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Consular-class Light Explorer

- - - - - Corellia Defense Jedi

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Sor-Jan Xantha

Sor-Jan Xantha

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CD-5 Intrepid in orbit of Selonia, c. 854 ABY






Corellia Digital CD-9i Subspace Radio

Comm Unit Scrambler

Corellia Digital CHX 2.1 SoundLink (Crew Lounge)
Standard Life Support Systems

Standard Starship Medical Bay

Hoersch-Kessel Ion Reactor

Standard Starship Sensors

Standard Navigation Computer

Standard Hyperdrive

Standard Backup Hyperdrive



Long-Range Sensor Suite

Energy-Wave Detector

Sensor Mask

Dual-Drive Propulsion System



  • Sensor Mask. The Consular-class employed a sensor mask that obfuscated its electromagnetic signature as a form of passive stealth, making the ship more difficult to detect.
  • Maneuvering. The Consular-class design incorporated strategic placement of its maneuvering thrusters, resulting in ship handling that was better-than-average for a vessel of its size.
  • Planetfall Profile. The Consular-class was designed to land on terrestrial objects and operate within planetary atmospheres, as a result its aerodynamic profile was selected for flight performance in a variety of situations and environments.
  • Science Vessel. The Consular-class has exceptional com-scan capabilities, being designed as a exploration vehicle. It's long-range detection and ranging capabilities were on par with ships many times larger than it was.


  • Unique Electromagnetic Signature. Corellia Digital vessels use a unique Hoersch-Kessel ion drive design for their main propulsion. The resulting engine wash is faintly radioactive. This electromagnetic signature was distinguishable from background cosmic radiation and allowed the vessels to be tracked or detected.
  • Light Armor. The Consular-class used a Kathor-Duranium composite for its hull in order to reduce weight and improve atmospheric aerodynamic performance. As a consequence, the hull plating was less resilient to damage than the durastell hull of dedicated military vessels.
  • Atmospheric to Interstellar Transition Delay. The dual-drive engines of the Consular-class automatically handle power distribution between the hyperdrive, ion drive, and repulsorlift generators in order to maximize performance depending on flight profile (atmospheric or interstellar). Because of this, the hyperdrive is disabled while the ship is flying on repulsorship (inside planetary gravity). When the repulsorlift is disabled, there is a delay before the hyperdrive comes on-line.


A modern interpretation of the classic Republic diplomatic cruiser, the Consular-class is the first foray into the shipwright manufacturing market for the Corellia Digital Corporation. Designed with the Jedi or Jedi-aligned groups in mind, the vessel favors detection and maneuverability over offensive capabilities. Like all Corellia Digital products, the CD-5 was manufactured in the Corellia System as part of the Selonian Fleet Yards.



Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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