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Beskad Elite

Mandalorians Clan Mortui Elite Elites

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Adenn Kyramud

Adenn Kyramud

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  • Unit Name: Beskad Elite
  • Affiliation: Clan Mortui
  • Classification: Elite Heavy Guards
  • Equipment: Void Armor;
  • [ If your unit possesses any specialty equipment (weapons, armor, combat tools, star fighters, landing ships, etc.) list them and provide links here. Check the table below for production level and affiliation of any Factory submissions based on the unit's size and availability- those that are inappropriate will need to be changed. The unit may use equipment of the listed production or higher production values, but not lower. ]
  • Description: Wearing Void Armor, the Beskad Warriors tower over most regular people. The majority of these warriors have undergone augmentation, increasing their height, width size, strength, and power. All Beskad Warriors wear Void Armor with spikes on the legs and some on the arms. They have hazard stripes on them in a mock parody of warning to their enemies. All of these warriors also proudly wear the Clan Mortui symbol on their armor, to show who it is that’s beating the enemy.
  • The general mindset of these warriors is simply- overwhelming the enemy with superior firepower, tactics, and armor. They will gladly stand in the way of enemy fire so that their weaker contemporaries won’t be hurt. Then they shrug off whatever damage they have received, and often charge the enemy.
  • The notable difference between the Beskad Warriors and the Beskad Elite are the Jaig Eyes. All 20 of the Beskad Elite have this symbol proudly emblazoned on their helmets.

COMBAT INFORMATION: The combination of Unit Size and Availability below is the indicator of how numerous your unit is. Stormtroopers for instance would be considered Large/Common, while Rogue Squadron would be a Small/Unique unit. Majority Force User Units are prohibited from being Common or Large. The stronger and more specialized your unit is (FU or NFU), the smaller and less common it should be.

  • Unit Size: Small; only 20 individuals make up this extremely elite unit.
  • Unit Availability Unique – only 20 of them
  • Unit ExperienceElite
  • Combat Function: Guard Adenn Kyramud and/or lead the Beskad Warriors. They are the heavy support that the regular troops rely on to deal with heavy enemy presence.
  •  Describe this unit’s general function in combat. Put things like tactics, habits, goals, how they interact with other parts of a larger army, do they need support or are they the support, etc. ]


  • Armor Know-how- These Beskad Elite truly know their armor, inside and out. They have trained daily with it since they received it, and can beat anyone else with the same armor.
  • Skilled- Each Beskad Elite has practically thousands, minimum, or campaigns under their belt. They have worked together, and know each other whole heartedly.
  • Cohesion- Because they have worked together so much, and so well, they work extremely well together. If others see them in combat, it’s almost as if they read each other’s minds.


  • Arrogant- These warriors are truly the best of the best, and they know it. They will almost never give up the chance to prove this to others and outsiders. Often found bragging about their accomplishments, or pushing around those lesser than themselves.
  • Slow- Because they use Void Armor, they are subsequently slow in their movements. Even if they have razorsharp response times.

With their power armor only conceived quite recently, the Beskad Elite were born. There are only 20 of them, all together. No more, no less. Should they lose one, they lose a valued member who they’ve fought with for dozens of battles. Before they became the Beskad Elite, they were a close-knit black ops unit that specialized in many, many things.


When the Void Armor was developed, they were picked to test it out. When the pirates came, these 20 Mandos single handedly beat back their tides, saving the entire facility. Before this battle, they had fought together countless times, and after that battle, they swore once more to fight together forever more. Which they did, that final battle earned them their Jaig Eyes.


After that, they swore to work closely together, forever more. That role has also expanded to their newest role. Seeing as they are the best of the best, they have also become guards to Alor Kyramud. Usually there are at least 5 with him, but if all 20 can be deployed, then they would much rather go like that. Other duties of theirs include leading the Beskad Warriors into battle. The Beskad Elite are the officers of the Beskad Warriors.


These Elite warriors answer to Adenn Kyramud, and Adenn Kyramud alone. They won’t even consider obeying an order from anyone else, aside from his second in command, Gunner. Not even the Mand’alor could order them around. They are fiercely loyal to Adenn, and will snort with derision should anyone try to order them around. Often officers who believe themselves better, or above the Beskad Elite are found dead. Usually after they try to order them around.


Their battle cry is “Bic b a jate tuur ash'ad kyr'amur. : It's a good day for someone else to die.”