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Amylia Themba [WIP]

WIP W.I.P You_see_the_other_tags_right?

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Amylia Themba

Amylia Themba

    The Dreadhead

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General Info
Full Name: Amylia Themba (Named by Mthunzi [Birthname N/A])
Nickname(s): Am 
Affiliation: N/A
Rank N/A
Species: Human (Birthplace N/A [[Supposedly Jakku]])
Homeworld: Tatooine
Force Sensitive?: Yep, Untrained


Physical Info



Age: 19


Sex: Female


Height: 5'6 (167cm)


Weight: 125lbs (56kg)


Eyes: Nut Brown


Hair: Black Dreads


Skin: Dark


Build: Skinny



Notable Markings: Multiple Tribal style tattoos

that cover her upper body and arms




Description: A skinny, dark skinned human female, Amylia stands at 5,6 in height. Her long, black and thick dreadlocks almost reach her waistline. Big, light brown earrings hang on both of her ears and her eyes are a dark brown color, resembling a coconut. On her face she has three white piercings and a nose ring. Her upper body is covered in thick, tribal style tattoos. 



 Can't Catch Me!
Years of stealing from bazaars and cantinas has made Amylia quite agile and trained her to become an expert in running away from potential threats. Finding shortcuts? Jumping from a roof to another? No problem.
▲ A Fighter
Taught by her mother figure [Mthunzi], Amylia is always ready to defend herself with her long wooden staff if necessary.
▲ Positive
With a bright smile that hardly ever escapes her face, Amylia tries to maintain a positive mindset no matter the situation.
Amylia sees lying as a key. A key that can open doors that lead to safety even with the cost of it hurting others. Needless to say, she lies her way out of most situations.
 Unaware and Untrained
Although strong with the Force, Amylia doesn't have a clue of the potential she has as a Force user.




Amylia isn't the strongest and definitely not the tallest one around. 


Origin (Chapter 1)


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Darth Metus

Darth Metus

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Amylia Themba

Are those my eyes?

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Amylia Themba

Amylia Themba

    The Dreadhead

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Darth Metus


There's always a chance...


Darth Tacitus

Darth Tacitus

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Darth Metus Not really a surprise if you don't know whether or not she's yours. I mean, that child support bill must be the size of the Confederate defense budget, by now.


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