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(Open to Dauntless Commandos) A time for revelry and drink...

Dauntless Commandos Cis Social thread

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Eternal Fallen Angel

Eternal Fallen Angel


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Time: 2000 Hours

Location: Floating somewhere between Geonosis and Rodia

Objective? Don't drink so much you wake up hungover for morning drills. (Never mind, HAVE FUN AND GO WILD!)


Hundreds of hours on the battlefield, in training, or on duty wore on a soilder. They wore him or her down to the bone, where the armor they wore eventually began to feel like a second skin they could never take off. They would spend time with their brothers and sisters in arms, yes, but always had to be vigilant and it was hard for true bonds of friendship and trust to be formed on a battlefield where those same people could die from anything from a stray laser blast to an exploding land mine.

So when those moments came where a distress signal wasn’t being broadcasted, or a battle want’ needing to be fought, the Dauntless took their relaxation seriously with an air of necessity. Having just completed successful operations on Doldur, Copero, Zonmira, and many other planets for the CIS, it was well past time to find a quiet part of the galaxy to sit and drink. Finding that corner of the galaxy was not easy, but the four Hellspear frigates eventually found themselves somewhere between Rodia and Geonosis, floating in the ever vastness of space.

Most of the Dauntless commandos would be spending their free time on the Rebellious Hawk, since it was well known that the commander of the Dauntless, Luna Terrik, always made sure the best drink managed to make their way onto her ship. It was a running joke that just so happened to also prove true.

For now, while the ships floated in endless space, in the small moments where they were not needed anywhere, the Dauntless would relax and let go. Drink would be passed around the mess halls, the simulator room fully operational for some quick rounds of target practice, and chairs would be pulled up in common rooms where squads and squadmates could gather around and reveal in the stories of days gone by.

During this time, new recruits, such as Kahlil Zambrano and Kelsie Sylvan would meet with the commander of the Dauntless on the bridge of the frigate to figure out where they might fit and find their roll within the esteemed group of commandos. From there, it would not be uncommon to see the redheaded flightless angel herself stop by the mess hall to enjoy some of the good drink that had coincidentally found it’s way onto her ship.


Men and women of Dauntless, we have had so many threads of us fighting together and sharing our lives on the battlefield. This is not a time for that, for this is a time of getting to know each other and developing some IC relations with out characters. Have a drink, converse with each other, maybe even go to the ship’s shooting range. This is a big BYOO thread for socializing within the Dauntless. Have fun, and Luna will be joining with the partying shortly.

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Kelsie Sylvan

Kelsie Sylvan

    These Odds are Unfair...

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"Jeez, my blood's still pumping," Kelsie said with a grin to her shipmate. "I've been out of it so long, I just... forget how fun it is sometimes!" It was true, the past day's events were like a vacation for her. A mission after so long, and now? Perhaps a chance to do more. She wanted to take that chance... but she wasn't quite convinced. And she wasn't quite sure if she wanted Kahlil to take that chance. "Nice job on the signaling, by the way, keeping quiet. Beeping doesn't catch as much attention if the enemy is tapped into your comms, especially in a firefight." Still, she did trust that Kahlil had enough skills to do it if he wanted to. Sticking around her obviously rubbed off on her.


Her freshly-cleaned combat boots thumped against the metal floor of the hallway as the pair walked up towards the bridge. She wasn't quite sure why she was going there, really, but she did know that whoever was in command had to be at least slightly impressed by her skills. After all, who wouldn't be? She knew she could impress just about anyone. Kinda made her want to continue impressing these commandos, she knew they at least mildly impressed her. 


They finally reached the door of the bridge, and Kelsie paused for a moment and took a deep breath. Who knew what she might be thinking? Could be anything, really. Maybe she was wishing she were down at the bar. She was probably wishing she was down at the bar. But in any case she finally stepped forward, the doors sliding open to let her onto the bridge. "So, where's this commander at?" She asked loudly. 


Kahlil Zambrano Luna Terrik



Mike V'Trechen

Mike V'Trechen

    Sith from the Outer Rim

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Mike was just sitting in his ship the Scimitar and saw a old rustbucket ship. He noticed that it was from the CST. He had a runin with them a couple weeks back on Tatooine.


"CST is just sitting here," thought Mike. "I am going to torment them like they did to ME back on Tatooine. I told them that there will be some payback. BWAHAHA!"


The Scimitar started to fly behind the ship. Without them knowing, Mike fired at their rear. If anyone is going to mess with Mike, they will always get the horns.