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Factory Update: Restricted Materials

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Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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After some discussion within the Factory staff and within the board administrator team, we have some changed the restricted materials list. A large number of materials are no longer considered to be restricted materials, and nanotechnology has been moved from the banned section to being a restricted material.


Here's a look at our changes to the Restricted Materials list, with the lined through materials having just been removed from the list list:






A material marked with an asterisk has the following disclaimer in play now:


Generally speaking the more powerful the submission becomes, the less of them there should be. The production range of a submission with alchemy or nanotechnology ranges between Unique and Minor. Please use the history and other parts of the submission to flesh out its power and potency. A Factory Judge is allowed to ask for more depth, if they believe that the submission needs a little bit more work to it.



This is last part is important. Please be cooperative with factory judges and other staff members when they comment on submissions regarding alchemy and nanotechnology. We may be more directive with these types of submissions than we are normally otherwise are, because of the potential concerns with these types of technologies and because of this Factory Guideline:

  • All submissions need to conform to the general idea of Star Wars. No Gundam Wings, no Transformers.


This can be subjective at times, but if you think it wouldn't fit in well in one of the Star Wars movies, it may not hurt to reflect on it a bit more. While we'd like to give everyone freedom to explore their creative side, we also don't want to see things like Force adepts leading around by a hundred beskar swords imbued with levitation or commanders ordering enormous clouds of nanites to dissolve enemy armies or fleets.

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...Link for the lazy: http://starwarsrp.ne...d-materials-r40