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Military Oversight

- - - - - CIS Invasion New Republic

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Mandalore: Kyrimorut


Vornskr team piled into the cantina just as the bolo ball game started on the large holodisplay behind the bar. One of theirs that had gotten to the slowly crowding hole in the wall earlier and raised a clear mug filled with translucent green swill in recognition.


"Su cuy'gar Alphonse! Your last job go well?" The large Cathar Mandalorian huffed and muttered something in Mando'a before shoving past and sitting down. The first quarter started with a whistle that brought the noise levels down in the bar to about a quarter of what it looked it should have been. The Cathar wiggled his finger at the Togruta bartender and she tossed him a bottle of Corellian ale.


"Peh," he muttered as the twisted the cap off, "Just more of the same. Ran into those Golden Company smartasses. They're getting in our way more 'n more recently. I-" The bar went into a raucous uproar as the channel was changed. The Cathar hissed, joining in as well.


"We interrupt your scheduled programming for a striking update on the situation brewing between the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the New Republic," the Pantoran reporter began.


"Not this crap again! Turn the game on!"  A shout came from the back and the shouting began again. The gamorean barkeep grunted and squeeled, fumbling with the remote as he flipped through intergalactic channels which were all playing some version of the same story before finally flipping to the local MGA broadcast defeated. The crowd cheered and then groaned as they had flipped just as the Team Fwillsving scored on the Mythosaur Mammoths.


"C'mon Bavus!!" the Cathar snarled.


Corellia: 96 Hours After the murder of CIS civilians


"We interrupt your scheduled programming for a striking update on the situation brewing between the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the New Republic," came a similar broadcast to the one occurring on Mandalore. A Corellian woman was looking at her on this broadcast.


"Communications between the two Galactic powers have deteriorated completely it seems as this morning shocking footage has reportedly leaked from New Republic high command. Vessels with CIS transponders have reportedly destroyed two New Republic vessels along the Corellian Run and Mara's Corridor. Viewer discretion is advised as some of these scenes are graphic."


Lisza's hand covered her mouth in horror as they began showing the footage from the perspective of the destroyed vessels. The videos had their audio cut from the feeds and both played simultaneously. One held a subtitle in Arubesh indicating it had just been a New Republic convoy. Whatever fleet the enemy was using it easily overwhelmed the corvette escort of the diplomatic vessel. The ship had contained a senator from Wakeelmui. She was supposed to have been on that vessel when the CDF had pulled her from Carida. Did Corellian Intelligence know something about these attacks? That clip ended with what looked like an older model CIS ship jumping to lightspeed along with similar flashes indicating at least two other ships.


The other video showed a civilian liner, not unlike the one the New Republic was accused of destroying. This one was from a livestream of some university students reportedly attending the university of Carida. The teens and young adults were all smiles and jokes before their ship began rocking violently. The camera jerked to a viewport just as a turbolaser cut through the ship and ended the feed.


These images played over and over as the reporter spoke. The shock of having narrowly escaped death rocked her to her core. Her shuttle and escort dropped out of hyperspace to a totally mobilized fleet. The Corellian flagship, the CDF Ascendant Justice dominated over the other smaller Star Defenders, cruisers, and corvettes.


"What are all these ships...?"


"You heard the broadcast," came the grave voice of Captain Shae, "Fleet movements along the Corellian Run. We need to be ready for anything." As if on que a pair of black and orange painted X-Wings flew up to either side, taking over the escort from the frigate that had followed them from Carida which then broke off to join formation with several other frigates of the same type.


Was Corellia really preparing for all out war with the CIS? Was the New Republic? Or were there more sinister forces at work?


Lisza prayed to the gods that it was the later.