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Emerald Promise - Emerald Praxium

- - - - - Green Jedi Praxeum Ship Corellian Confederation Jedi Corellian Battlecruiser

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Lisza Starseeker

Lisza Starseeker

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"You know us Corellian Jedi—notoriously contrary and bent on going our own way."
―Corran Horn


  • Intent: To provide the Green Jedi with a large Praxeum vessel 
  • Image Source: Star Citizen
  • Canon Link: Praxeum Ship
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Corellian Confederation
  • Affiliation: Corellian Confederation
    • Green Jedi 
  • Model: N/A
  • Production:  Unique 

  • Material:


  • Classification: Praxeum Ship
  • Length: 2000 Meters [Core Ship: 500 Meters]
  • Width: 800 Meters
  • Height: 900 Meters
  • ArmamentVery Low
    • Light Turbolaser Turrets
    • Ion Cannons
    • Point-Defense Laser Cannons
    • Turbolaser Batteries
  • Defenses:Extreme
    • Redundant Deflector Shield Generators
    • Armor Plating
    • Dampner Aerosol Missiles
    • Chaff
    • Compartmentalized Design
    • Xythan Force Shield
  • Fighter HangarExtreme: 18
  • Support Craft Hangar: Space for 3 Squadrons
    • U-Wing - 1 Squadron
    • Space for 2 Squadrons of Various Personal Transports
  • Maneuverability RatingVery Low
  • Speed Rating: Average
  • Hyperdrive ClassAverage: 1; Core Ship: 5


  • Sensor Suite (HSI/DER/EPR/AS/LFI)
  • Targeting Systems
  • Encryption Module
  • Hyperwave Transciever 
  • Combat Radar Suite 
  • Escape Pods
  • Ship to Ship Boarding Tube
  • Life Support
  • Deflector Shields
  • Med Bay
  • Standard Starship Safety Systems
  • Aural Sensors
  • Various Standard Military Grade Warship Systems


  • Core Ship "Emerald Key"
  • Habitation Garden Semi-Spheres
  • Meditation Chambers
  • Training Dojos
  • Holo Library
  • Secondary Bridge
  • Advanced Medical Bay
  • Lightsaber Workshop
  • Research Laboratories 
  • Advanced Tractor Beams
  • Long-Range Communications Array
  • Virtual Intelligence Core "Alya"
  • Cryo Pods



  • Core Ship: Offered a quick getaway in emergencies and also greatly expanded its mission profile, allowing Green Jedi to be deployed in several locations at once. 
  • Virtual Assistant: Equipped with the new VI Core, the Emerald Promise's students, teachers, and crew have an invaluable assistant to aid in their studies, ship to ship combat, or maintenance on the ship. 
  • Skeleton Crew: Alya allows the ship to run with a skeleton crew 


  • Gardens: While shielded, excessive damage to the garden's domes after its shield has been disabled could easily crack the dome and vent the entire garden
  • Spinal Damage: Even though the ship is high compartmentalized, excessive damage to the spine of the vessel could cause it to crack open, venting large portions of the ship before systems could react.
  • Physical Core: If the home vessel or military base is invaded and the Core is damaged, it cannot transfer to a new platform and will die if destroyed.
  • Sliced: While the code and encryption for the Corellian VI is extremely tight, anything can be sliced if one has the correct codes, access phrases, or biometrics. Incredible slicers can even slice remotely.
  • Exposed Bridge: The bridge of the Emerald Promise is front and center of the ship.
  • EMP Weapons: While the VI Core is shielded from most EMPs and Ion weaponry, if the ship is not it will have to shut itself down to prevent damage to the Core itself.
  • Catastrophic EMP: While shielded, incredibly powerful EMP or Ion weapons [Extreme Dedicated Ion Weapons/powerful natrual phenomenon etc] can damage the core, causing the VI's mental state to deteriorate quickly.

Description: Designed for the Green Jedi as a "charity project" by several local Corellian Shipwrights, the Emerald Promise praxeum ship, affectionately referred to as Prax, was a massive peaceful starship meant to aid in the training of the next generation of Corellian Jedi. Its construction however was halted after the Galactic Alliance fell and the Imperial Bloc moved to impose their will on the people of Corellia. The Green Jedi went into hiding, only to re-emerge during the battle for freedom alongside the New Republic. As a way to show the Green Jedi were valued by the Corellian people, several shipwrights came together along with the renewed Corellian Confederation to produce the vessel. 


At 2,000 meters in length, the Emerald Promise was essentially a mobile training platform for Jedi. Though large, the ship wasn't meant for combat and instead much of its internal space was dedicated to meditation rooms, dojos, lightsaber workshops, and four large meditative gardens. Despite not having any weapons its defenses were incredible tough. With several layers of redundant shielding, heavy armor plating, and a hull made of rare lamanium which allowed the vessel to recover over time from hull damage made the vessel incredibly self-reliant. The ship was commanded by a group of Green Jedi masters at all times and most of the ship's systems were heavily automated or operated by droids. Besides the Jedi and droid crew, the ship also housed those that had dedicated their lives to aiding the Green Jedi in their quests. Dubbed "Emerald Rangers", these volunteers aided in ship command, starfighter support, transport pilots, and maintaining the droids, slave systems and Alya. Alya was the ship's Virtual Intelligence and one of the first of her kind in Corellian Space. She operated as a sort of curator and caretaker for the vessel and its inhabitants and was able to freely access large portions of the Corellian Holonet and move to various holo terminals dotting across the ship. 


One of the most interesting and useful functions of the Emerald Promise was its ability to detach its "core ship". The Core Ship consisted of the first 500 meters of the vessel and came equipped with its own hyperdrive and escape pods. The Core Ship was equipped with a single dual turbolaser and a pair of point defense laser cannons, making it even less well armed than the Emerald Promise herself, but allowed Jedi Masters to embark on missions and developing situations in the Corellian Sector more quickly than bringing the entire vessel. It could also be used as a massive escape pod in a scenario where the Emerald Promise is destroyed. 


Though her initial construction was delayed and the Green Jedi she was meant to ferry across the stars were a fraction of their former strength, "Prax" would go on to serve the Green Jedi proudly and provide a safe environment for future generations of Green Jedi to learn and thrive.

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