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Ashara Evanaris wip transformtion

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Lady Of The Valley

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Ashara is manipulative and sadistic, she leans on the force to empower her mind, to study the old ways and sith traditions to learn abilities the Jedi believe to be unnatural. She desires to inflict pain and suffering, as well as draining knowledge for herself.

Ashara is an introvert and keeps mostly to herself, unless you have something she desires she might not give you the time of day. Ashara on the other hand is an perfectionist, details have to be planned out till the bitter end. Which the same goes for force training and and combat.

Ashara is well trained in hand to hand combat, If her force abilities prove to be ineffective. She can be aggressive if her plans fail, which really is the only time she uses her force rage ability.


Alter Environment
Force Body.
Force Weapon
Force Rage
Force Fear
Force Phantom
Drain Knowledge
Life Drain
Death Field
Force Drain
Force Shock
Force Lightning
Force Storm(Lightning)
Force Grip
Force Choke
Force Crush
Energy Manupulation
Alter Enviroment
Mind rub
Force Shadow
Affect mind
Alter mind
Dominate mind
Force mind trick
Force persuasion


Form I: Shii-Cho -

Form II: Makashi -

Form III: Soresu -

Form IV: Ataru -

Form V: Shien/Djem So

Form VI: Niman -

Form VII: Juyo/Vaapad

Jar'Kai -

Fury-class Imperial Interceptor

two vibro shiv

Single blade light saber

Vibro whip


Ashara Evanaris is strong and athletic and could hold her own, she is 5’5 and approximately 180lbs,She doesn't wear the typical Sith armour because she finds it restricts her movements. Most find her red eyes mesmerizing.

Ashara Evanaris is strong and athleti Dhe is 5’5 and approximately 180lbs,She doesn't wear the typical Sith armour because she finds it restricts her movements. Most find her red eyes mesmerizing.


Coruscant is the place Ashara has called home, her surname Evanaris has deep seeded history, and has pledged loyalty to the old empire.Generations of her name sake have had diplomatic ties to the sith. Her two brothers were the pride of the family, she had always been treated unequal and often was passed over.

Ashara when she was younger, sought after her fathers approval but she knew he always looked at her as a mistake. Her father layed out her whole life for her. She would be well educated, and would attend college and university. He always told her she would become an emissary.

She would often disappear, and follow her brother, he would sneak her into his martial arts training class. He wanted her to be able to protect herself. Over time during her studies she found out old literature about the ancient Sith and there traditions. Ashara began to change, her demeanor, her personality. How she viewed the universe. Slowly over time the dark side began to intertwine within her.

She allowed it to consume her, she wanted to know more,the force. The more she read, the urning for power was all she thought about.Ashara looking back understands the pinnacle point to her fall.

In her twentieth year, her parents were assassinated along with the rest of her family. She found out that her mother was conspiring against the old empire. Her course was paved she believed if that was true she deserved to die. Through the years of reading sith lore,and being touched by the dark side she didn't feel a sense of loss for her mother. Her brother on the other hand, she loved very much, he was the one that looked out for her. When he died she losed any connection to the light side.

Her path became marked, any reminisce of her family had been wiped clean. Ashara was all that remained of her name. Soon after the funeral Ashara was in the library at thier estate reading a book on the Sith code. A man appeared she thought out of nowhere, she soon later learned he was able to force mask himself and hide his presence.

He offered her a choice, sit and die here or follow him, and he would teach and show her first hand what she was reading. As a glimpse she heard his voice inside her mind, soft at first to entice her to give in freely. He made her relive every emotion she felt when he died, as the memory replayed in her mind, slowly the light with her began to extinguish. All that was left was the pain and sorrow.Over the next few years Ashara devoted herself to the force, expanding her knowledge. She was studying the ancient text, learning the ways of the force the Jedi preached to be unnatural. Over time Ashara grew in power, honing her force abilities,

She went became a test experiment under Sith Alchemy and turned into something else altogether. With the use of the Dark side. Rikaelyr Ragnos completed the unthinkable over time they injected her with this liquid infused with sith Alchemy rewiring her generic code. Through countless trials and excruciating pain and suffering they turned her into a Lethan a red skin very rare Twilek.


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