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The True Purpose of a Droideka

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Okay with my Droideka character in the CIS, I recently had a discussion that made me realize something about Droidekas that I hadn't before. I have decided to expand upon my thoughts and present my findings to the wider forum.


To begin, Droidekas are over 6 feet tall (according to Wookiepedia). They are also shaped like chairs. Giving a rough guess, it can be estimated that the base takes up one foot* and that the top head and armbar takes about two feet*. That means that there is theoretically three feet* of space that a person can sit in. However, Droidekas are typically portrayed as hunched over and, on close examination, there are hinges and joints that would allow the Droideka to stand up straighter. If we assume that the Droideka's standard height is less than 6 feet, the maximum height, when standing straight up to its max height let's say that this would increase the seat-able space by roughly a foot*. But wait there's more! If we can press the armbar completely against the headpiece we can assume that space would increase by another foot* as the armbar that was in the way now becomes a headrest for the sitter. Finally, because the headpiece is relatively thin and curved, instead of taking up the full foot that was previously blocked by the armbar we can add some more inches of possible headroom to the sitter, which we can generously give as half a foot*. This means, in a generous estimate, that a person sitting on a droideka could have 5 feet 6 inches* of headroom. That is able to fit an average human female, at around 5 foot 4 inches, while STANDING UP! When actually sitting, the headroom would actually be much higher as sitting is measured from the waist to head instead of foot to head. As leg length varies between people, with some having longer legs than torsos and vice versa, I am going to go with a roughly 50% of height is leg length (foot to hips) model. Now our example of a 5 foot 4 inches average woman, she would only come up to around 2 foot 8 inches, leaving 2 foot 10 inches of excess headroom that could fit an even taller person, up to 11 feet. However, that is sitting straight up. A person who is taller than 11 feet could also hunch over or lean to one side, resting on one of the Droideka's arms. This could increase the available sitting space to fit up to a few more inches, possibly another foot, although if it can go bigger is unclear to me.


Now we have a determined theoretical sitting height of up to 12 feet** (if we are being generous). There comes to be a matter of legroom. As stated in the beginning the droideka has a base that rises about one foot* off the ground. This comes to be an issue with legs, especially with our model of 50% of height is leg length. When sitting, the lower part of the leg (knee to foot) typically dangles off of the seat, either touching the ground or hanging in the air while the upper part of the leg (hip to knee) does the sitting. Because the Droideka is meant to be mobile, we can't have a sitter's legs touching the floor. If we follow our leg to torso (hips to head) height ratio and make the lower leg 50% of the total leg length, we can take the one foot of lower leg, double it to get to two feet, the total length of the sitter's legs, which is doubled again to become the full height of the available person, at 4 feet** (A third of our previous height with just off of the headroom). However, like the headroom, there are ways we can increase our size while minimizing space. By the sifting of the position in order to bend the legs and propped them up on other parts of the droideka or even sitting crossed legged. As a generous number, I will say that we can make the lower leg length up to 2 feet when using these alternative methods. Doing the doubling thing we can get our final maximum height of 8 feet tall**.

In conclusion, the Droideka is just a fancy chair that can carry a person, up to eight feet tall, one foot off the ground and it has blaster cannons and a personal shield generator to protect the sitter.

Would this be impracticable and uncomfortable? Most Likely. Is this a stupid idea? Definitely! Is the logic sound? Probably not.


I really want to see this now.

*Droidekas have weird and varying proportions depending on the media, so these numbers are just a guesstimate.
**This is a theoretical number that I have managed to guess. The minimum/maximum feasible height could be more or less.

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