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Shukalar Verd

Felacatian. Mandalorian CIS wip

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NAME: Shukalar Verd

FACTION: Confederacy of Independent Systems

RANK: None

SPECIES: Felacatian

AGE: 25

SEX: Male


WEIGHT: 160lbs

EYES: Golden

HAIR: Dark Brown

SKIN: Covered in blonde colored fur







STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

  • Felacatian: Enhanced balance, perfect night vision, enhanced reflexes, and enhanced speed. All results of the Felacatian evolution stemming from felines.
  • Prrt Dynasty: Descended from Miaria Prrt, the sovereign of Felacat during the Clone Wars, Skukalar enjoys some social benefits from his royal heritage while on Felacat. However this means little to nothing to non-Felacatians.
  • TransformationAble to transform within mere seconds into a large feline quadruped form that has the ability to tear through durasteel and tank hulls with its bare claws. This includes further enhancements to speed, reflexes, balance, and strength. Downsides to this transformation is the inability to use conventional weaponry as the form lacks pose able thumbs. The transformation is difficult to control when exposed to highly stressful situations as well as hyperspace. Normally Skukalar can withstand stressful situations and transform at his leisure but he has not been successful in preventing the transformation in hyperspace. Transforming due to hyperspace causes Skukalar to become uncontrollably violent and he will lash-out at both friends and enemies alike.
  • Feral Specialist: Skukalar prefers to fight in his quadrupedal form and has trained in it more than he has his bipedal form. While in his quadrupedal form Skukalar is a competent and dangerous foe he is mediocre at best in his bipedal form. Those uninitiated in combat will not best Skukalar except in extraordinary circumstances.

APPEARANCE: A fairly average looking Felacatian with short blonde fur, prehensile feline tail, fangs, split pupil eyes, and so on.


Born on the world of Felacat within the family of Prrt his birth name was Miirao Prrt. At a young age Miirao encountered the a band of Mandalorian mercenaries staying on Felacat hoping to be hired by the CIS. He inquired about their way of life and they informed him that just about any being in the galaxy could be Mandalorian so long as they strove to follow the lifestyle. Adventuring through the Galaxy with a band of elite fighters seemed like a fairy tale. Miirao began to participate in sanctioned fights between his peers on his homeworld and stylized himself as Shukalar. Once he felt he had been tested enough through the recreation of the arena Skukalar threw his name into the industry of Bounty Hunting where he would find someone he'd call brother.


SHIP: None





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