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Fix the Bounty Board

Best Answer Koda Fett, 04 May 2019 - 08:17 AM

I mean, if anything, this the only discussion I have any weight in: two cents are in preparation phase.


I adore TheBountyHunter™. There is something about their setting (dangerous, volatile, filthy and degenerate) that really connects to me, and I love to explore it. But an RP doesn't always make for the greatest translation, and there are plenty of things that are lost in that translation when one is adapting to an entirely different scenario. There might be all these different concerns about the system and how or why it doesn't work or it's faults, but it really stems to a lack of participation.


I think that people are never really invested in the plot-line of being pursued by a Bounty Hunter because they often receive these things for such minute reasons that have no real consequence on them, their character, or anything that should entertain them. It really only further stalls their own plot, and I find that to be entirely reasonable. I haven't read through everybody's responses because I am absolutely lazy and I would rather speak my own mind rather than tip-toeing around something that might have already been said but mostly it's just laziness.


I think the easiest ways to correct these issues are to create more reasonable bounties. You shouldn't be throwing them out as soon as they become the slightest burden, it's boring and moronic. They should feel as if they deserved to have one placed on them for an action they did, and so on. And let's not make them worth billions of credits. I know that there's already a suspension of disbelief when space wizards hit each other with their glow sticks and medieval knights wear jetpacks and shoot lasers, but when the price is too high it just feels lazy and lessens interest.


I realise I've started every paragraph with "I", even this one, but who cares. I'll admit that some of my favourite threads have been bounty related (capturing Lady Kay, the seven-man hell-in-a-cell on Caridia) but a lot of those enjoyable bounties have since been claimed. You're really stuck with the scraps. You can't really doing anything other than treat it more seriously. If it was fixed I'd likely really come back in full swing again.

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Every word Koda Fett typed!


One small way writers themselves can help out with Bounty hunters is put in their Profiles/character sheets that they are open to bounty hunts.



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