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Ryssa Yvarro

Ryssa Yvarro
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D A G G E R - V





  • Intent: An updated assault frigate for both Primo Victorian and the Sith Empire.

  • Image Source: Hand of Manos, Adam Kop // Deviantart (x) (x)

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Primary Source: Dagger IV



  • Classification: Assault Frigate, Frigate

  • Length: 258m

  • Width: 136m

  • Height: 122m

  • Armament: Average

    • 2x Seismic Charge [Fixed Forward & Rear]

    • 6x Twin-Mounted Ruislip Hypervelocity Cannons [Fire-Linked, Fast Track Mountings]

    • 12x Scorpii Turbolasers [Fire-Linked, Fast Track Mountings]

    • 12x Arietis Turbolasers [Fire-Linked, Fast Track Mountings]

    • 12x Hydrus Ion Cannons [Fire-Linked, Fast Track Mountings]

    • 6x Modular Warhead Launchers [Fixed Port & Starboard, Variable Payload]

    • 24x Rotary Point Defense Cannons

    • 24x Anti-Missile Octets

  • Defenses: Moderate

  • Fighter Hangar: None

  • Support Craft Hangar: None

  • Maneuverability Rating: Moderate

  • Speed Rating: Moderate | Sublight Acceleration Motor

  • Hyperdrive Class: Fast - 1


  • Auxiliary Systems


    • Auxiliary Power Generator Systems

    • Auxiliary Power Converter and Control Systems

    • Systems Control Center

    • Supplemental Power Control Center

    • Reserve Power Generator Systems

    • Emergency Back-up Power Generator Systems

    • Auxiliary Reactor Control Center

    • Auxiliary Core Coolant Systems Management

    • Auxiliary Shield Power Management Systems

    • Emergency Shield Operations and Power Management System

    • Emergency Command Operations Center

    • Emergency Disengagement Systems

    • Emergency Intrepid Hull Deployment Systems

    • Emergency Life Support Systems Management

    • Emergency Power Capacitor Control Systems

    • Escape Pod Control Systems Management

    • Automatic Failsafe and Containment Systems Management

  • Communication Systems

    • Coordinated Command Integration Encryption Suite

    • Encrypted Communications Suite, Short-Range Encrypted Data Network

    • Fleet Control Data Exchange Network

    • Extended Hyperwave Transceiver, Encryption Suite

    • Hyperwave Communications and Encryption Network

    • Interfleet, Intrafleet Communications and Encryption Network, and Key Systems

    • Long Range Communications Management Systems, Encryption Key Systems

    • Emergency Short-Range Encrypted Data Network

    • Standard Communications Management Suite

  • Flight Systems

    • Flight Control Navigational Systems Suite

    • Primary Flight Controller Management Systems

    • Secondary Flight Controller Management Systems

    • Propulsion Systems Control Suite

    • Sublight Systems Control Suite

    • Flight Control Power Conversion Systems

    • Hyperlane Navigational Systems

    • Galactic Hyperspace Holosuite Systems

    • Hyperdrive Power Control Systems 

    • Jump Point Navigational Control Systems

  • Engineering Systems

    • Primary Power Management Control Suite

    • Secondary Power Management Control Suite

    • Power Conversion Systems Control

    • Reactor Core Control System

    • Core Coolant Management Suite

    • Fail-Safe and Containment Systems

    • Reactor Disengagement Systems

    • Engineering Control Suite

    • Shield Generator Power Management Suite

    • Weapons Power Generator Management Suite

    • Life Support Systems Management

    • Hazard and Damage Control Management Systems

    • Holosuite Power Systems Management

    • Tractor / Pressor Beam Power Control Systems

    • Waste and Hazardous Waste Management Systems

    • Primary Shield Generator Power Systems

    • Capacitor Control Systems Suite

    • Secondary Shield Generator Power Systems

    • Secondary Power Conversion Systems Control

    • Emergency Fail-Safe and Containment Systems

    • Safety Management Suite, Escape Pod Power Reroute Systems

  • Tactical and Security Systems

    • Redundant Shield Management Systems

    • Swarm Targeting and Tracking Sensor Systems, Full Range

    • Semira Defensive Systems Management

    • Shield Capacitor Power System Management

    • Shield Management Systems and Power Conversion

    • Shield Booster Management Systems

    • Nova Shield Management Suite, Shield Leech Management Systems

    • Tactical Analysis, Computer-Aided Targeting Systems

    • Target Range Finder, Computer Aided Systems

    • Automated Target Lead, Lock-On System Management

    • Automated Reload and Internal Temperature Check Systems

    • Automated Weapons Waste Disposal Systems

    • Weapons Control and Munitions Management Systems

    • Weapons Waste Containment and Hazard Control Management

  • Sensor Systems

    • Multi-Directional Long Range Sensor Arrays

    • Navigational Sensor Arrays and Control Suite

    • Short-Range Tachyon Sensor Network

    • Long Range Gravitational Mass Sensor Suite

    • Starship Signature Identifier Scanning Systems, Full Range

    • Full Range Hyper-Navigational Sensor System

    • Cargo Sweep and Identifier Scanning System, Standard Range

    • Full Range Planetary Scanner, Lifesigns Identifier System

  • Astrogation Systems

    • Navigational Sensor Decoy Buoy Deployment System

    • Interstellar Scientific Sith-Imperial Databank

    • Astrogation Navigational-Communication Computer Network

    • Stellar Cartography Management Systems

    • Spatial Mass and Hyperlane Sensor Suite

    • Astrometric and Stellar Cartography Sensor Arrays

    • Sith-Imperial Scientific Databank Systems



Internal Defense Management:

  • Retractable Auto Blasters

  • Retractable Turadium Bulkheads

  • Retractable Turadium Blast Barriers, Trilamnium Coated.

  • Automated War Droid Emergency Deployment

  • Automated Anti-Concussion Field Emergency Deployment

  • Advanced Biometric Security Systems

  • Advanced Laser Grid, Emergency Deployment Only

  • Advanced Mass Sensor Grid

  • Extensive Security Camera and Motion Detection System

Advanced Sensor Management Suite:


  • Assault: Built as a frontline assault vessel, the Dagger is about the type of weapons it carries coupled with a high maneuverability rating. Short-range, heavy-hitting weaponry and moderate defenses enable the vessel to take as much as it dishes out.


  • Range: Shield leech and short-range weapons, with few standard range weapons the Dagger is unable to fight off/fend at long range.


An old First Order original, the Dagger makes its debut as part of the Sith Empire. Moderate speed and high maneuverability, along with a sublight acceleration motor. Enable the Dagger to not only turn on a dime but move with haste when necessary. Seismic charges on the front and rear of the ship let her clear a lane or two, functioning as a part-time blockade runner. Shield leech and power conversion units let her survive just a little bit longer.

Hull construction mimics the ongoing build that is prominent within Primo Victorian designed vessels. Reinforcing hulls, and adding hull plating systems to fend off against a larger amount of damage. Letting ships withstand lengthier battles before having to retreat or risk destruction. The Dagger also carries a different set of sensors for its advanced sensor suite, mass sensors and courier communication help with both scientific causes and intelligence operations.

The ship goes back to its roots, with the readdition of stellar cartography, astrogation, and astrometric equipment. Allowing the ship to function as a scientific vessel when not in combat. While largely looking at interstellar phenomena, charting hyperlanes and keeping track of interstellar bodies.



Change Log:

Oct 9th 2019; Rearranged standard systems layout, and defense systems layout, removed anti-tractor beam shroud, relocated 'advanced electronic warfare' to electronic countermeasures, general edits and clean-up.

Edited by Fiolette Raaf, 10 October 2019 - 01:43 PM.

Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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John Locke

John Locke

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Moved to Pre-Factory for edits.

Please remember to include a list of any and all changes made to this submission prior to tagging a member of the Factory Staff.


Ryssa Yvarro

Ryssa Yvarro
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Change Log:

Oct 9th 2019; Rearranged standard systems layout, and defense systems layout, removed anti-tractor beam shroud, relocated 'advanced electronic warfare' to electronic countermeasures, general edits and clean-up.


John Locke

Runi Verin

Runi Verin

    Two pounds shy of a bomb.

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Fiolette Raaf


Looks good and almost ready for approval, but I think we're missing the production value. Please add it in and I'll approve accordingly. 

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Ryssa Yvarro

Ryssa Yvarro
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  • 1,192 posts

Runi Verin



Runi Verin

Runi Verin

    Two pounds shy of a bomb.

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