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Tanomas Graf

Tanomas Graf

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A hush fell over the amassed crowd of ministers, prefects, overseers, and governors as the podium rose from the ground in the centre of the Grand Convocation Chamber, revealing the High Chancellor flanked by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the Assembly. Graf looked over those present for the joint session of the Parliament, the man had called all of the representatives of the fledgeling Federation to Coruscant for an emergency conference.


"Prefects, and governors, I have the distinguished honour of presenting the High Chancellor of the Imperial Confederation." The sergeant-at-arms bellowed from the lower pod, being met with thunderous applause from the gathered politicians. Tanomas waited for the ovation to pass, his augmented hearing allowing the sounds to leave a dim ringing in his ears after the fact. "Mister President, Mister Speaker, members of the Senate and the Assembly."


He paused for a moment, his words echoing out into the chamber, his dark brown eyes following Holonet droids that were recording him. "Yesterday, according to numerous reports from eyewitnesses and the Imperial Security Bureau itself," he announced, gripping the edge of the podium, "the Confederacy of Independent Systems was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and ground forces of the New Republic over the Core World of Kuat."


Tanomas allowed hushed whispers to pierce through his speech, the corner of his mouth curling inward to form a sly smirk. "The Confederacy was at peace with that nation and, at the provocation of the Republic, was investigating the destruction of an affiliated civilian starship in the region, allegedly cause by the Republic itself." Graf bellowed, a stirring of anger from the present audience.


"Hostilities exist. There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory and our interests are in grave danger from a nation that has the gall to deny humanitarian aid for its citizen populace. With a promise to uphold our defensive alliance with the Confederacy, and the utmost confidence in our armed forces as its commander-in-chief…"


Another pause before he continued, and sealed the fate of the months to come.


"...I ask that Parliament declare that, since the unprovoked and dastardly attack by the Republic on the Confederacy over Kuat, a state of war has existed between the Imperial Federation and the New Republic."



Kyli Graf

Kyli Graf

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Kyle Whir,
Coruscant, Coruscant Federal District, Near Senate Building

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Kyle held a short barrelled DC-15A Blaster Rifle across their breastplate standing outside the Senate building's street entrance with a whole team of Coruscant Security Force Officers who had been tasked with protecting the Confederated Imperial Parliament. Kyle raises a clenched fist up to their faceplate. "Colonel Wilso this is Whir, message, over." The occasional member of the party passed into the lobby but not before one of the Security Officers waved a sensor wand over their suit-sheathed bodies, all the hallmarks of Core Aristocracy were on display in the Federal District which contained the Senate and Kyle's own headquarters. Even though Sergeant Whir was not a Senator, Governor or Prefect they knew what the purpose of this emergency session was, and even those Citizens all over the Capital had their accurate suspicions that it must have had something to do with the Confederacy's humanitarian mission to the Kuati people.


"Sergeant Whir this is Colonel Wilso, send over." The bald man's head materialised in a collection of excited diodes upon Kyle's helmet-mounted display. "Colonel Wilso this is Whir, increased media traffic around the Senate building. Requesting additional tactical operations division marksmen, over." It might have seemed like overkill but due to their concealment in nearby buildings reduced any concerns about visibly deploying CORSECFOR assets who were primarily trained to dome and eliminate terrorists, hell Kyle was a member of Tactical Operations Division and a trained proven Marksmen themselves but they needed somebody on-shift to oversee the additional security stationed outside the Senate building. The proof of Sergeant Whir's proficiency existed in the form of a targeting blaster slung over spine behind the right shoulder on a two-point sling. A Twi'lek man wearing a black bantha-skin jacket visibly lined with some kind of wool approached the metal palisades and sensor arches erected outside the senate's entrance.
"Halt!" Sergeant Whir ignored Wilso's acquiescence for a moment thrusting left-gauntlet's stiff index finger in the green-skinned alien's direction who remained suspiciously calm for somebody who was out of place among the Human-dominated upper levels. "Sir, you've been selected for additional screening. Please step out of the Queue off to the side for special screening." Nodding a skull which had a pair of tails growing from them and sitting upon shoulders like a couple of lazy subterranean worms. The Twi'lek man then stepped off to the side into a short queue and it was then they began to scowl angrily noting wordlessly the absence of aliens in the regular queue of suit-wearing Humans and Near-Humans on a fast track to being admitted into the Senate building presumably to enter the observation gallery open to select party members.

Cynthia Alucard

Cynthia Alucard

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Cynthia Alucard, Pixie Wing Commander
Location: Senate Chambers, Coruscant 



The attitude of most soldiers within the Imperial forces when told that war would be declared, well, at worst unemotional when it came to the Clones and at best excitement for the recruits of the civilian populace. As for the TIE Pilot and Ace Commander Cynthia Alucard? Alas, she neither of the two aforementioned emotional soldier. In fact, it might even be possible that Cyn found herself nearly all alone with her emotion.
Bewilderment and frustrated. Cyn was not a member of the Senate, but thanks to her position of both a Wing Commander and Instructor of the Academy on Coruscant, well she held a perfect view of witnessing her new Government fully commit to a war with another called the New Republic. Her hands clenched together and with every shred of discipline and will power she contented herself to simply stand with an expression of utter bitterness. 
No doubt any officer would most definitely not approach small figure of Cyn, not with the ominous aura she produced. She though kept an eerie image of confidence and paired with her straight shoulders and widened eyes, none even dared guess what kind of thoughts she was having for fear of having their own minds read.
“Perfect, just perfect.” Cyn spoke through near gritted teeth. With her left hand she straightened her hat and turned around to head towards the hallway. The nearby officers all made quick effort to allow Cyn leave of their balcony. 
The room soon warmed as Cyn left, and a few younger officers appeared to regain some color into their cheeks. War has always been a fundemental truth with this galaxy. Shameful of me to ever believe I could removed from such cycle. 

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Lisza Starseeker

Lisza Starseeker

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War had come to the New Republic. Not war like many politicians called Kuat, not the buzzword that came about whenever the tiniest skirmish occurred, but true war. Reports were flying across the Galaxy as the budding nation in the Core with obvious ties to old Imperial factions declared the New Republic its enemy. Why had they done it? They claimed their behavior at Kuat was the catalyst, but older politicians and military minds alike knew better. Tanomas Graf, first one of the highest ranking officers of the Galactic Empire and then the First Order after the defunct Imperial government was absorbed by the larger, more powerful conquerors. He served the First Order navy for most of the rest of his career and the Galaxy had no misgivings about those two governments' motivations. 


Lisza stepped into her office on Carida to a flurry of reports, datapads, shouts, and comm calls. Corellia had made it very clear to her. They wanted out. After the battle of Kuat things had been tense between the New Republic and Corellia, mostly because of how poorly the situation was handled. Forces weren't deployed when reports were coming in that CIS forces were on the move. Overwhelmed on the ground because the New Republic did nothing. Of course this was due to Kuat's economic alliance to the New Republic rather than being an official part of the New Republic and was one of the main reasons she fought against leaving the New Republic. If the CIC set their sites on Corellia after leaving, would the New Republic show up at all? The Corellian Sector was much better defended than Kuat sure but she doubted the Sector on its own could stave off a full on invasion from the CIC.


She huffed and gave her aides a look that said she wanted to be alone. They scattered about and she stormed into her actual office and shut the doors behind her, the sudden quiet comforting. She made her way to the caf machine and poured herself a cup. The warm caf on her lips warmed her body and gave her the sense that she had the energy to do what needed to be done. There was a senate hearing soon. She hoped to the stars the New Republic was prepared.

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    High Lord

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Location: Defense Minister's Office, Coruscant

Targs: Tanomas Graf


Shran sat as his desk, looking over what most would consider to be boring reports. He was by no means the first Chiss to serve the Empire, or what's now known as the Imperial Confederation. What name it went by was immaterial. Regardless of the name, it was the same empire with a similar view of the galaxy as the original Galactic Empire all those years ago. However, despite the relaxing a bit of hostilities towards human-like alien species, Shran knew that not many people in his staff approved of even working for an alien, let alone working for the non-human Minister of Defense. Despite this, most were able to shelve their emotions for the good of the Empire. As Shran continued to glaze over his files, he glanced over at the chronometer on his desk. He was prepping for his meeting with the director of customs and immigration when the door to his office slid open, prompting Shran to look up. Shran's secretary stepped into the office, "Sir, you might want to turn on Holonet News. Chancellor Graf just declared war on theRepublic." She said, her tone and expression conveying the utmost urgency.


Shran didn't think that asking for a formal warning before such an announcement would be too much to ask for but nonetheless, it didn't happen that way and he just had to make the best of the situation. He nodded in acknowledgement, switching on the veiwscreen in his office and sure enough, there was live footage of Chancellor Graf addressing parliament and the public. The headline across the bottom of screen reading; Chan. Graf: "I ask that parliament declare a state of war" with Republic. Shran turned his attention back to his secretary, "I want you to cancel my meeting with the customs director. After that's taken care of, I want to meet with all senior military officers, and get me the chancellor's office." Shran welcomed the change in pace from the typical drag of Imperial bureaucracy but he knew that entering into a war would keep him rather busy.  

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