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Voph's Armored Robe

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  • Manufacturer: Voph
  • Affiliation: Voph
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: Yes: Nanovest can be removed, Ri-Qorit can be removed, Cloak of Eshan can be removed, Ring of Blades can be removed.
  • Production: Unique

  • Material: SongsteelArmorweaveForce ImbuementKrayt Dragon Hide (Leather)


  • Classification: Armored Robes
  • Weight: Average
  • Resistances 

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Average

- Kinetic: Very Low

- Lightsabers: High

- Force: Extreme

- Airborne Toxins: Average

- Sonic: None

- ION/EMP: None



  • Vambraces: Voph's Vambraces feature a datapad mounted on the back of his left gauntlet, miniature Lightsaber Emitter underneath, Grappling Hook & Flamethrower mounted on the back of his right gauntlet, and another Miniature Lightsaber Emitter mounted underneath.
  • Combat Rebreather: The Combat Rebreather filters toxins, and is built to guard the face from stray blaster bolts
  • Nanovest: The robes allow for Voph's Nanovest to also be worn
  • Ri-Qorit: The robes allow for Voph's Ri-Qorit to also be worn
  • Cloak of Eshan: The robes allow for Voph's Cloak of Eshan to also be worn.
  • Songsteel Armored greaves, boots, gauntlets, and Breastplate
  • Imbued: The armor is imbued to defend against hostile force powers.
  • Utility Belt


  • Combat Rebreather: The Combat Rebreather filters toxins, and is built to guard the face from stray blaster bolts.
  • Force Imbuement: The Robes are imbued with the Force, allowing them to deflect and defend against hostile Force Powers.
  • Songsteel: The addition of more songsteel plates over the original design results in increased Lightsaber defense.


  • Combat Padding: The Robes have little in the way of kinetic defense.
  • Thin Plates: The Songsteel Plates are quite thin, and can rupture easy.
  • Restrictive: The additional armor plating reduces Voph's overall agility.
  • Sonic/EMP/Ion: The armor has no resistances to any of these damage types.

In all our years serving with him, we never saw the Commander without his armor. Till that day at Denova, that is. When he sacrificed it to save us. After that, he took up a mere robe. A tattered cloak plucked from the body of the one man he called brother. He would have rebuilt it. But there was something about that shroud. Rather than take the mantle of the juggernaut he'd once been, the Commander walked the path of balance. And from that day...he was never really the same. But one thing was for sure. Wherever that robe went, death was sure to follow...


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Gir Quee

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