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Dragon Vanquo Vanquo Desert

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  • Intent: To create a "mini boss" type character for Anáil na Beatha Temple to be killed off during a thread.
  • ​Image CreditX (Can be found about halfway down the page)
  • Role: Prionsa na Beannachtaí
  • LinksAnáil na Beatha Temple Anam City Máthair


  • Age: Physically 3,748, Chronologically 10,714
  • Force SensitivityKnight
  • SpeciesBeannacht Dragon
  • Appearance: Talamh is about average for his species, standing at a full height of 15.5 meters, and 22.67 meters long. Unlike his mother, Talamh grows no hair, and is covered entirely


  • Name: Talamh, Prionsa na Beannachtaí of the Beannacht, God Ruler of the Anam, God of Earth
  • Loyalties: His mother
  • Wealth: N/A
  • Notable Possessions: N/A
  • Skills:
  • Personality: Talamh, in his insanity, is unpredictable. His mood can change from angry, to confused, to sorrowful that his mother has forgotten him in her own insanity.


  • Weapon of Choice: The Force
  • Combat Function: In combat, Talamh tends to strike first and think later. Training from his mother has made him a force to be reckoned with, though his inexperience in life-or-death combat makes him naive.


  • Tougher Scales - Even for a Beannacht, his scales are very strong, and are resistant to flames, blasters, blades, and slashes from lightsabers. More so than even his mother's
  • Force Blessed - Talamh is skilled with all of his known Force abilities
  • Sharp Claws - As Beannacht claws are very sharp, Talamh can cleave through most materials with ease
  • Strong - Beannacht as a species have strong muscles, and Talamh is capable of throwing a small sized boulder if he wanted
  • Flight - Given enough room, Talamh is capable of flight
  • Healing - Talamh's blood has healing properties when either drunk or bathed in.
  • Tooth Fairy - Talamh's mouth is full of sharp teeth, perfect for biting.


  • Soft Belly - The scales on Talamh's stomach are softer than the ones on the rest of his body.
  • No Points - A stab with a lightsaber, or an activated vibroblade on the stomach, can penetrate his scales, and if slashed in the right direction, can slash through his skin and scales
  • Big and Slow - While Talamh is big and strong, he is not the fastest of creatures, but is faster than his mother
  • Reflexes - Due to his size, Talamh's reflexes are slower than most creatures, and during flight he is not the most maneuverable either


Hatched in Anam City, Talamh was christened the God of Earth by the Anam. Worshiped as a God Ruler, Talamh lived without little need for anything. Helping his mother rule Anam City, he quickly realized she was becoming corrupted, but did not know how to help her or stop it. Slowly, he too was corrupted, and was driven insane when his mother stopped recognizing him. His sorrow and rage was mildly quelled by the priesthood, until his mother killed the High Priestess. Placed into a magical stasis, Talamh is ignorant of how much time has passed since then, and lies dormant, sleeping, waiting to be awakened.