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Heavy Jedi Commander Battle-Armor

- - - - - Jedi Alliance Jedi Commanders Heavy Armor Multi-Purpose

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Veiere Arenais

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Heavy Jedi Commander Battle-Armor.




Intent: To create a multi-purpose battle attire for the use of the Jedi Alliance personnel, and to empower the forces of the Light against the tyranny of darkness that has been coveting the Galaxy in fear and blood.

Image Source: Here & Here.

Canon Link: Not Applicable.

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Manufacturer: House ArenaisThe Order Of The Silver Jedi.

Affiliation: Semi-Unique.

Model: Multi-Purpose Battle Armor.

Modularity: Yes (Multiple parts can be exchanged & Repaired).

Production: Limited (Jedi Alliance Commanders).

Material: Reinforced Duraplast Plating, Phrik Chain-link Underlay, PlasteelFiber-mesh Underlay, Faraday Cage.




Classification: Heavy/Multi-purpose.

Weight: Heavy - 10Kg's (Full Body Set).


  • Blasters: High.
  • Kinetic: Average.
  • Lightsabers: High.
  • EMP/Ion/Energy Based: High.




  • Faraday CageThe Armors underlay has been designed to negate the effects of electrical disturbances such as ion weapons fire and EMP blasts dealt to impair electronics or tactical equipment. Through the use of anti-ion mesh and ceramic plating, a Faraday cage has been introduced to the armor in order to absorb and reduce the effects of such weapons.
  • Biorestorative UnderlayAn armor enhancement designed to amplify or "boost" the restoration of the natural body's healing process. While neglecting external medicines, the user's revitalization through rest & relaxation is significantly more so than the standard troopers recovery in down times of combat and active service.
  • Emergency Adrenaline Injection Protocol: In the event of being over-run, as a last resort the Jedi wearing this armor can trigger an adrenaline boost that will aid them temporarily to ignore pain and weakness, amplifying their strength and movement to fight to the very end.
  • Utility Belt: Known for their excess of versatility with regards to personal armaments and combatant possessions, this utility belt comes with a range of devices, (Field Medical Bag, Field Rations, Utility Multi-tool, Anti-Security Spike, Flare-gun with two additional shots as well as various compartments for additional stocks and chosen preserves).
  • Combat Bandolier: Providing the user with additional ammunition reserves for their desired firearms or explosives arms carrying, this bandoleer can be strapped across the torso or otherwise around the waist negating the use of a utility belt for favor of fire-arms support.
  • Mag-Boots: Better explained through the application of a Magnetic Clamp installed within the Greaves of each foot, this feature ensures the stable footing of the user in zero-gravity environments. Their employment can be best capitilzed upon during the infiltration of space faring vessels or otherwise moons with a very low atmosphere. 


  • Biorestorative Underlay: Downtime for each soldier or elite warrior wearing this armor will undergo a significant boost in physical recovery and properties such as stamina rejuvenation and the natural healing process. External medicines do not aid this process at all and foreign bodies introduced to ones recovery can even result in hindering the effects of the Biorestorative Underlay.
  • Ion/Emp Resistance: Thanks to the inclusion of a Faraday Cage underlay, the battle attire as a strong resistance to immobilizing energies and displacement weapons that would otherwise seek to short circuit any electronics or stun the wearer.
  • Beacon of Light: Created by Jedi, for Jedi. This battle-wear has been created and imbued with the Lightside of the Force and will further empower and aid the Jedi's control of the Force as they seek to protect and defend the Galaxy from evil-doers.


  • No head Gear: Regardless of the high standard/quality of protective armor, a shot to the head can and will still kill the wearer. This unfortunately also means that there is no heads-up-display or respiratory functions that could have otherwise been added to the battle wear.
  • Medicinal Overdose: Due to the Bio-Restorative Underlay and it's enhancement effects over the natural body, any foreign bodies received such as medicinal, alcoholic or synthetic stimulants will be rejected by the sentient body and may result in symptoms related to overdose/excessive consumption of medicinal or creative substances. Can be fatal.
  • Points of Weakness: Most vulnerable in area's of neglected or otherwise impossible reinforcement such as the hands, and around the throat and head. These key points can be targeted and exploited for greater effect in combat.
  • Beacon of Light: The strong presence of the Lightside of the Force will be easily sensed by all Force Practitioners in the nearby area and will likely bring further risk to those entering into battle against the Forces of the Darkside.



In a Galaxy overrun with marauders and merciless dark-Side worshipers and practitioners, the Jedi have always put themselves in harms way so that others outside of a military career did not have to bear the burden of War. Having experienced such horrific scenes time and time again, Jedi Master and Silver Ambassador Veiere Arenais has used the funds of his legacy (House Arenais) to promote and better equip those Jedi in command, whom would lead the way to victory from the front-lines of battle.


Implementing advanced medical technology, the Bio-restorative underlay is quite probably the most significant asset of this battle attire where materials are concerned; able to keep the wearer alive and fasten their recovery during periods of ease. Unfortunately, this means that the user will be under consistent medicinal influence and any further medical aid rendered to the user will risk an overdose. Thankfully, the Jedi are known for their other natural abilities of healing through the power of the Force itself if the worse were to occur.


Having considered the Force Powers of which the Jedi will no doubt encounter sooner or later in their adversaries, Force Lightning for example, a Faraday Cage has been used in the underlay of every attire to ensure maximum protection against energy based attacks. This also includes debilitating ammunition types such as stun/Ion shots, meaning that the inclusion of the Faraday technology will keep the Jedi from being affected and immobilized by such suppressing fire.


As for the application of the Force however, the Armor does not include protective head gear and the hands are guarded only by fiber-mesh hand-wraps leaving the fingers free and therefore not diminishing their ability to project abilities such as Telekinesis among many more. Their Sensory Abilities remain clear, and thanks to the imbuement of the lightside in each of these special battle-attire, their ability to practice in the light is further enhanced and empowered in order to counter the horrific Sith alchemy and weapons of war used by Dark-Siders.

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