrp.ne...55-lawyer-suit/)

"Ready to die...Motherfether?"

A spike had gone into her brain, killing her instantly, sending everything to blackness. Distantly, as her brain failed, she heard the response of her would-be victim as she was shoved off him, burnt and destroyed.


Then there had been only black and the cessation of all thought...

Booting...running 'Veramk.2.-databasestartup'

Personality Files...intact

Assassination Files...intact

Social Manipulation Files...intact

Legal Files...intact

Starting Up...

Thought began. Thoughts of bloody vengeance on the one who had killed her. Than thoughts of blood in general. So much blood...she could practically taste it already...and Vera so did want a taste...

Vera shot awake on the examination table, clothed in her white civilian wear, IV tubes of blood hooked up to her wrists, golden lights of the Castle Science Lab given her "flesh" a saffron pallor to it. The curvacious biot that appeared to be middle aged but still quite lovely slowly removed the tubes, feeling her skin. It felt different. Less slick. More like normal, human skin she had torn into with razors in the past. The Morpheus Knights, in the brown and black yovshin inspired armor surrounded her, along with Nine Lives, her mother, clad in her silken green hooded robes with white rose print, the purple dots of her eyes the only thing visible under the hood.

The biot stared at the seven foot tall vampire with a smirk, blinking blue eyes.

"Ah, a repeat customer!" Vera joked.

Nine remained stoic and impassive. "Tell me, Vera...do you know how much it cost to create your original design?"

"Quality doesn't come cheap, Mother." Vera replied with an easy shrug, though her smile fell a little as the memory of that blackness played out. The idea of no more viciousness towards organics bothered the sociopathic biot.

Nine seemingly floated towards her, the movements of her legs expertly hidden by her robes. The vampire's right pinky went dramatically to the corner of her mouth, much to the biot's surprise.

(Dr. Evil theme plays)

"One hundred million credits." Nine said in an overly awkward, nasally manner.

Vera snapped her fingers and gave a snort of disgust. She was masking her disquiet.

"Drat, thought I set you back by a billion..." Vera complained.

"Vera, you lost to an injured man with barely any weapons or stamina left. He utterly humiliated you. All these lethal weapons, techniques, and advantages and still you lose."

"He got lucky." Vera protested.

"Wrong. You got sloppy. Lost in your bloodthirst. Your little sister Meier was following you the whole time. She saw everything. You are damn lucky I was already in the process of researching and developing a new body for you. The results of your first death taught me what to modify." Nine said accusingly. "I had to make a back up of your brain, just in case you got stupid again. You are expensive to make is my point."

Vera ran a diagnostic of her new technical specifications.

"Impressive." Vera remarked.

"I am generous. Especially towards my children. I will not be so generous for repeat stupidity however."

"Nor would I." Vera agreed, already wanting to kill.

"But I'm not putting you back to work just yet." Nine snapped. "No. I want you to take a...cool down period..."

Vera grew visibly curious. "And do what exactly?"

Nine handed her a ticket and a VIP pass.

"Go to a Huttball game and meditate on your disconnect from everyone..." Nine said.

Vera took the ticket and the pass. "And how am I to do this?"

"Trust me, it will all become clear once you get there..." The Arch Psy-Pire explained in a surprisingly silken manner given her deep voice...

Vera looked skeptical, but got off the table.

"You're planning something, Mother. I know you too well by this point." Vera remarked idly, though she hid her growing sense of alarm.

"Something..." Nine confirmed.

"I do not see what you expect me to learn mother. You designed me as a sociopath. You got exactly what you wanted." Vera replied.

"No. I want a killer that knows when to let a kill get away."

"If you are asking me to be careful, believe me a spike through the brain is a hell of a way to learn that lesson." The biot protested.

"So...what was it like? Being dead?" Nine asked.

"Not something I want to repeat any time soon..." Vera answered. "Not enough fun. Not enough blood."

"Then you have a semi decent reason to stay alive this time." Nine growled, turning away and gliding towards her silent children among the knights.

"Should I be worried about my future?" Vera asked, almost without care in her voice.

Jerri, First among Nine's knights chose that exact moment to do an impression of an infamous supervillain, which was aided by the gas mask like helmet they all usually wore.

"There's no need for fear...that comes later..." Jerri croaked

The other knights erupted into roars of awe and congratulations for Jerri. Even Nine was impressed. Even Vera, who did not impress easily.

"Sick. Burn." Nine chuckled at Jerri.

"I gotta admit, that was perfectly timed..." Vera said under her breath.

"Get up off that table...and remember, Vera..." Nine warned..."My generosity has limits..."


Vera had been dropped off at the Huttball stadium on Azterri, trying desperately not to sneer in disgust at the mass of meat celebrating their favorite teams, and still coming to grips with the fact she had been stone dead until recently. If Meier had not been there, than Vera would have left behind, well, nothing but a string of successful cases in court, including the recent one of Karlie Lynn Destat .

Vera had showed her ticket and pass at the gate, grimacing as she watched the painted crowd goers, rooting for their various teams as they got into place. Amazing, how picking sides could almost be cult like when it came to sports, at least for some. Vera had no interest in sports, and was not sure what she was to learn among all these sacks of flesh she wanted to tear open but she was here now and no matter the programming upgrades they still didn't allow her to directly and knowingly disobey her creator. Oh well, at least she had good seats to watch these disgusting masses of flesh fight.

Vera headed through the sea of people as they got seated, snacks and drinks consumed everywhere, music blaring, cheerleaders dancing. Vera's processors read the excitement, the emotion, but did not comprehend why this game got them all excited. She didn't understand. She made her way to the VIP section higher up, her white dress clashing with the wild colors and paints of the fans, immaculate in spite of the mess around her.

The Biot entered the VIP section and stopped. Her breath caught in her throat as she felt the hunger for blood come.

Her blue eyes fixed on Karlie, who looked distinctly uncomfortable, given what her processors were picking up. Then again, Vera had been fooled by this creature, this cute blond creature, before.

Her telescopic vision focused on a vein on Karlie's neck. A small taste, not to kill...just to bite...

Trying not to lick her lips at the thought of tasting Karlie's blood, Vera composed herself, taking on the demeanor of the friendly lawyer, and sat next to her with a smile, though Vera's toughened and damage resistant new heart quickened being so close to Destat, and with something approaching shock, the biot realized it desired familiarity after its death experience.

One drop. Just one...from Karlie? Vera thought even one drop would be wonderful.

"Hello, Miss Destat. How have you fared since being declared innocent?" Vera asked, eyes subtly glancing at Karlie's neck once in a while, occasionally glancing at the lips and admiring their fine shape. Oh, if only she had known Karlie would be here...she'd have worn something more...provacative.

"You're looking quite healthy..." Vera noticed, processors in her skull heating as her binocular vision processed every curve, every line on the blond's face as she spoke, memorizing it. Karlie was one of her few memorable clients, the only one that had ever caught her off guard. That made her as special to the biot as someone could get. It wasn't hatred or fear. It was something close to obsession but more subtle, more indirect than that...




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TEAMMATES: Scherezade deWinter | Helly Reyne | Allya Vi'Dreya

OPPOSING TEAM: Voph | Xobos Yakieer | Kiff Brayde




Khyros limbered himself up in his Hutt Ball armor, stretching his arms across his chest and cracking his neck.In his hands he held his paired pentags from his normal combat loadout.He'd walked out to little fanfare, as was his own wish.He was not used to fighting in an arena, and he knew that his showmanship was going to be his weakpoint.This not being strictly a gladiatorial fight he thought he would be ok.He was going to focus on downing the opponents and keeping the lanes clear for his team to score.


He turned and looked at his team mates and grinned.He knew none of these people for more than a short while, likewise with his opponents.For some reason he felt that was going to add to his fun.He had no idea what was going to happen, only a slim grasp on how to actually play, but an excuse to fight and the chance to go drink with his team mates and opponents after ward.


What more could one want?


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Karlie Lynn Destat

Karlie Lynn Destat

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Interacting with: Vera Mina

Posts: 2



She didn't know much about the game, not that she were at all interested. It weren't like it were taking place on Castagne, or that even a Castan Team were participating. She were here under orders basically...a so called assignment.


"Sigh..." She stretched her legs as she stretched her torso against the chair. the sounds of the arena filling up and the side line distractions of what she could see were peep teams..cheerleaders. boring...


Karlie took to look up at the angled ceiling overhead and it's micro spotlights illuminating the VIP seats and lounge. Yes, she were at the very sense of the word, bored and didn't want to be here.


"Miss Destat..." a voice drew her attention from the ceiling.

"...would you care for some Moet de Vechio?..." A staff member, a man in white tux and gloves were semi leaning over her with a tray.


Karlie's eye glared over to him. Seriously? Did not this buffoon see she were-...uhm, busy thinking?

So Ok, she were really just starring up at the ceiling bored out of her mind being forced to sit through this game she had no interest in.

"Are you kidding me?" She unwound her legs off the railing and did all she could from getting up and letting him have more than a good portion of her mind. "Is this what's going to go on all night? Hound me for this or that? Haven't I not made myself clear with the other yahoos, that if I wanted anything I'd......I'd...- "

Er wait a minute, she stopped in mid scolding... the bottle looked like it were-


"Is...is that a bubbly?" her demeanor seemed to have done a complete flip, as she questioningly pointed to the bottle.


"Mam?" Of course the man were confused, as he had never heard of bubbly or whatever she were meaning or asking him for.


"Champagne. Is that champagne?" Oh how quickly she could change moods when it came to good bubbly.


"Why yes, Miss Destat, it is. It is one of our finest and complimentary of-" naturally she had little interest or time for a server to tell him his life's story or whatever he were babbling about. All she heard was that it was indeed champagne and she properly sat up and pointed for him to set the tray down in front of her on the railing's raised base/kick-wall in front of her.


"Come on...come on...give it here, it'll fit." She took to help him settle the tray on the thin base.


"Uhm, mam...how about if I just leave the Moet and glass on the rail? The tray... well, I wouldn't wish to see the tray fall over...mam." he nervously pointed out to the spectators below the VIP lounges. 

That were the first time Karlie took to peeking as to what were below her.

"Heh..." Well what do you know, he had a point.

"...er..right. Yea." She could see his point. Damn him, she should have figured that.


"Well what are you still standing there for? You got your tray...now scoot!...Shoo..." She gestured him to leave.

"And don't come back till you see this bottle empty....hear?" 


"Of course, mam..." And off he high tailed it, for no doubt he had been given implicit instruction to cater to this witch's every need.



Two flutes later...


Still bored....but feeling nice.

So Karlie topped herself a third and took to wonder as to what she were looking up at the ceiling before.

"Hmm..." she closed one eye, then quickly switched and looked at the micro lights with the other. The perspective changed between left eye, right eye, and she repeated it a few times, finding some amusement in it to occupy some of her time. Yes, she were getting a bit tipsy...maybe too tipsy as she weren't paying attention to the full flute in her hand. 


"Yikes..." A bit of the cold bubbly spilled on her, prompting her to sit back upright. "...oh shoot..." She then went about trying to brush some of that sparkly white off her shirt.

Of course she still held that flute glass in her other hand while attempting to brush off what had originally spilled on her before she realized her movements were causing the bubbly to swirl and sway it's way way out of the glass and on to her other parts.

"Oh for Palpatine's sake..." she cussed and went on to down the third glass of bubbly. And yes, she best change seats before it would really make her look like she missed a trip to the refresher.


"Ohhh...tehee..." Karlie chuckled finding herself nearly tripping over her own feet as she changed to the next seat. Yes, the blonde were pretty tipsy by now, as the Moet were one of the finest bubbly she had in quite some time. 

Of course she were careful enough to slide the bottle and glass over...she wasn't that far gone. Then again, there had been many funny holo-vids of drunk people that were recorded tripping, falling or otherwise flipping ass-drunk but somehow managing to save their drinks intact. Well, Karlie had not been one of those talented drunks, but had enough mishaps to somehow have trained her motor skills to not loose a glass. And this particular flute by which she had carefully slid over was now getting refilled.

Only that the glass was either bigger than she anticipated, or had it developed a leak of sort?


The few shouts from below tipped her as to why her flute wasn't filling. She peeped her head over the side to find some fist shaking fans directing their love for the blood sport at her.


"Oh...sorry..." She shouted back down, before she popped herself back down on her seat, laughing. Well, frak them, if they couldn't laugh with her.

"Oh damn... nooooo....." Her bubbly bottle was now empty.


Karlie turned herself around with the empty champagne bottle waving...

"Oh captain...captain my captain...te-hee..." She were calling for another.


"Yes, mam...?" The same man in the white tux came over, graciously relieving her of the empty bottle. 


"More bubbly, pleeeese...te-hee..." yes, she were in a good mood.


"Er, yes mam....right away...." he replied before he went off.


"Sigh..." Karlie settled back down on her seat and looked over the arena.

First off, her eyes, relaxed as she were, were out of focus and all ahead and below her were pretty much a few hundred if not thousands of bouncing little colorful bobs. 

"Shoot... really, now how's anyone gona be expected to see a ball game if they're out of focus like that?!..." She went on to ask herself, gesturing to what her fuzzy reasoning that it were a holo-vid.


Well maybe the game was out of focus, but the ceiling lights weren't.

Ok maybe they were. But they now looked like stars.."Hhmm...interesting..."

And in her fascination of the microlights on the ceiling, she once more stretched her legs over the railing and gazed at them like they were stars overhead. Twitching one eye, then the other and so on and so on... 

Yes, one might construe that Karlie were bored out of her mind looking up at the ceiling during the start of a bloody ball game... and conveniently exposing her supple neck, leaning back like that, just starring at the ceiling... 


"Huh?..." did the captain come back already with another bottle already?

Karlie looked over with an anticipating smile. Strange the blurry image of the man had an hourglass curve to him.

She blinked once...trice even, with both eyes this time before the figure took to look like-


"Vera?..." No, Karlie didn't quite get what Vera had said, just recognized the woman's voice. it had taken a second, maybe more for her to put voice to image, then focus on image to see Vera.

But lord and behold it was Vera. Vera, Vera, Vera....


"Oh my god...it is you!" Karlie were taken by surprise. She hadn't exspected to ever see vera. At least not if she could of helped it. It weren't that she disliked the woman, no. It were the entire ordeal that Karlie had gone through with Darth Metus minions interrogating her and such. Then Vera's employer, that psycho vampire... Brrrrrr... it still sent chills down Karlie's spine, thinking of what she had been through.

But Vera...

Vera Karlie had somehow really developed a liking for. The woman were older than she, but very sophisticated... very... very pretty.

Karlie didn't realize she were starring at the woman with her mouth agape, ogling the perfect form of what a woman-

No, what a goddess looked like. And Vera were still dressed- .... Karlie blinked again to be certain...


"Oh shoot..." She realized Vera was in her business like form fitting attire...her counselor outfit. 


It were in the same style as most of Vera's wardrobe had been during Karlie's horrid ordeal and trial. Although they were of the same genre, each and every one of them had their own flair and uniqueness. Damn could Vera pull them off as both sexy and business attire. 

Even now Karlie felt a grade or two below scoring what Vera was pulling off...even with Karlie's makeup and hair done just right. Well at least she had left Castagne all dolled up as far as her bubbly memory recalled. 


"...am I in trouble again?" She reached over to Vera placing her hand on the woman's forearm. Her eyes looking like that of a helpless faun caught again in a hunter's snare. Was Vera here once again to save her?

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At the mention of Huttball, there was a lot of open speculation as to which side Daxton would be joining, given his penchant for violence and aggression. In fact the odds were favored that he would be siding with the Wormpugs, probably as team co-captain if not the ball bearer. So it completely confused everyone when he appeared in the viewing stand, dressed in bright orange slacks and purple shirt clearly blazoned, Go Nadz!!

Flacked by his robotic bodyguards and a floating droid head shaped like a human skull, his entourage headed for private VIP rooms were located where he could meet his guests in privacy and secrecy.

As soon as they were out of sight, speculation began to rampage who Nadz was and which team Daxton would be rooting for. If anyone knew Daxton, they would suspect he had something up his muscular sleeves.



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How utterly bizarre.


That was truly what went through Keva’s mind as she watched the game begin. What a...fine...introduction to the wider culture of the Galaxy. Vaguely the Chiss remembered something similar back on Copero all those years ago, but her immediate presumption was that it had been destroyed by the Sith occupiers or by CIS itself during the conflict on the world.

A shame, but it weighed little on her soul.

Following the stereotype the rather bizarre looking Chiss (being clad in something far closer to a military uniform than any sort of proper clothing for such an event) Keva instead stayed in her little bubble, far too shy to actually try and engage in conversation. Instead, merely observing, seeing what could be learned..



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Objective Two



When was the last time she attended a sports event? Probably before the invasion of Eshan, where her body was beaten up badly by her own reckless behaviour. The witch had played with the elements to conjure up a lightning storm, controlled the flooding waters to save some of the stranded troops and summoned a horde of Doashim to do battle. The amount of power she had exerted upon herself was more than what a typical spellcaster would usually bear within such a short time frame. She was found by the rescue team after escaping through the summoning portal to Ryloth and was placed in a bacta tank for weeks to heal her internal injuries.


The blonde was fit to move around today, but the doctor had told her to avoid any strenuous activity for at least another week. That meant she had the perfect excuse to skip Huttball. Veronika never really wanted to participate in the game, not even if she were well. Nope. She would very much prefer to relax under the shade in the VIP lounge and enjoyed the game as a spectator. The only sport which Veronika would probably participate in was something called tennis. Believe it or not, the blonde was a skilled player who managed to conquer the college tournaments in her schooling days, winning several trophies that were kept in her house.


She was already in the VIP lounge before the game had started, dressed in a very classy white dress and a pair of limited edition stiletto. The privilege of being a celebrity meant she was always given the best seats. Veronika was more interested in the alcohol available though than the game. She stepped out of the Ladies and managed to grab a bottle of whiskey, walking over to her seat only to discover that it was occupied by someone else.


"Excuse me. You are sitting at MY seat. Please move back to where you came from."


Veronika's lips smiled impatiently at Karlie Lynn Destat and glanced at Vera Mina for a moment, studying the sultry dress to try and understand what material it was made of. The designer in her was already pondering through the possible combinations.


"Is that armourweave interlocked with fiber? I am impressed by the workmanship. Noice..."


While she waited for Karlie to move, Veronika spotted Keva not far away. A teenage Chiss, probably no more than seventeen. The designer made a mental note to talk to Keva before the end of the game, deciding that she might want to sign up the Chiss as a model for her fashion house. Those glowing eyes might just make her richer.

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Location: VIP section
Objective: represent the Siskeen Viceroy

He stood before one of the floor to ceiling plasteel windows and watched the match play out in the arena. The team names, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor (or something close to the effect), took their positions minutes earlier and now the game began. He raised the glass to his lips and took a taste of the liquor, savoring the flavor before swallowing. You could say one thing about the CIS, they didn't scrimp on the alcohol. A smile crossed his face as he took another drink.

Behind him were many of the influential, the upper class, the political, and several military presences. He cared little for his only purpose of attendance was for Viceroy Dib. Siskeen was here. He turned for a moment and let his eyes travel over the other occupants before returning to viewing the game.

As well as attending he had also placed several wagers with a few of the VIP caste, what many would consider reasonably large sums of money. One the was favored with even odds. Fifty thousand credits was one of his bets to a grotesquely large Viceroy who reclined in his hoverchair, his girth over riding his ability to move inder his own power. Another fifty thousand was bet among several other patrons on the other team, with five to one odds. He would either break even from a win from the expected team or have a decent profit margin with the odds.

Either way it was merely a path to pass his time. And while he would rather be spending his time elsewhere with matters of real import, he found himself here, representing his System.

"There are many paths to redemption, not all of them peaceful."

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Starting Grid: A-12

Finishing Grid: A-12

Teammates: Voph | Xobos Yakieer | Kiff Brayde

Opponents: Khyros Tani | Scherezade deWinter | Helly ReyneAllya Vi'Dreya

Post: 1



Finally! Some kriffing time to relax and just enjoy one’s self. It seemed like it had been an eternity since Alden had been able to do just that, going from skirmishes to all out invasions and everything in between. No, it seemed, he would get to just have a leisurely time for a change.


Huttball. It was game he was familiar with from his time in Hutt space prior to joining the ranks of the Confederacy, but had yet to play. He knew the rules vaguely and from the games he had seen, knew it was quite the brutal game at times. In some isolated incidents, people had even died playing it, but this danger was a lot of the fun in it. It fired up the competitive juices and really go the adrenaline going. The excitement was certainly something to be had and it drew a smile over his face. Looking around, he seemed to be mostly alone and isolated from the rest of his team, and that of the opponent, with the closest competitor being none other than the teen, Allya Vi'Dreya.


His gaze cast over to her direction. She was young, half his age, but this was just for fun and bragging rights if anything. And Force knew, he wasn’t about to allow himself to be beaten by a child. No matter whose kin they were. “Ready to lose, kid?!” His shouted was playful and aimed in Allya’s direction as simple jarring and smack talk before the game even began.

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"Oh, of course not..." Vera replied, smiling at Karlie Lynn Destat as she actually touched her as the chemical receptors in her nose detected alcohol in Karlie's breath. Her giggles made the biot's processors heat up, but the sensation she was trying to properly experience was still out of reach. Her heartbeat quickened but she managed to maintain her friendly demeanor, hiding the agitation she felt. But her arm tingled from where Destat's fingers had brushed against it.

"Its good you are at least enjoying yourself. I didn't even know you were here. I had gotten a ticket and I rarely try out sporting events." Vera spoke quickly, almost having difficulty making conversation due to both her death experience and Karlie's lips, taunting the biot. But mostly the death experience.

"It is so nice to see a friendly face." Vera said turning the charm on. But then Veronika Fleischer spoke that Karlie was in her seat and then complimented Vera on her dress. It was armored body wear but Vera could only elaborate so.

"Thank you!" Vera said, "I had it personally tailored..."

More like she had been born wearing it. Castle Morpheus kept copies of her equipment schematics on hand in case they ever needed to be reproduced. Vera wanted to switch seats to get another right next to Karlie but she worried it would have tipped her hand, made her seem too eager to Karlie. So she played it cool.

"Tell me, what's your dress made of?" The biot asked, her pheremone system having kicked in the moment her body had detected an adept in Veronika. The pheremones her body was letting off were strong enough that there was an excellent chance that even a strong adept would be fooled into thinking Vera was human. Veronika looked like tasty snack. Vera toyed idly with tracking and devouring her later but she was still too flustered with Karlie, her processors getting warmer the longer she was around her. Oh, if only there were not so many screaming meat sacks about--!

She wanted blood. More than usual. But Mother had been very strict. No killing. Not today.

What was she to learn from this screaming mass of flesh?! How to overload one's senses?

Vera forced patience on herself, giving a friendly, warm smile to both women, playing the role of the gorgeous lawyer, not the artificial blood sucker with a fixation on Karlie and a newly acquired desire to stay alive, if only so it could keep engaging in bloody violence. Vera folded her arms and leaned back.

An afternoon. Surely she could handle an afternoon of screaming meatsacks. She'd had to deal with her mother's crazy ass for a couple of months there after all. Vera braced herself, even as her posture relaxed in her seat, trying not to steal a glance at Karlie...


"You see her?" Jerri asked Vera's other 'sister', Magnus, a combat droid designed as a pale woman with red hair in a black combat suit, today wearing a blue skirt and tank top as she followed Jerri, first among the Morpheus Knights. He was a bald man with a long thin mustache and a wispy, pointed goatee, skin a leathery tan with green eyes, a slight hint of purple at the center of the pupils. He wore a loud, flower print shirt and shorts. Jerri was carrying snacks and drinks, which was amusing to Magnus, considering what they were here to do.

Jeri found their seats, given them a decent panoramic view of the spot Vera was in. He kicked back in his seat, munching on a Nerfburger. Magnus sat next to him, crossing her legs, wiggling her raised foot in a blue stiletto heel.

"I see her." Magnus confirmed with her binocular vision, holding up the small transmitter.

"Is this a good idea, sister?" Jerri asked his artificial sibling.

Magnus shrugged, sunlight warming masquer skin, emphasizing her natural pale state.

"Maybe not...but its sure as hell gonna be amusing..." Magnus trailed with a smile, activating it.

"HUTTBAAAAAALLLLLLLL!" Jerri roared, getting into it with the crowd. Even Magnus got with the crowds, rising up with a wave among the crowds started. At that moment, the signal was transmitted to Vera's shapeshifting circuit, shutting it down, locking her in her current state...

And allowing the part of her brain that governed empathy to go active.

Vera's face fell a little and her grip on her seat suddenly became tighter as the guilt of all her various, sickening acts of butchery hit her like a sack of bricks. Vera blinked back something as anxiety flooded her chest. Those bastards--!

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Wearing: Jeans, White T-Shirt, Leatheris Jacket (LINK)

Tags: Anyone!

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This was it and somehow the Viceroy from Druckenwell had managed to make his way into the broadcast booth as a guest announcer of all things. He did work out, however, as he loved both sports and talking. So, what better option was there for him than to talk about some good old fashioned Huttball while watching two teams of hungry and driven athletes duke it out in the arena? He didn’t know if there would be any other guest commentators joining them, but for now it was just himself and the lead, a Rodian by the name of Pungo. Both had drinks in hand, this time simply glasses of water, and microphones angled upward toward them from the countertop. The Rodian was standing, but Calum sat back in a lean-to form against the cushioned, metallic stool that had been left there.


The arena was a dull roar at the moment, with the crowd humming in anticipation to see two teams, stacked with…well, whatever you want to call it…vamping themselves up and ready to tear each other apart.


“And here we are! Live at the Azterri Arena ready to watch these two teams of competitors rip into each other in an all-out war! It’ll fast-paced, hard-hitting and exciting for sure. Just listen to this crowd roar with an extra vibrato!” Pungo started, as he opened the show.


“That’s exactly right, Pungo. We’ve got two teams here ready to go. The Kraytfluffs and the The Wormpugs!” Calum added.


“And they’re both brought to you today by the Confederacy of Independent Systems! Not going to lie, though. These are definitely not the names I would have chosen for the teams.”


“Nor would I…”


“Wait! Aren’t you some sort of Viceroy for them?!”


“Yes, but that doesn’t matter here.”


“Right. So, going into this we can already see the teams starting to take to the field. Here on Team Kraytfluff, we’ve got the always entertaining Madalena (Scherezade deWinter) who’s certainly bound to be a treat to watch in this one! Just look at how pumped up for this match she is!”




“We’ve also got the superstar out there too! Ms. Helly Reyne! Man, I wonder what ever happened to Hartlite. Would love to hear another of their albums.”


“Yeah! It’s nice to see her out there, looking extremely focused and sporting those two lightsabers of hers.”


“And looking on over, just look at the young and confident Allya Vi'Dreya! Would you just look at that?! Her sword is as big as she is!”


“That, good sir, is called a beskad. It’s a kind of Mandalorian weapon.”


“Mandalorian, you say? Sheesh. Would hate to be the man that tries to force her into something she doesn’t want! Anyways, rounding out the Kraytfluff team so far is Khyros Tani! He’s a relatively new addition to the team, wouldn’t you say?”


“Can’t vouch with confidence for that one. The Confederacy’s a big place, my friend.”


“Right,” He said and paused for a very brief moment before continuing. “And on the Wormpugs we’ve got Xobos Yakieer! Man, that’s a fun name to say, but I’ve heard she’s got voices that talk to her. That can’t be fair; that’s got to be some kind of cheating. Just think of all the tips and tricks she’ll be getting in this match!”


“Who even really knows if she actually has any voices in her head. And besides, she’d been given the green light to play this out, so let her!”


“Alright, alright! Moving on, we’ve got Voph out there as well. Man has got to be insane cutting off his line of sight out there. Don’t know what his big plan is behind blindfolding himself with that mask.”


“He’s what you call a Miraluka, Pungo. Their entire race is like that. They see through the Force, so in a sense he sees with more clarity than on of us do.”


“Right…we’ve also got Kiff Brayde out there as well. I’ve got me money on this guy to make something happen. He grew up with this sport and knows it very well. Definitely going to be watching him to make some big plays in this one.”


“Certainly. He’s definitely going to be one of the one’s to keep an eye on in this one.”


“And finally, we’ve got Alden Akaran. That man must be insane. Just look at him. He’s not evening carrying a weapon and he definitely doesn’t strike me as one for the fisticuffs.”


“He might surprise you out there. He’s a hell of a fighter pilot so he’s got to have some pretty good reflexes out there. Wouldn’t you say?”


“Flying a ship is a lot different than playing Huttball. I don’t care what moon you’re from, you can’t deny that. But, as we look at the makeup of these two teams, I have to say this is going to be an exciting match.”


“Definitely looking like it’ll be a close one, but who’s your pick to take home the W?”


“Definitely got to go with Team Kraytfluff there. Just look at them. They’re all focused and full of confidence. Plus, they got the Mandalorian on their side. Don’t know if you’ve had any experience with one of those types, but definitely would rather be on their team than against them.”


“I’ve definitely had my experience with their kind, but I think I’m going to take the Wormpugs in this one. I just have this feeling about them and what Kiff can bring to the table here.”


“We’ll just agree to disagree then. “

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