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Devils... Monsters...

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“The weak exist because we permit it, and they shall end because we demand it. This time of sniveling pacifism is over, if they kill us they're better if we kill them we're better. That is the way of the warrior.”
-Anonymous Clan Munin Warrior
Umbara. It is a world consumed by perpetual shadow and home of the titular Umbaran people, a species of Near-Human associated with near translucent skin and esoteric coloured iris. They weren't a particularly militant people although they were known for their shrewd politicking and mercantile skill and these traits made them all the more appealing target for Marauders and Brigands, most of whom however had long left the world be due to its' inclusion within the Silver Jedi Order's protective cloud of influence which snuggled the world in an affectionate benevolent embrace.
However there was one class of egregious murderers, brigands and marauders who were not deterred by the presence of Umbara within the Silver Jedi Order's protective sphere, oh no. To the Mandalorian Warriors of Clan Munin whoever appealed to another for protection was either a fool or a coward and whoever could not survive without that protection was undoubtedly both fit for little more than indentured prostrated servitude or death. And so it came to pass that Warships bearing malicious and deceitful transponder signatures entered Umbara’s system steadily sailing towards its’ atmosphere laden with Crusaders who eagerly awaited their Chieftain’s orders within the dark fetid holds of these vessels that featured expansive holding decks with empty Durasteel Cages soon to be occupied with freshly taken slaves.
Curiously the warriors and vessels of Clan Munin were painted and decorated in the markings of an old and loathed enemy, of those clans loyal to Clan Cadera and the Mandalorian Empire’s so-called Mand’alor. The Empire had made one too many enemies and despite many of these enemies possessing no love for one-another they were presently united in their hatred for that coalition of clans. Even a high-ranking Sith Lord of the Sith-Imperial Empire had thrown in their support behind the planned false-flag attack after being approached by members of an Umbaran Criminal Cartel who had been tipped-off by contacts within the criminal underworld.
That same Umbaran Cartel for reasons their own had bribed many local soldiers and police officers to arrange leave for their personnel so that the security details around the Capital City's space-ports would be conveniently under-strength and weakened to resist the incoming Mandalorian onslaught. It was a conspiracy of epic proportions that threatened to unbalance and utterly destroy the very tenuous ceasefire and peace that had temporarily taken root within the Galaxy’s political heart and plunge it into a war of scale not seen since the Great Galactic War. The light would wane with the coming night and the sun that rises on the next dawn shall be tainted with the blood of innocent, guilty, young and old alike.
Note: This thread was posted on behalf of Vilaz Munin as part of the character's ongoing narrative. The OP was a collaborative effort drafted primarily by myself to create a set piece for Vilaz.

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Klaxon's went off, the monitoring stations and security network that had been established. WIth the proximity of Umbara to Kashyyyk it made sense to monitor and watch as the second fleet looked around. "Admiral we have intruders. Looks like Mandalorian ships." A look from the officer on the bridge as information came up on the hardlight screen displaying the regions and area of their space. She moved the map and brought up form information. "Send out the alert and assemble what ships are in the area if they are attacking in retaliations for... when was the last time we faced them?" She said it and looked at the one who shrugged.


"Ah wasn't the clan involved whenmysteriously we were being called to a planet that they had been kidnapped to by the third party and instead of being lured into a trap we investigated and discovered we had no reason to be involved in mandalorian personal business." That sounded simple enough while she was looking at it. "Sadly we can't ignore and investigate just yet.. if they are attacking the people then we need to move and defend them but thankfully more then one thing can be done at a time." She clasped hands behind her back and walked around. "Lets see what assets we have on the planet first and send recon teams to gather information it would be foolish to charge in and endanger more lives."


She got a look from them. "If we charge in guns blazing, the few hours it would take to get there those people could already be dead, the enemy ships could have moved somewhere else or run away. We need intelligence first otherwise we are no better then brutes." But they could do a few things. "But divert one of our stations to the planet, we'll use it to activate a shield gate and reinforce it with ships. IF they are on the planet they will be trapped and we can proceed. If they run well we can question why attack a world that can't defend itself aside from its small defensive fleet they would have produced." Nod of approval came as the orders went out.


"So orders are to box them in and figure out what they want?" SHe gave a nod... "And to inform the others, John Locke will want to know, Gir Quee and the other admirals. Once the shield gate is activated we can bottleneck them and if need be we have some abyssal cannons to smash their heavy ships. Up the monitoring stations and network as well. The interdiciton means of it should have worked so again we face sabotage it seems which the investigators might want. A pre-meditated attack on civilians and some military. Makes one long for the honor of the Rekali's who went after those who might challenge them or Garon."

Coren Starchaser

Coren Starchaser

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A ship was already waiting. Coren had to cut something short with his current trip to Kashyyyk. Apparently there was a situation that needed his attention. There was a newer model AT-360 that was brought down from his Defender. The Jedi nodded to the crew as he stepped aboard, a few other Jedi from the Covenant and the Silvers were aboard as well. He was feeling a bit good about it as he stepped up to the pilot’s seat. Sitting down, he activated the controls, the music, and the thrusters.


“Ay Tea Transport Sunbeam launching from Kashyyyk. Destination: Umbara.” He told flight control before the ship took off. The move to the jump point wasn’t bad and when they hit it, Coren didn’t even tap in a destination, he pointed a direction, relaxed in the Force and then JUMP.



The Reversion would only be a few moment later. Once they hit the real space, the pilot threw the ship into a disguised IFF and brought her down to the planet. Putting the ship down, he hurried on off with the rest of the team. “Lets give Silver Control some information. If you see anyone being hassled, engage, but until then, information gather.” The Jedi Master grabbed his lightsaber, and a pistol, but kept neither in his hand as he stepped into he streets.


He tapped his ear. “Keep channels open.”


Horus Arseneau

Josiah Denko




Aedan Miles

Aedan Miles

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Location: Bridge of the Bane in hyperspace to Umbara

Allies: Maybe SJO and others

Enemies: Munin.Kirchenhof Vilaz Munin

Objective: Backhand people attacking things

Music: The Hu- Wolf Totem


Aedan sat ensconed in the command throne of the Bane his mismatched eyes blazing angrily as he looked at the data pad in his hand. Moments before his forces had been preparing to leave for a raid against various unclaimed planets and a few smaller governmental bodies he had received an emergency call for help from one of his nearer cloning facilities. This facility was hidden on the planet where deeper in its depths the scientists were preparing those clones that had come out of the vats recently and finished their flash training. Weapons and armor heaped onto the Cragmaloid troops of the Red Fang sad only 20 of them were ready enough for battle to be armed up. Finally above the planet with the common flashes of ships leaving hyperspace a portion of Ghost Fleets 1st Wing dropped out of hyperspace the Bane in the lead. Almost instantly fighters flashed out from the ships and took up a fighter screen before Aedan's ships as he looked at the ships that were broadcasting Clan Cadera IFF's getting a short raise of the eyebrow from Aedan. Finally he waved his hand having his communications officer to open system wide channels as he started to speak. "To all forces present in system this is War Master Aedan Miles a true member of your Mandalorian neighbors. These imposters are not acting on our orders nor would something like this ever take place. If we planned to attack it would be well known. I am here to assist in the removal of this dishonorable scum from the galaxy. To the forces of the Silver Jedi I shall prevent their ships from escaping in hopes that we may capture those who thought this was a good idea. I will not land forces on your planet though as I feel that may be over stepping my bounds. If you would like assistance on planet though feel free to request it." Aedan gestured to his communications officer signalling for him to cut the signal but send frequencies to the SJO forces for coordination sake.


Forces brought with Aedan




Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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Location: Union II-class Assault Carrier Riptide, docked in the Umbaran Capital City Spaceport

Objective: Enter the battlefield

Allies: Sala'dineCoren StarchaserAedan Miles




"And this is Lieutenant Skolta," said Captain Truzig, motioning to slim, blue-skinned humanoid, "one of my rising young stars."


Gir promptly shook the junior officer's hand. Conducting surprise visits across his fleet was always something of a game of roulette. Sometimes he found himself uncovering serious concerns that he would have otherwise been unaware of, such as toxic leadership or supply deficiencies, while other timeslike this visit the Riptide, it had largely been a pleasant if somewhat boring excursion from his daily routine back at headquarters. Gir briefly scanned Skolta's uniform, making note of the decorations he saw on the uniform.


"I see that you were also at Ghenna IV."


"Ah, yes sir, I was...on the Evening Tide then-"


Gir felt a slight squeeze on his arm as Ariela, his apparent aid, pulled her face to his ear, "The port is being attacked. Raider ships are starting to land."


The admiral frowned, "That's bold. Who would do such a thing?"


"It appears to be the Mandalorian Empire."


The blonde man turned to Captain Trutzig, "I guess you have an opportunity to show me your people in action."


Trutzig glumly nodded as he began to bark out orders across the bridge, getting his carrier ready to action stations. The admiral himself didn't have enough information available to him to immediately offer any tactical advice to the captain, but he knew that undoubtedly that if ships were landing, the raiders were intent on fulfilling not simple destruction, but that they were after something more personal or material. More likely than not, they meant to take whatever it was with them. That means that we can't just simply fight them from our ships...Quee toggled a switch on his headset to change to a secure channel used by the command staff of the ground forces present on the Riptide, which included 4th Fleet's own 41st Reinforced Battlegroup and a handful of other units.


"All commanders, deploy your troops to defend the port and meet me in the Planetary Operations Center."


With that, elements of the 41st Battlegroup started to flood out of the Riptide's hold to meet the raiders in battle.


(OOC Note: As a FYI, I'm not planning on using the Riptide for fleeting (unless someone attacks me with another starship) but more as a plausible base for grounding)


41st Reinforced Battlegroup (entering the battlefield)

<p class='bbc_center'><a href='http://starwarsrp.ne...7-lucerne-labs/' class='bbc_url' title=''>KULV1Mo.png</a><a href='http://starwarsrp.ne...rsonal-defense/' class='bbc_url' title=''>ARav83L.png</a></p>

Jessica Med-Beq

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Objective: Lull the Mandos into a false sense of security

Allies: Gir Quee Coren Starchaser Gerad Naahan

Enemies: Mandos


"General, we have intruders coming in, looks like Mandos"


"Mandos: last we fought them we were able to make it out just fine. We may as well try to lull them into a false sense of security while we gather some intel on who's actually attacking. Only once they have been positively identified as hostiles can we engage; assume defensive positions for now"


Meanwhile, on the ground, Jessica had some contingents on standby. It's just that Mando adventurism once again seems to rear its ugly head, and the fleet, such as the Second Fleet under Sala'dine, and other elements of the First Fleet, have begun investigating these goings-on. Let them rush, we shall not go head-on just yet. But something's not right: even so, whoever is the attacker, possibly some extremist clan, won't have it easy if and once they start attacking, she thought, while the forces under her command began taking up positions at potential choke points, for mortars, machinegun nests, MANPADs, and maybe even some anti-aircraft batteries and field artillery under the form of main battle tanks. And even a few squadrons of aircraft. And, of course, infantry. By now, however, she was led to believe that it was best not to move in head-on: she knew the main means Jedi have to frighten would-be enemies, Mandos, Sith or otherwise, is to display greater skill. Yet by now some of the people manning the staff on Umbara were there on Barataria when she last dealt with the Mandos in battle.


OOC: Force composition to be disclosed later

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Veiere Arenais

Veiere Arenais

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"The Judiciary" Heavy Assault Cruiser.

Location: En-route to Umbara.

Tags: Coren Starchaser, Caedyn Arenais,

Sala'dine, Gir Quee, Asaraa Vaashe.






It was only a matter of time...


Truth be told, Veiere had been expecting this; to be put between his familial ties and the political indifference of the Silver Jedi Order and the Mandalorian Empire. From a distance, he had watched and listened to the Holo-net recordings of the account of Eshan's tragic attack, defended by the Confederacy as the numerous clans under Kay's neice's authority waged war against the unsuspecting people. With any lucky, both Yasha Cadera and Kay Arenais would have no involvement there on Umbara today.


The Heavy Cruiser's departure from Kashyyyk had been immediate, following the alarming news that Umbara was expecting an attack from the Order's long time opposition. Co-ordinating with Coren Starchaser whom had been on world and departing for the coming battle, Veiere had his crewman work double time to prepare the Judiciary for her first real battle. There were innocent lives at stake today, and like he had been trying to tell his wife, the nature of these attacks that had been seemingly routine for the Mandalorian's these days, needed to be put to a stop and accounted for. Responsibility taken for the onslaught of lives affected by their warmongering.


"All hands prepare for combat" Veiere's voice rang out across the ship-wide intercom system, "This is now a red alert situation, Umbarian lives are counting on us. You've all been trained, you all know your purpose here today. I'm counting on each and every one of you to show the Galaxy what the Silver Jedi Order can do against the enemies of democracy and peace. May the Force guide you all, Veiere out".


"Mom's not gonna like this..." a voice came from behind him, causing Veiere to turn and meet his Son, Caedyn Arenais standing on the Bridge alongside the Commander, Vikras Ansion. Nodding his agreement, Veiere understood his point, however it wasn't the Silver Jedi who had asked for this. "We do what we must for the good of the people...-I'm glad you agreed to come with me. I know you'll do well out there today" he replied, placing a hand to Caedyn's shoulder in confidence.

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[Jedi Battle-Armor] ["The Judiciary" Heavy Cruiser] [Senior Officers]

~ The right course of action rarely comes with ease, and without personal sacrifice ~

Droz Munin

Droz Munin

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D r o z _ M u n i n


Objective | Slaughter and wreak havoc

Company | Fellow Marauders / Civilians


Droz was among the first boots on the ground as soon as their ships arrived, and among the first Mandalorians to set foot in the territory of the Silver Jedi Order with hostile intent. He was among those who believed the Mandalorians had fallen from their once grand glory. Through a deceptive plot, plans had been made to spur the gears of war into motion, one that would bring about a grand bloodshed. The ships had been cleverly masqueraded as those loyal to the Mandalorian Empire, under the colors and name of Mand'alor. Though it disgusted Droz a great deal to be wearing their colors on his own armor, a stain that sullied his clan's honor, it was necessary for their plan to be realized and seen to fruition.


They came like a tide of wrath and fury, disembarking from their transports with their jetpacks as blaster bolts rained down on the port from above. Droz had unholstered his dual blaster pistols as he fired upon the lax number of guards and workers milling about, catching the unaware by surprise as their bodies were riddled with blaster bolts. A few other of his fellow marauders would quickly follow suit, encircling the docks as they ruthlessly gunned down anyone who attempted to escape while herding the others into a cluster, surrounded by Mandalorians bearing the emblems and colors of Clan Cadera. Droz had carefully selected an open area in the view of surveillance cameras to catch sight of the attack, to be deliberately seen with his masqueraded colors and emblem.


A dozen or so Umbaraans were huddled together as Droz and his marauders closed in on them. Droz would lift his blaster as he carefully fired off shots, blaster bolts piercing through multiple bodies as corpses hit the ground. By the time he stopped firing, only two Umbaraans remained, both of them falling to their hands and knees. Droz would holster his pistols as he walked up to them and crouched down, resting his forearms on his knees as his vocoded voice was heard.


" Go on...Run to your people... To those protectors you call Jedi... Tell them the Mandalorians have come, and that Clan Cadera will be their doom... "


Droz would stand up as he made a tilt of his head for them to move. They whimpered and cowered as they scrambled to their feet and ran off into the darkness. Droz's marauders would open a gap for them to run as they walked over to Droz. One of them would speak up as Droz watched them run. " How many survivors is needed to deliver the message? " Droz would reach down to his belt as he unsheathed a vibroknife and lifted it in both hands as he continued to watch the two survivors run as he casually responded, " Just one... " The Munin would pull his hand back, knife in hand as he threw it into the darkness. A short while later one of the survivors would fall to the ground, a knife buried down to the hilt in their back as the other continued to run away even faster.


Droz would turn to his marauders as he reached down and unholstered his blaster pistols, " And so it begins my brothers and sisters. We return our Empire to its former glory! For Mand'alor! " Droz would raise his arm up in the air as his fellow marauders cheered in response. By claiming this was all in the name of Mand'alor, there would only be one person to be held accountable for their actions, and should any of his brothers and sisters in arms be captured, they had devised a way to prevent the leakage of their plans to the enemy in the form of poison. Any of their deaths would be the foundation that would build up to a greater Mandalorian era.



Veiere Arenais | Jessica Med-Beq | Gir Quee | Aedan Miles | Coren Starchaser |

| Sala'dine | Vilaz Munin | Kirchenhof |

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Caedyn Arenais

Caedyn Arenais

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Location: Aboard "The Judiciary".

Objective: Join the Ground Forces on Umbara.

Inventory: Caedyn's Jedi Armor | Personal Lightsaber | Heavy Buckler | CS.38 Tactical Side-Arm.




"We do what we must for the good of the people...

-I'm glad you agreed to come with me. I know you'll do well out there today".


He didn't often make it a habit to join his Father on such a vessel, though this time around the Force had called for them to come together for the defense and continued freedom of the Umbarian people. "I'm glad you didn't bring Lori along..." Caedyn replied, dodging the compliment and thinking more of his Sister. Loreena Arenais would have found herself torn between two peoples, she had been trained by them, their Uncle Kaine Australis and Jaster of whom she had named her ship after, the "Jaster's Sparrow". Caedyn would have hated to see her put in this situation, it'd have broken her heart. Already, they had enough on their shoulders with how this would affect the women in their family, not to mention that somewhere out there, Caedyn's Girlfriend Asaraa Vaashe was no doubt also having to deal with the news of this attack in some way.


"I won't be hanging around, Dad" Caedyn added after a moment of silence between the two, the crew aboard the bridge rushing about their duties whilst Commander Vikras appeared to be at peace with remaining quiet and allowing them their moment; "I'm more use down on the ground..." his Je'daii training would embolden him down on the surface, using all that he had been taught by Asha Hex and Ignis Imura.


"Arriving in twenty, Captain" one of the senior officers called to his father from the Helm, Caedyn smiling faintly as it was the first time his Father had been called upon by rank since he had been told about Veiere's new position within the Order of the Silver Jedi; "This isn't the Resolute..." Caedyn reminded his Dad before turning and heading for the entrance and the turbo-lifts. In his own way, the small remark was the best way he could manage to tell his Father not to go and get himself killed out there. They both still had a long way to go in patching up old wounds but...-Some progress had been made.


While the Judiciary would remain in Orbit, Caedyn would find a means of transport down to where the real battle would be waged. Not between birds of metal, but blood, sweat and tears; the clashing of blades and breaking of flesh. With the Force by his side, he would do all that was within his power to ensure that the innocent lives would be spared of this horrid fate.


Kirchenhof | Sala'dine | Coren Starchaser | Aedan Miles | Gir Quee | Jessica Med-Beq | Droz Munin

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Cotan Sar'andor

Cotan Sar'andor

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"But until then, information gather?"


Another Jedi stepped off of Coren's ship, sliding a blaster pistol back into its holster. "Turning into a little green man on me, Coren? Last I checked, you didn't look like those old holos of Yoda. It's weird to hear you talk like them." Cotan clapped Coren on the back, grinning. "No worries, though. I'm sure you'll look great when you do finally turn into a long-eared, wizened old toad." Before Coren was able to reply, Cotan quickly stepped away, looking down the street before them.


The feigned good mood quickly faded as his mind went to business, quickly mapping out details of the location and matching it to the map he'd just been looking at. "What do you think about finding where the real fun is and hopping in? Seems like the best way to information-gather to me." He turned, pointing with one hand. "Space-port's right over there, after all, and we could see on the ride in that's where they were hitting." Without waiting for an answer, he started walking in that direction anyways, lightsaber in hand and ready to be activated.


"Besides, I need the practice."


Coren Starchaser



"Does this thing even work?...Oh, so it does."

Esvan Verd

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Esvan Verd

Marauder | Mercenary | Berserker

| Kirchenhof | Sala'dine | Coren Starchaser | Aedan Miles | Gir Quee | Droz Munin |Jessica Med-Beq | Veiere Arenais | Caedyn Arenais | Vilaz Munin



Ethics, morals, 'justice,' they were all foregone when the price was right. Why care about the death of a few civilians if one gained hundreds upon thousands of credits? There was no need to overload a mind with needless guilt and sadness at the notion of a breaking of ethics. For Esvan, this process was easier. He cared not for morals, nor ethics, nor whatever was deemed justice and fair and honorable. He never saw any reason as to deny who one's self was, and he never saw any reason why societal morals should be followed. He wasn't a damn chit-talking politician or peace-core worker. He was a mercenary who only cared about the thrill of the hunt and the pleasures that could be bought with credits. He was a simple man at heart and at mind, do whatever the person with the highest amount of credits told you to do. He had lived by such a code for years, and it hadn't yet failed him.


Why should he deny who he is, then?


As soon as the vessel was on had made landfall near the port, he was off with a blaster in hand. It still disgusted him to wear the colors of the Mand'alor, however it was part of the contract and thus he had to abide by it. The man's jetpack buzzed into silence when he had landed on the ground, heavy beskar boots impacting ground with a thud. Civilians were everywhere, running and crying and some even put up a fight. Though these Umbarans were no match for the beskar-clad Mandalorians who sought nothing but death and brimstone. The Verd brought his blaster up to eye-level, the internal Heads-Up-Display of his helmet marking any targets near to him and feeding the data into the cybernetic implant which ran along his right arm.


One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Eight shots was all it took to take down the nearest civilians, leaving the stub-end of the mercenary's blaster blowing heated smoke from it's barrel...and the civilians corpses brimming with heat and the sizzle of burned muscle and super-heated tibanna gas.


"At least run fast you chits. You white-skinned Umbarans are trying to survive, aren't ya'?"


Esvan's right hand slid the blaster onto a magnetic on his right thigh, causing the blaster to snap to his thigh automatically. He walked forwards slowly, easily catching up to a few scrambling Umbarans who were too unfortunate to be close to the man. The Verd pointed his gloved index and middle finger together and pressed them against the crook of his left wrist. The buttons clicked, and red-yellow 'hell-fire' came forth with from the underbarrel flamethrower, jumping outwards two feet infront of him and catching the stragglers, searing and burning them...screams of anguish and pain fell from their quivering lips.


At least it's easy.


John Locke

John Locke

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Location: Umbara

Tagging: Gianna Aegis | Aedan MilesSala'dine




It had been a nice day, in fact it had been a wonderful day, he'd been reviewing the latest set of blueprints which his new intern, Allya Vi'Dreya. It was his favourite part of the day, the chance to build something new,to see what new ideas a fresh mind could come up with, and in the new Intern he'd found someone whose creativity matched his own. It had been a pleasure to meet her, to start working with her, the day had started off so well. John let his eyes snap open, sitting up on the command seat of the Mace Windu, sucking in a deep breath as he glanced around the ship, his gaze drawn to the view screen, at the lines of light that made up hyperspace as his chief of staff padded across the bridge towards him. 


"We're about to drop out of Hyperspace now sir. Do you have any commands for the fleet?" 


John glanced down at the screen in front of him, the data dump of the system shining up at him as the man tapped his fingers against the metallic surface of the tablet before he looked up, discarding the tablet to the side as he stood, taking a step towards the view screen before nodding at the communications officer, the very same lieutenant who had delivered him the fateful message he'd failed to read over Eshan. "The fleet is to fully deploy upon arrival and to spin up the interdictors, deploy all fighters and bombers upon arrival."


"Yes sir," a small nod and the woman turned to her console, sending the instructions our to the fleet as the lines of light shortened, the ship dropping out of hyperspace as John turned to the woman standing next to him. "Now, we'll see what's going on..." the Admiral's voice was cut off as Aedan's voice cam booming over the speakers, his comm's officer taking the initiative to broadcast the man's message over the speakers as John's face paled. "He's..." A Mandalorian fleet was in the system that was being attacked right now...


"Get me a line to Aedan Miles now." 


John took a deep breath to centre himself before he started to speak, "Warmaster Miles, I thank you for your concern, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to power down your ships weapons and shields. As you noted, the planet is currently under attack by Mandalorians flying Clan Cadera colours, the Clan of your Mandalor. You might claim that they're impostors, but we only have your word of that and given the current events and your reputation you can understand that right now I'm afraid I can't trust you or your ships anywhere near the planet. The protection of the system from all possible threats is my highest priority. Furthermore, I can't help but notice that you've brought a Mandalorian combat fleet into the territory under the protection of the Silver Jedi, while our factions are, not on the best of terms. I'd ask what you were thinking, but I get hte feeling we'll be able to talk about it shortly in person." The cyborg let out a long sigh, "If it turns out that they are impostors then we'll all be lucky," a war was the last thing he wanted to see ravage space. Even now John woke in the middle of hte night, his dreams were filled with Eshan, with the sight off all those dead, the dead that were his fault. It had been his Star Destroyer which had collided with the city, he'd seen first hand the cost of war, and that was a fate he wanted to avoid at all costs, "but as this currently stand you will shut down your shields and your weapons." 


The man turned to his communications officer, drawing a line across his throat, "Have the gravity well projectors target his fleet and bring us around to face him. Send Admiral Sala'dine a message, let her know I'm moving to take the second Mandalorian fleet into custody and then will deploy to support her in system when she arrives." 


The last thing John wanted was to start a war, but Aedan Miles was a well known pirate, and was the War Master of the United Clans of Mandalore, a man who had attacked the Silver Jedi before, he dare not risk that this was all a ploy to get the man's ships closer in to the planet. If there was any fallout John would choose to handle it, he wanted to be closing with the planet, to step in to help stop the raiders, but that wasn't something he could do. He trusted Sala'dine, the admiral had more than proven herself, and he knew she could handle the raiders while he dealt with the Aedan. Hopefully the situation could be dealt with before anything could go wrong or spin out of control.






Allya Vi'Dreya

Allya Vi'Dreya

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Objective: Get to ground, and make sure everyone knows about the attack. Secondary Objective: Gather Data, capture invader


At the edge of the Umbaran system, the Unyielding Faith saw it all. Allya had taken Jerek's advice and attempted to get more into her Umbaran heritage. Her time on the planet had made her realized why her dad was so messed up. However, this gave her the unique positions to watch the Mandalorians arrive. The moment the Mandalorian ships were in range, they were already making calls. The ship's powerful sensors, and comm units pumped out as much data to Kashyyyk And Geonosis as physically possible. “Contact the SJO, I want all data sent to them. Monitor every outgoing comm signal, do your best to capture, do not waste time trying to decrypt. I want every ship's data captured and stored as well, we can run it through the databases later. Get as much data as you can. When done, send it all to Adron Malvern and Srina Talon . All hands to battle stations! Pilots to the fighters. Bring us around Captain Whey, I want a microjump to the planet, we make land fall, and defend and evacuate as many as we can. All droids activate, all clones, prepare for battle.”


As the ship performed its duties, Allya moved to her quarters and changed into her beskar'gam. There was no real hatred. Raiding was a standard Mando'ad practice. It just happened in her culture. Though, most found it a revolting practice now-a-days. As she finished getting ready, the ship shook and soon it pulled out of hyperspace and dove for the planet at full speed. The blockade runner's massive engines moved it faster than a large number of fighters.. It was a good ship.


She rushed to the cargo bay, where she met up with nearly two hundred of her favorite Clanker droids, and dozens of her clone's. Everyone had been warned, the ship was gathering a much information as it could. However, she wanted to capture one of the Mandalorians alive. She wanted to figure out exactly what clan they were from....so she could wipe it from the face of the galaxy. There was a reason, even now, having given up a lot more of her Sith heritage, she was still dark and felt not reason not to be. War was hell. She was the one who could do what her beloved Jedi could not, and would keep them safe no matter what.


“Entering Atmosphere, it's going to be bumpy, we will be on the ground soon!”


John Locke | Caedyn Arenais | Droz Munin | Gir Quee | Coren Starchaser | Kirchenhof

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Aedan Miles

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John Locke


Aedan sighed as he heard the man and leaned back bored against his command throne shaking his head as he started to spin a small knife between his finger tips thoughtfully before he finally shrugged and opened a channel to the admiral who had contacted him. "Sense only an idiot would fully power down in a combat zone I will meet you half way. I will have all but 2 escorts and the Bane leave the system, recall all fighters, and power down weapons. Shields will stay up for my safety as I have already stated any attacks even those by private clan forces are only authorized by me and while I may dislike the way the Silver Jedi do things I wouldn't just attack a planet like Umbara. Nor do I EVER condone what I hear is taking place on the planet. Think back to what you have heard of me in the past do you truly think I would condone any forces to slaughter civilians and take slaves? I may be a pirate but even I have morals. If you would like I will come aboard your ship unarmed or you may join me here the choice is yours." Before even waiting for the man to respond he gestured and all but two of the Dire-class ships broke off and made for the edge of the system to leave. Even as they did this the rest of his ships powered down weapons and engines coming to a halt as their shields remained up as Aedan had stated. Fighters filtering back into their hangars the crews on edge as they found the actions of those they had come to help more than a little distasteful.




Horus Arseneau

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Location: Coren Starchaser's Starship

Tags: Coren Starchaser Josiah





When Horus visited the planet of Kashyyyk, with the intent on learning from the Masters of the Silver Jedi order he had no clue he would end up on a starship heading for Umbara. A planet cloaked in darkness, he knew next to nothing about it but still he was eager to go. The Mandalorians, nomadic warriors who lived and died for war, were assaulting the planet of Umbara with the intent of wreaking havoc. It was a savage way of living that only ended in the innocent suffering one way or another. 


The dark haired man stirred from sleep only a few minutes before they entered the system. He hadn't even realized he fell asleep. After pressing his palms to his face in an attempt to wake himself up, Horus stood, drawing into a relieving stretch. By the rocking of the ship he realized they must be entering the planet's atmosphere. "Must have fallen asleep..." He muttered, before turning to the table he had been propped up on. Horus pulled the utility belt from the table, fastening it on his waist while stifling another yawn. He pulled the blaster pistol from his holster, checking the weapon with a brief glance before tucking it back where it belonged. The lightsaber that hung from his waist was not exactly the weapon of a Jedi Knight. The metal it had been formed on was rusted and the hilt was covered in a number of scratches. A token, from his mother who had been a Jedi before him, but not much more than that.


Horus pulled his leather jacket on, making his way to where Josiah stood. "Master Denko...I was told while I'm here I should stick with you." He looked to the Jedi Master with a curious gaze. Once the landing pad to the ship extended down to the planet below, Horus stepped down onto the planet with an uncertain sigh. As Coren Starchaser took the lead out of the ship, Horus nodded at the man's words. He checked the comm device on his belt, making sure the indicator light was flashing.

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Nineteen did not like the Mandalorian armour that he was wearing.


It wasn't that it was ill-fitting, because the ISB didn't want to send him out looking unfit or mismatched. Nor that it wasn't protective enough; it was just as protective as the armour he normally wore, and would serve him well in the fighting. It had been outfit with all the same systems he was used to his armour having, just in a slightly different shape.


There was nothing inherently wrong with it other than the fact that it was different.


The rifle was different as well. It wasn't the high-powered, long-range disruptor he preferred. The pistols weren't Imperial standard issue.


Nineteen was a creature of habit, and had a very firm picture in his mind of how things should be. When they weren't that way, it bothered him. Not that the nearly-emotionless clone would ever reveal it. No, he would carry out his assignment without complaint, because that was all he ever did.


Camera feed active.


With any luck, he wouldn't die, and he'd bring the recording back to his superiors himself. If he should die, it was programmed to automatically transmit the recording a short time after the armour could no longer detect his life-signs. After that, there were other failsafes to make sure he wouldn't be discovered.


The scene was one of carnage around one of the spaceports. Civillians of all species running in terror, Mandalorian warriors decked in the livery of clan Cadera—much like Nineteen currently was—firing on them near-indiscriminately. He raised his rifle, gunning down a running Bith. Some short distance away, another Mandalorian let loose with a cry of "For Mand'alor!"

"For Mand'alor!" Nineteen joined in on the reply, pumping a fist in the air with the others. Kill civilians, play the part of the terrorist. Report back to Director Caalgen at the end of the day, and don't let anybody know you aren't Mandalorian.


Just abnormal enough to be average.

Yuroic Xeraic

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Objective: Save the Umbarans

Allies: SJO

Enemies: Mando

Equipment: Energy Bow | Archer-Class Light v1 | Lightsabers | Explosive Arrows


So, the Mandalorians had returned to Umbara. Their last visit had not turned out well for them with the Silver Jedi pushing them back once again, this time Yuroic had little doubt that the same result would happen again. His new armour was slightly stiffer than he liked but it was still new so there was time to get some wear into the fabrics and plating. His quiver stocked with the arrows he knew he would need against Mandalorians and his trusted energy bow strapped to his back. It was strange looking into the mirror and seeing a Jedi Master, armoured and geared looking back at him. His dark eyes were cold and firm. Reports were coming in of civilian lives taken and Mandalorians attempting to take slaves. Yuroic could feel his body tensed as he remembered reading about the slavery, that was something that crossed a line in his mind. Going a step too far and he would end every Mandalorian out there personally if he could.


His Lightsabers strapped to his belt, Yuroic turned around and made his way off the docked ship on Umbara. His mind cold, calculated and to some a lot darker than a Jedi's should be. However, he was in control, he was focused and ready to face the dangers that were coming his way. Gripping his bow tightly, he activated the energy drawstring and listened to the faint hum of energy. It crackled and felt alive as Yuroic scanned the area looking for targets. None were close to him yet but he knew that they were out there and that they would be close by. Tapping his comms alive, Yuroic spoke in a neutral voice, "this is Master Yuroic, on the ground. Anyone want to join me, I am going hunting for Mandalorians." There was a smirk crossing his lips as he spoke.


It was time to hunt the so-called 'hunters'.



Adron Malvern

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Location: Golbah City {Geonosis} | Wearing: This  | Post {I}


The sound of a pen scratching against paper echoed out throughout Adron's office. It had been the only sound in the room for the last few hours. It was that time on the week again, time for the Exarch to catch up on the mountains of paperwork that came across his desk. He dealt with it all in some capacity, trade agreements, execution orders, military levies, it seemed as if there was no end to the damned pieces of parchment. The Exarch adjusted the reading glasses that hung over his amethyst orbs, setting the pen down for a moment before exhaling. This was a maddening process, even the most patient of men would want to take a lightsaber to their temple after an hour of this. The silence of the room was destroyed as his door burst open by a member of the Knight's Obsidian. The hexagonal pattern that came from the man's armor had a faint crimson glow, that shimmered as he moved to the Exarch's desk.


Adron rose to his feet, pulling his glasses off and tossing them onto the desk in front of him. "What is it?" As the Knight grew closer, removing the cowl from his armored helm, the Exarch breathed out a sigh of anticipation. Anytime his doors were thrown open in such a manner it was never good. 


"My lord, the Mandalorian Empire is attacking." The Knight held a datapad to the Exarch, causing Adron to snatch the device from his hands. "Attacking us? What system?" He glanced over the datapad silently for a moment. The Knight let the man read the report himself, and in the next moment Adron turned his eyes back to the man. "They're attacking Umbara, the Jedi?" The Knight gave a solemn nod, before gesturing to a point on the report. "Adjutant Vi'Dreya was the one who sent the report, sir." Allya. The young woman had often spent her time with the Silver Jedi Order, no doubt with that jedi boy who spent a good deal of his time courting her. The Exarch paused, taking a moment to gather his thoughts before finally the Knight prodded him. 


"Your orders?" Adron pushed the datapad into the man's chest, eyeing him closely. "Alert Exarch Talon and the Vicelord." He ordered, before turning back to his desk. 


"Both are aware sir. We dispatched messengers to their offices as well." Adron settled back into his desk, clearing a few of the papers as he tapped into the holoterminal. 


"Sir, shall I alert the Dominus Prime to dispatch a force?" Adron glanced up at the man before shaking his head. "No. My own man will deal with this....whatever this is." Through the terminal Adron connected himself to Havoc (CT-375). He'd ordered the droid to take command of a sizeable strike force only a few weeks before. He had not known it would come in handy so soon, but was thankful he had ordered the droid to remain fleetbound. 


"Vice Marshal Havoc. A Mandalorian strike force is assaulting Umbara. As the closest Confederate forces I command you to move to support the Silver Jedi Order in defending their worlds. We've dealt with these Mandalorian savages once, we'll do it again. Remember, you are being sent to support the Jedi, not usurp them. Grab what forces you can and make way for Umbara, help them to maintain their peace and destroy those barbarians but do no more." Once the holomessage had been dispatched, Adron looked to the Knight who stood before his desk with an agitated gaze. "Disappear." He snapped, and in the next moment the Knight bowed his head before taking his leave of the Exarch's office. Adron leaned back in his chair for a moment in consideration of what was transpiring. The Mandalorians were striking at the Jedi? It seemed a foolish move, no, a damning one. 


He tapped into the terminal once again, this time patching him into a private channel to Xobos Yakieer and Shakti Sweet


"The Jedi are being attacked by the Mandalorians. I want both of you to make your way to Umbara, immediately. Make contact with John Locke of the Silver Jedi Order and offer him your complete support. Find out just what the hell is going on and return to me once this matter is closed. Do not fail me." The man slapped his hand against the terminal, ending the message as he pressed his hand over his lips. Even though he had sent one of his best Generals and his apprentices, something still stirred within him. He needed to find out for himself. The Exarch stood to his feet, making his way out of the office, it shouldn't take long for his shuttle to be ready to depart. 

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Gerad Naahan

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Location: Naahan family estate
Objective: Watch the seeds grow
"Would my lord like a cup of Corellian red at this hour?" 
"Not right now Bella."
The elder Umbaran Rootai looked up at her with an acknowledging nod. Her skin looked brazen in the bright light of the study room, glossy-fawn and profuse with freckles. In daylight, her hair was brassy too, but illuminated by the light of the fireplace, it burned: wild curls, spiralling twists, even tied back into a messy fishtail like it was. He met her eyes for a moment, veered off, down toward the surprise of her mouth. His gaze dropped entirely. He stopped, leant against the balcony railings, and looked out over the black-lapping noise of the river that ran through his estate. It's dark waters glowing bright with each distant explosion which lit the sullen skyline in sudden shocks of molten red. 
Tense, unnerving silence became broken by the now increasingly frantic amount of comlink calls coming into the Rootai's telecommunications link to the council of Umbara.  And yet, he chose to ignore them. 
"What's happening my lord? The capital i-...it's burning?"  the redhead human servant spoke up, both a sense of horror and curiosity in her voice. 
"The future my dear, the future." he proclaimed, a slight smirk forming on his pale face.



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Havoc (CT-375)

Havoc (CT-375)

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Location: Providence Class Destroyer Bridge

Objective: Assist the Jedi

Post: 1

Allies: Any confederate/Silver order forces


After the Exarch finished delivering his orders, Havoc said simply; "It will be done." After that, the holo-image of Adron that had been projected on the bridge of Havoc's ship faded. An officer variant B-1 battle droid approached Havoc, who currently occupied the captain's chair of the Providence Class vessel. "What are your orders sir?" The droid said as it approached the Vice Marshal. "Prepare our fleet to engage the Mandalorian forces above Umbara. I want our drop ships prepped and standing by when we drop out of hyperspace." There was a scurry on the bridge as droids left and right scrambled to complete the necessary tasks prior to the mission. If the bridge had been filled with organic crew members, there would probably be a palpable seance of urgency. Havoc's face coiled into a slight smile as he contenplated how his droids would have an edge over Mandalorian forces since his droids were incapable of allowing fear to overcome them.


"Get me all available data on the Mandalorians and their battle tactics. I want to know everything I can before meeting our foe." The orders weren't directed at anyone specifically, just whoever could carry them out first. Havoc knew the key to any battle was to understand ones opponent in a way that the opponent couldn't even know themselves. On the surface, it may seem like an impossible task to know a stranger better than they know themselves but often times, all it takes is time and a willingness to read between the lines and lok past what the data and statistics showed. The error of most droids was that all they relied on was stats and numbers but over the years, Havoc has learned that organics tend to be much less predictable than the data suggests and that when dealing with organics, it is always best err on the side of caution. A droid brought over a datapad that contained the requested information. As Havoc began to read it, his fleet jumped to hyperspace. 


After nearly an hour, the ships dropped out of light speed over Umbara. Havoc stood from his seat and opened a comm channel, "This is Vice Marshal Havoc of the CIS, to any Confederate or Jedi forces; we stand ready to assist. Please advise. We will await further instructions on where to dispatch our forces. Havoc out."