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Ongree Jedi Guardian


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NAME: Pedro-Jack
FACTION: New Republic


RANK: Jedi Guardian



AGE: 31


SEX: Male


HEIGHT: 5'3 ft


WEIGHT: 138 lbs


EYES: Orange




SKIN: Orange-brown


FORCE SENSITIVE: Pedro has a strong connection to the Force






STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) : Pedro-Jack is an excellent saber duelist, a master of Form IV Ataru, and Form V Djem So, despite this, due to the time spent focusing on his skills with the blade, he is rather inept in the use of the Force, the most advanced abilities under his belt being Force Augmentation abilities. And due to his double jointed legs, running is sometimes awkward for him, and he is prone to stumbling or falling.

APPEARANCE: Like most Ongree, Pedro has a triangular shaped orange-brown head, with his wide eyeballs on the opposing ends of the head, his mouth lies in the center, he has a rather bulky shaped chest and three fingered hands as well as multi-jointed legs.


He tends to wear a light beige Jedi tunic, with a white under-tunic, he has an obi wrapped around his waist, with several utility items, as well as his lightsaber, of which has a sleek silver hilt and an emerald blade.


BIOGRAPHY: Pedro was born in the Skustell sector of the galaxy, a member of the Ongree species, at a very young age, his connection to the Force was discovered, and he was brought into the Jedi Order at the young age of just three years old, he proceeded to become a Jedi Initiate, at that time, he wore a white tunic with no sleeves and his obi slouched over his waist. He showed an affinity for the blade rather than using the Force, only practicing it when mandatory, and he often used the Jedi in his Padawan Clan as sparring partners, though at this time, his lightsaber skills were rather clunky, his only form at the time being the mandatory Shii-Cho proving no assistance, at the age of twelve, he undertook Ataru just one year before becoming a Padawan.


He was placed under the tutelage of Jedi Master Garen Taye, a Nautolan male who also specialized in the Force as well as Form V Djem So, and throughout the ages of 13-20, Pedro-Jack was Garen's loyal apprentice, and under his leadership, adopted his master's ideals as well as skill in Djem So, though Pedro primarily focused on Ataru. At the age of twenty, Garen deemed Pedro ready to take the Jedi Knight Trials, and so, his time as a Padawan and tutelage under the Nautolan came to a harmonic close


At the age of twenty-one, Pedro donned a dark brown tunic with no under-tunic, the collar of the tunic had a hood attached to it, and its sleeves were cut off at the forearm. The young Ongree Knight took the path of the Guardian, and was assigned to protect and bring peace on several planets, he was, what most would call unorthodox for a Jedi. He was quick to brandish his lightsaber as a warning, and igniting it as step two, and removing limbs when opposition refused to halt.


He brought peace to a myriad of planets, which made him quite satisfied with his life, though he still felt his saber skills lacked, and began to train extensively, almost neglecting his Force training as a result. At the age of twenty-five, he mastered Ataru after thirteen years of practice. The Ongree continued to train for years, although he did manage to re-acclimate himself with the Force.


At the age of thirty, after seventeen years of practice, mastered Djem So as well, he is also an exceptional pilot.


SHIP: For personal travel, he either "borrows" a Jedi Starfighter, or uses his Light Freighter of indiscriminate make or model.








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