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The Cassum Complex

- - - - - EE Skism Cabal

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Orex Mauda

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Intent: To sub the Central Location of Skism


Image Source: Pinterest


Canon: No


Primary Source: None




Structure Name: The Cassum Complex


Location: Skism / E. City


Classification: Complex


Affiliation: The Cassum Cabal / The Emergence Empire




  • Outskirts open to Public
  • Entry permitted to Military Personnel, Permitted Individuals, Cabal Members, Emergence Significant Figures
  • Certain sectors permit certain individuals
  • Security increases deeper into Complex




The Cassum Complex is a massive collection of Headquarters, office buildings, research departments, labs etc. Public structures fill out the outskirts. Behind these is a Perimeter Border Control. Beyond this is the Complex itself. This Border Control permits patrolling Military Personnel, Certain Individuals, Cabal Members, Significant Emergence Figures and the workers of the present sectors. This Wall is lined with generic security apparatus, ranging from Spotlights to Manned Catwalks to Active Laser Turrets.


What can be seen from outside this Border, and miles away, is the Towering Central Structure. This massive tower is essentially the Hub of the Emergence. Hundreds of Offices, Control Rooms, War Rooms etc. fill out the tower. All these rooms are responsible for the Core Maintenance of the Empire itself.


Points of Interest:

Labs/ Research Departments:


Finance Sector:


INCA Headquarters:


Chamber of the Void:





  • Border Control
  • Perimeter Turrets
  • Battle Droid Security Presence
  • Advanced Identification Security Systems
  • Nearby Anti-Air Turbolaser Towers
  • I-APE-A Protocol Droids
  • Vof Vorn
  • Internal Hidden Turrets



Formerly the centre of the S'kiss Government, after the transition of power The Emergence government renovated the Complex and began construction on extensions. Now the sprawling Centre of The Empire itself, handling every detail of its function across the Galaxy


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Image Source: Pinterest

Find an alternative to Pinterest since it isn't a valid source for images.


Orex Mauda

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    The Flesh Of Fallen Angels

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As mentioned before, you may proceed with the image source used.



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